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Sweet Flea ~ Sweet Salvage ~ The Finale'

So I thought it would be a Fun Family Outing to return on the Finale' Day of the SWEET SALVAGE Event with the whole Crew.  I wanted to pick up some more 1800's Ephemera and some Chandie Crystals that I'd left behind on my previous visits.   No... not these Amazing Chandie Crystals, tho' the Rainbow Hue of the Leaded Crystals was definitely catching my eye on the Chandie they were attached to!!! 

If I'd had any more room for yet another Crystal Chandie I would have sprung on this one... not only because of the Amazing Crystals and Leaded Glass construction of the whole Chandie...

But because it was a Deeply Discounted Treasure... only Ninety-Nine Bucks... for a Chandie of this Quality that's practically Free!!!   I can't remember the last time I saw Crystals with such a Gorgeous Rainbow Hue.

But the Antique Chandie Crystal's I'd come back for were in an equally lucious Hue of Dark Honey Amber Crystal!!!

Bohemian Chandie Crystals in Unique Rich Hues are my absolute Favorite and I hadn't been able to get these off my mind when I'd decided to leave them behind on Day No. 2's Visit.  I was relieved that there was still a decent amount of them available when we returned on this last day of the Event and I could pick up my half dozen!  *Whew!*

And if you Adore Rusty and Crusty as much as we do, there was still plenty of that left too.  In fact, Fresh Inventory had come in daily.

I was Happy that the Family was eager to join me this day... I don't think we've all ever gone before.

Princess T was eager to show Grandpa around, since she's a Seasoned Veteran of the Shows and was acting like a Hollywood Tour Guide, she was also totally Jazzed when she realized Miss Myko had brought Mister Pickles the Pug Puppy with her Today.  *LOL*

And to keep them Entertained and Amused while I Shopped I'd briefed The G-Force on the Hidden Freebie Inventory that would be somewhere in the Shop and they could keep if they Discovered any.  Nothing like the Thrill Of The Hunt to keep them Preoccupied and I Hoped they might each find at least one.  Well... needless to say Prince R was so thorough at seeking out and finding the Freebies that I had to make him put quite a few back so that other Customers could find them and he hadn't greedily Bogarted them all!?!  *LOL*

Seriously, I'm not exaggerating... he'd found two entire sets of Vintage Diner Ware Dinner Plates!!!  He look like he'd just Raided a Vintage Diner!!!  So I let him choose which set to keep and we agreed that the Rising Phoenix Diner Ware was the most Awesome... so he reluctantly put the plainer set back for some other Lucky Shopper to Discover.

He also found this Stone footed Candle Stand... and a Shot Glass from NYC to keep.

Meanwhile his Lil' Sis hadn't found anything because she'd been playing with Mister Pickles and Guiding Grandpa through his first Tour of the Shop... so she was totally Jazzed when Miss Myko gave her this Awesome Vintage European Our Lady Of Lourdes Rosary Holder.

Thanks Myko my Friend, you have no idea how much Peace this brought me from having to hear her lament that her Brother had found everything... while he was excitedly boasting and gloating about how much he'd found, while she'd found nothing!   She was so Delighted with her Free Gift that she couldn't care less what he'd found for Free! *Whew!*  And he could receive his deserved Accolades about how Observant and Lucky he'd been at 'Scoring' so much during his Thrilling Hunt.  I was also Proud of him for Agreeing to put back Eight other Freebies he'd Found so that others could have a Fair Chance, that wasn't an easy Compromise to make after working so hard to Discover them. *Smiles*

The one thing I would have liked to have had Budget for procuring for my Art Studio... this Killer Antique Typeset Cabinet with Twenty deep divided drawers!!!   Just look at that Patina... and my Art and Crafting Supplies could be so well Organized in a piece like this but without taking up a lot of space... and it was on wheels to easily move around!  Even if I'd had the $$$, since I brought the entire Family I would have had to leave some of them behind to make room in the Jeep for it!  *LOL*

But hey, you can't have it all... and I was Jazzed that The Man even Encouraged me to procure more of the 1880's Ephemera than I had limited myself to get... so I was able to get a good sized stack plus my Amber Chandie Crystals.   And lets face it, Prince R had gotten me an entire Diner Set of Dinner Plates with that Awesome Rising Phoenix Logo on it and said it was part of his Christmas Gift to me.   Awwwwwww.

And there were so many new Inspiring Vignettes to Enjoy... this New Year's Vignette was my Favorite new Display.

The Sweet Team are so darned Creative and they make Styling Showrooms during a busy Sale look so Effortless as if put together by Magic around the throngs of Shoppers!  I never cease to be Impressed beyond Words!

Loved this Old Mink Wrap.

And there was newly stocked Bohemian Bling to Lust after... Princess T and I headed straight for the Bling Displays!  *Winks*

She was also totally Enchanted by the Jumbo Chandie Crystals that when looking thru, gave a Fun House distortion effect that made us laugh out loud.  This oblong one she's looking thru was about as long as her head!!!!!! 

I mean Seriously, just look at the Size of some of those Chandie Crystals!!!  Yowsa, I can only Imagine what the Chandie they came off of must have looked like?!?   This pair was larger than the length of my hand!

And of coarse I had to bring The Man by the Showroom that still had some of my Favorite Items that I couldn't Believe hadn't Sold already!!!   Like the Fabulous Hazed Mirror Old Door...

And Vintage Caged Garment District Dress Form... Girl I can't Believe you didn't go Home with someone already?!?  *Winks*

The Man said he was actually Surprised neither piece went Home with Moi... he knows I have a particular Weakness for such things and will Hustle mightily to scrounge the funds to Save up for Treasures such as these!   Maybe next time... if they're still waiting for ME and Refuse to go Home with anybody else?!?  *Smiles*

Check out the Fab Sea Fan Art Bottle... and Marked Down ON SALE!!!

And if you were looking for an Instant Globe Collection...

There was every Style, Color and Size!!!

Garden Style Accents Galore... including Fabulous Old Architectural Salvage Columns.

Antique Hardware...

Spiritual Art...  {Notice Princess T's Gift amongst them}...

And though I don't know what I'd do with an Antique Cash Register, I'm always drawn to them... wouldn't be Surprised if one day I just go ahead and get one.

This Antique Scrapbook was chock full of Antique Ephemera from it's Era... every page was loaded!

And I should have gone ahead and gotten the two rolls of Hand-Dyed Seam Binding from Kim's Showroom because when I went back this last day... it was all gone...  sure, I can Dye some of my own... but I really Loved the Dye Job on these two bundles and carried them around for almost the entire 2nd visit before finally putting them down.

I don't have any real regrets though because I did come away with my Prize Pieces that I Adored and REALLY wanted.

And of coarse I'll be looking forward to the first Event of the New Year, the Theme will be "For The Love Of Home" and January's Show {16th thru the 19th} will provide us with all of the Amazing Treasures you might need to reconnect with your Home as the New Year begins.

I know that my Primary Focus for 2014 will be to finish the Great Edit and Purge Project, so that I can get the entire Main House, Art Studio Cottage and Storage Cottage Transformed exactly how I want it.

In spite of all the Crisis that transpired in 2013 which Created Huge Challenges for our Family, I still got a lot done and made significant Progress in the Direction I wanted to go.  For changing everything and meticulously going thru all rooms and possessions to Cull and Curate, keeping only that which I Love.  Because I do want to Simplify things and pack the Showrooms with some Awesome Treasures I've Let Go of, for others to Discover and Feather their Nests with.

I'm embarking on a New Season and Journey of sorts... getting back to Creating more and Feeding my Soul with my Art again.

Having less to Care for that doesn't really matter to me to hold onto or hold particular Sentiment.

And seeking out that which will have more Purpose and I have more Passion for.   Yes, I couldn't Believe this Gal didn't go Home with someone either... perhaps she's also waiting to join the Bohemian Valhalla Collection of Vintage Dress Forms, I dunno, could be?  *Winks*

Yes... Transforming my Art Studio Cottage is a Number One Priority on my 2014 Agenda and Mission Statement now that I've Reclaimed it!  *Smiles*

Is there anything you're Reclaiming in 2014 my Friends?  And getting in Order?

Anything you're going to Transform?

Or perhaps Reconnect to?

With my Caregiver Duties intensifying due to Circumstances beyond our Control, I've decided that beginning in 2014 Home will become more of a Sanctuary for us all so that we don't mind that we have to spend much more time there now.

I want to Transform it into the most Comfortable of Nests that not only Welcome Friends and extended Family... but also become the Secure Cocoon we will be Content to Nestle in and not really want to leave very much.

And not just because of Necessity, but also by Choice.

An Inspiring and Creative Space we can breathe New Life into our Projects from.

A Comfortable and Comforting Sanctuary to Retreat to often... a Restorative Environment we really don't want to leave unless we need or have to.  We're almost halfway there in this Vision... and Hope to Culminate Living The Dream from here by the end of 2014.

And I do Hope you might have been among some of the other Lucky Ones that Won the Fantastic Door Prizes in the Sweet Flea Drawings?

Source: Sweet Salvage ~ Facebook

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... and a very Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. It is so nice your whole family has interest in"The Hunt"! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!


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