Monday, January 13, 2014

Demolition In Progress...

So we're moving forward with the Primary New Year's Resolution for 2014... a Re-Vamp of my Art Studio Cottage now that everyone has finally moved out and I can Re-Claim it!  To be sure, since I was Displaced years ago when Family and then Friends needed to reside there after the Economy tanked,  a lot needs to be done to bring it back to it's Gypsified Splendor and Glory once again.

I'm not daunted by a Grandoise Project, but getting it to even a Blank Canvas state is going to be a lot of Work and so we're building momentum doing that before the Renovations actually begin.  Demolition is not my favorite part of any Project since I'm a Creative Being by Nature and like the Building and Creating Process, not the Tearing Down or Destroying Process.   But Menfolk are in their Height Of Glory during a Good Demolition in Progress... so The Man and the G-Son have been having the time of their Lives in there with the sledgehammer, saws and other tools of the Trade!  *LOL*

You see, we had quite a dilemma in there... some big Old Furniture that had to go... BUT... Years ago the Son-In-Law had Remodeled the entire Cottage interior, utilizing Architectural Salvage that came with the Property, when he and The Daughter were Living there.  They had Remodeled it AROUND the existing furnishings... putting in tall, narrow Victorian Doors to replace the huge double Antique Carriage House Doors that were original to the Structure, since it had originally been the Carriage House and Stable on the Property and not a Cottage at all until much later.  Yeah, you're seeing the Big Picture and Uh Oh Moment now aren't you?!  *LOL*

So... these large pieces of furniture which went IN effortlessly thru double Carriage House Doorways many Years ago, now couldn't get OUT at ALL thru narrow Victorian Doorways... no way... so each had to be completely demolished and taken out in pieces!  The Sofa alone had to be cut into three pieces to get it out... and I must say, Custom and Old Furniture was made to be practically indestructable I tell you, it does not demolish easily. 

 It took DAYS and the Sweat {of all of us} and Tears {mostly mine} of two Guys and a Gal weilding saws, blades and sledgehammers to get it all out to the curb for bulk garbage day on time!  *Whew!*  Though to be sure the pile got 'Picked' thru so thoroughly that not a lot was left to haul away to the Landfill, which I was actually Glad about, since I preferred that much of it that didn't have to be utterly destroyed might find it's way to a New Home where it could be Upcycled, Repurposed or Salvaged in some kinda way! 

And many Moments of us Agreeing to Disagree on HOW it should all be done?!?  Since our Methods varey widely and my Role was to keep it all Safe and Sane being that one Guy is only Thirteen and laden with budding Testosterone and ADHD Intensity... and one Guy has Traumatic Brain Injury and diminished Motor Skills, so their Methods were sometimes Rails Off... I felt like the OSHA Rep on the Job I tell ya!  *LOL*

Actually the G-Son was having such a Field Day with his Demolition Duties that he spent the Night in the Studio Cottage for the entire Weekend to keep at it... Heavy Metal Music Blaring and Sledgehammering and Sawing into the Night... Luckily we have no close Neighbors and a lot of Acreage so he could be as rowdy as he wanted to be!  *Smiles*   He said he never slept so good... I bet... he must have been exhausted from his Efforts!  I know I was breaking a sweat during mine! *Whew!*   And it was very good exercise for The Man, not to mention he LOVES Demolition, but then, doesn't every Man?!?!  I Believe it's in their DNA.  *Winks*

Now... I've had requests for Images of the Work In Progress... but I've decided that I'm not at a Point of Reveal just yet... it's just too much of a Hot Mess right now.  But it is looking better than it did now that we've moved out all of the old furnishings from the Main Room that I wanted Gone... and can Eyeball the Room for how I want it to be Refined for it's Make-Over. 

The Make-Over of the Bedroom of the Cottage can wait since that has never been part of my Art Studio anyway and we keep Reserved for Visiting Guests.   Or a Grandson's Weekend Hangout now that he isn't too Scared to stay in or Sleep in the Cottage Alone, since it is another of the Allegedly Active Paranormal sites on the Property.  *Smiles*  This is Huge since it gives us a Respite from him now and a great place for him to Gel away from his annoying Lil' Sister and Pretend his little Heart out that he has his own Place in complete Privacy.  It also Helps that a lot of his Mommy's Stuff is still in the Bedroom of the Cottage and so he feels a particular Closeness to her Essence there, both G-Kids do actually, so it's a Special Place to them.

Yes, Renovations of any kind tend to stir up and Activate more Paranormal Activity than usual so we have come to expect it during Projects, but that never bothers me since I have a deep Love and Respect for the Property and for Spirit Residing alongside us here so we have always co-existed Peacefully.

I'm not certain how long everything will take to get it to the Completed Vision I have for it, but I will continue to bring Updates of the Progress, if not Images... until a Sneak Peek and Reveal is appropriate.   I would like to be done by Spring, so that is my Goal Deadline for now... but no hurries and no worries... so long as it doesn't stretch into Summer, when the Temps would be too Fierce for such Laborious Work to continue.


I can't wait to get the Creation Station up and running in there though, so that I can Invite Family and Friends to Join me in having Creative Mad Tea Parties together.   Even The Man has decided that he would like to begin Exploring his Creative Side at these impromptu Workshops we Intend to Host at the Studio.   Art Therapy is after all extremely Therapuetic and Feeds the Soul.

So... here's to Feeding our Souls my Friends... Keeping our Resolutions for the New Year... and Realizing our Dreams...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm sure your getting excited to start furnishing your studio!

  2. Good luck with your project!! :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of work ahead, but you'll be so happy when it's over. Happy creating this year!

  4. DAWN! Hello there! First of all, thank you for coming to comment on my post. I think as artists/poets, we must first and foremost look at what IS NOT BEAUTIFUL to the rest of the rest of the world and highlight it with our skills. And I am so glad to see your enthusiasm over our new potential work space! Where you invent something makes all the difference. I love so many of the articles you share here! I have many crowns and HEADS too, and I love it!

    Enjoy it out there in the desert!


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