Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year... Congratulations It's A Girl!

I did not start out the New Year expecting to expand the Family... but whaddya gonna do, we must be notoriously well known by now to be the biggest Suckas in the Hood when it comes to Homeless Fur Babies seeking to Adopt us!  *LOL*   And apparently the Bohemian Cat Boys were Jonesin' for a Girlfriend coz they instantly Welcomed her to join the Family!  *Le Sigh*

Happy New Year... Congratulations... it's a Girl!!!   She doesn't have a Name as of yet, you see, I had been Hoping she would just pass through and not bond with all the other Cats and Kids at Bohemian Valhalla and therefore remain the Nameless Calico that got chased off.  But she's a Wise One this one... she buttered right up to all of them so I knew I was outnumbered on the Vote for her to stay and become one of us.  It didn't help that though Shy, she buttered right up to me too... damn, my Heart melted, I mean, just look at that Face!  And she's already proven herself to be a good Working Cat, which is always handy on our Acreage to rid the property of vermin.

FOOTNOTE ADDED LATER:  Princess T just Named her Miss Priss... I think this Name will stick!

She even Vouges for the Camera, so yes, she was the Whole Package.  I Confess tho', I wasn't thrilled at all to have another Female Cat... after our last Old Female Cats Passed from Time into Eternity I had vowed we'd remain a Male dominated Fur Baby household.    So that I wouldn't risk Kittens arriving before I could afford a Spaying, we have always had our Females Spayed ASAP and were fortunate none ever became Mommies before they were Fixed.  I always worry about Recovery from the Surgery when they're Outside Only animals.  And when they arrive fully grown, who knows if they already got knocked up?  *LOL*
But as I said, the Bohemian Cat Boys, Rusty and Morris, just Adore her.  Which is not so unusual for Old Morris because he Adores everybody and has a very laid back gregarious Personality and likes Attention.  But Rusty {pictured}, he doesn't like anybody but Morris usually.   He and Morris have always been Tight, like Father and Son.   But, he's barely tolerant of the Kiddos and Yul, very much the Loner since he came to us as a Feral, so he'd prefer to just be left alone, fed and watered... his Needs are Simple.  *Smiles*

When he sees me with the Camera he usually tries to find a hiding place so he doesn't have to even be Photographed... but something about this new Lady Friend of his has made him more Mellowed and Outgoing since she showed up... maybe he's Showing Off and tring to impress her, I dunno?  You know how Guys can be when there's a Good Looking Gal around, they're Transformed!  *Winks*

Now Yul is the only one she hasn't totally Endeared herself to.   Apparently he's not looking for a Girlfriend.  *LOL*  In typical Siamese Cat Fashion, he asserts himself as King of his Domain and all the other Fur Babies better bow down to him... or else... off with their heads!!!  He's very reluctantly allowing her into his Kingdom, but the fact he's even allowing her in close proximity is very rare indeed.  If he hadn't been the third to arrive, he probably never would have tolerated Morris and Rusty either... but they were here first and that was my Golden Rule for him being allowed to join the Family... tolerance and a Truce with the Bohemian Cat Boys, he obliged, but definitely under protest. 

We made our concessions since he's absolutely the best with Children and being a Pet Quality Stray oozing with Personality and Character... he is the only one that doesn't have to share a Food Dish, he has his very own.  It's necessary, otherwise the others would never get to eat since he's extremely Territorial about his kibbles.   But the New Gal Shares well with the Bohemian Cat Boys so the Communal Feed Dish now has three around it.

She's still quite Timid since she's just learning to really Trust us all.  But she's hilarious about where she tries to 'Hide'... Yes, we can all still see you Miss Priss!!!!!!!!

And Yul... well, he's perched on his Throne most of the time with a resigned look to his face now that the Feline Family has expanded, mostly without his mutual consent.

Even tho' the other day she made an 'Offering' of catching a bird and dumping it in their Food Dish... Yul was still not impressed.  Nor were the G-Kids, because the other Cats don't bother the birds and usually let the birds steal some of their kibbles... so flocks of Wild Birds have been known to line up outside like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock Movie!  The G-Kid Force were more than a little freaked out to find feathers all over the porch one morning and a dead bird sitting in the food dish... the telltale feathers all over her face clearly fingered who was responsible for this addition to the diet for Breakfast.  Rusty and Morris were actually quite impressed with her hunting skills... but I'd prefer her to stick with hunting Vermin rather than our Feathered Friends who visit.  There's this Gopher making Swiss Cheese out of the back yard Girlfriend, get busy with THAT!  *Winks*

"Yeah, get busy with it...", Yul seems to be saying, "I'll just sit here and delegate..."
Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. She is so beautiful! reminds me of our dear departed Isabella. I love how each calico / tortoiseshell cat has unique markings and colourations. I am so glad she found you! All of your cats are noble looking beasts. I think having a female cat around keeps the boys on their toes. Happy New Year to you all. xxx

  2. Beautiful fur babies and the new little lady is quite the minx. Who could resist those green/yellow eyes :o)
    Happy New Year!
    Always, Queenie

  3. Well, we never know what a new year will bring! She is a pretty little girl for sure!. I'm sure she will be a nice addition to the family!


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