Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweet Flea ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

Well, it was time once again to make our Monthly Pilgrimage to the SWEET SALVAGE Event and this Month's Theme was not only going to be "Sweet Flea" and who doesn't Adore a Flea Market... but there was also going to be Fabulous Customer Appreciation Raffle Give-Aways, Discounts on selected merchandise AND Items marked as "Take Me Home FREE"!  *Happy Dance*

This Amazing Mermaid's Face actually resembled Sweet Kim I thought!!!

And speaking of Sweet Kim, she found me in line and presented me with a Surprise Christmas Gift that she said reminded her of me when she Sourced it!!!  It was HEAVY... and I know you are dying to see what it was, huh?   I ain't gonna lie, I didn't wait until Christmas to find out either... I had to find out right there in line, the Suspense wouldda killed me I tell ya!!!  *Winks*

Okay... you can take a peek too...

I'm only kidding... I wouldn't torment you like that my Friends... so here it is in all it's Glory... a beyond Fabulous Large Antique Crazy Quilt in the most lucious Bohemian Silks, Satins and Velvets!!!  *Swooning*   Thank You so much Sweet Kim, you are such a Generous Soul and I ADORE IT!!!

Yes, for those of you with keen discerning Eyes, you probably noticed that when I layed it out on our bed even Spirit had to show up and take notice of it's Magnificence and how Overjoyed I was in Receiving it as a Surprise Gift!  I've Enhanced the Image for those of you who want to see the Spirit Orb even closer.   I like to Imagine that it's one of my Dearly Departed Loved Ones checking out Special Things I was recently Blessed by Receiving... and Sharing in the Joy of such Heartfelt Gifts that will always mean so much to me.

A great part of the Joy for me in having my Girl's Day Out is meeting up with all my Dear and Talented Friends.

We always have such a Fun Time Together and perhaps I'm biased, but I think that I have the Best Friends in the whole wide World... they ALL totally ROCK!

And I'm fortunate that so many of my Friends are also fellow Junquers, Stylists, Designers, Creative Souls and Artists... and many of us have Booths, Showrooms, Shops or do the Shows...

So, there's always something to Share and Talk about that Interests us all and we're Mutually Passionate about.

Oh... and most of us are Pathological Picture Takers and Bloggers too!  *Smiles*  Though I must say we almost always find some Sweet Soul standing by us in line that becomes our Instant Friend and Personal Photographer!    This day it was a Sweet Fellow in line with his Wife who volunteered to help us Photograph our Group.  *Winks*

And once inside the Event didn't disappoint... there were Trinkets and Treasures everywhere to be Discovered!   And this time of Year I'm particularly drawn to the Spiritually Inspired pieces.

And of coarse Crystal Chandies!  *Winks*  Not that I NEED anymore mind you at Bohemian Valhalla since I have several in every room... but I just have a penchant and weakness for them, you know!  *Smiles*   My Friend Myko's Space had this Amazing Grouping of Crystal Chandies and Architectural Salvage hanging from the rafters, it was simply Enchanting!!!

Loved this Vintage Industrial Stool with backrest in a Fav Seafoam Green Hue!

This Our Lady of Lourdes Statue was Divine and quite impressively large.   I Love Spiritual Statuaries and have a large Collection... but there could always be room for one more!  *Winks*

Yet another Gorgeous Spiritual Statuary, a version of Our Lady of Guadalupe... this one almost came Home with me.  But I resisted since I had specific Missions for what I wanted to Source this day...

And I really try not to stray from Specific Missions of what I'm seeking.

Though Temptations certainly abounded all around me, including this Antique Pharmacy Apothecary... yes, I admit I fondled it more than I probably should have, I Adore Antique Apothecary and this was a Lovely specimen in spite of some slight condition issues with the Label's Glass Overlay.  So... I reluctantly set it back down and the Lady beside me took an Interest in it... so perhaps it went Home with her instead?   Which was a Relief because it really was wanting to come Home with me even though it wasn't on my 'List'!   *Smiles*

I took Solace and Comfort in Photographing those things that caught my Eye though and were not on my Specific Mission List and would be left behind.  *Winks*

It wasn't always Easy though, I mean, I could always use another Vintage Caged Garment District Dress Form... who couldn't, right?  *LOL*

And I just Loved this Display in my Friends Giesel and Roman's Space.  Makes me want to hop on a bike and go for a ride in the Countryside with my baskets filled with something for a Fantasy Picnic Spread!

See if you can Guess what came Home with me from this Vignette?   There was an Item I was seriously Lusting after here that I had to leave behind because I couldn't find a price tag on it so I Assumed it might be a Display Item NFS... but when I go back, if it's still there, I plan to ask if it can be had?  *Winks*

If you Guessed the Cool Old Bottle you'd be right... I Love Old Bottles and especially those that still have great Labeling Attached!  This one was only Five Dollars, so even tho' it wasn't on The List... at that price I wasn't leaving it behind!  *Smiles*

Another heavy Temptation was this Loving Cup from the early 1950's... it wanted me, it really did!  *Smiles*

And so did this Amazing Cuff of Exquisitely Aged Laces and Trims... I really did WANT this.

The closer I looked at it the MORE that I WANTED it in fact... but I resisted.

Because if I got it then I couldn't choose one of what WAS on my Specific Mission Statement List... which would be another of my Friend Lilia Corona's Bohemian Bling Creations... to add to my expanding Collection of her Line, which I just Love.  See if you can Guess which one I chose?  Was it one of these perhaps?

Or one of these?

I have to admit it was torturous to decide... I was waffling between several that I particularly felt drawn to!!!

Can you see which one won out that I'm now wearing on my way out as I stopped by my Friend Carissa's Hot Dog Cart?  She too is sporting a Lilia Corona Creation.

What?  You say you aren't certain from this far away?

Well, okay then, here's another Close-Up.  And what you can't tell by my Images because it's always Photographing with it's Reddish Hue on Emerald Cut Center Stone... is that when Light isn't hitting that Stone, it is Metallic Gold Hue, which is SOOOO Cool!  And of coarse I Love the 'Rusty Gold' dangler underneath because that's what I feel most of my Found Treasures are.

I was quite Proud of myself for sticking to my Specific Mission for a Special Piece of OOAK Bohemian Bling.

But along with the inexpensive Old Bottle I also couldn't pass up this 'Score' for only Two Bucks... I have a Collection of this particular Tin from Louis Sherry in various sizes... some from New York, some from Paris and some from London.   This one has faded to a lucious Hue and is a smaller size.

One can never have too many Old Tins and when I can find various sizes of the same Tin it makes for a nice Grouping as well as Storage for my bits and bobs.

And did I find any 'Free Take Me Home' Items?  You betcha... this pair of Wooden Stamps, which could be sixes or nines.  I Love Wooden and Rubber Stamps, so I was Jazzed to 'Score' these among the hidden Customer Appreciate Freebies tucked in to Vignettes for Customers to seek out and find.

And this was Gratis from my Friend Myko's Space... a Lovely Hand-Made Gratitude Rosette, which is now hanging on our Christmas Tree as Ornamentation.   Be sure to come back tomorrow as we continue Shopping the Sweet Flea!

Source: My Friend Pamela ~ Facebook!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Oh Oh! I'm going in my studio and create! What a lovely quilt from your friend! Yes you did very good on your selected purchases!


  2. O caminho da verdadeira amizade é tudo em nossas vidas
    a sinceridade fez parte dessa linda aliança ,
    que hoje tenho com você.
    Sou grata por tantas vezes que sem saber me deu animo
    para continuar.
    Sou grata por tudo, pelo carinho , amizade , respeito
    nem imagina quanto você foi e sempre será
    um balsamo de amor e paz para meu coração.
    O seu esforço não foi em vão e nunca será,
    pois anjos amigos como você vou querer sempre a meu lado.
    Que a paz de Deus reine em sua vida e da sua família.
    Feliz Natal Com Amor.


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