Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hey... That's Mine!

"Hey that's Mine!!!", those words ring out more often than I like lately... and half the time it's me saying it now!  *LOL*
You might recall me mentioning that with the Giving Spirit of the Holidays ramped up and Goodwill Towards All Men temporarily suspending their Nature to fuss and fight all the time and be disagreeable, the G-Kid Force had voluntarily entered into a good ole' mutually beneficial agreeable Gypsy Swap with Gramma.
A Swap I might add, that actually worked MORE in THEIR favor since I Traded a Brand New Laptop I'd received for my Birthday in August and never even turned on... for a Nook with a broken Screen that had previously belonged to one clumsy Princess who kept dropping it.  But it still played 'Pandora' just fine and that's all I ever wanted anyway way back in August, because I'm a Simple person like that. 'Til The Man insisted I needed MORE Technology than I actually wanted for my Birthday and was dead set on buying me a Laptop I knew I'd never use or figure out and we found out couldn't play 'Pandora' so it was essentially useless to me!  *LOL*  

He means well and always has the best of Intentions, but this is precisely why I prefer cold hard Cash and usually Shop for my own Gifts for Special Occasions!  *Winks*   The Trade went full circle when both of the G-Kids mutually Agreed to Share the remaining intact Nook that had belonged to Prince R so that they both could use and Share the New Laptop too.  Deal Sealed.  We're all Happy.

I could sit here listening to 'Pandora' while I Blogged, corresponded on FB or did my Bookkeeping tasks... with my crack-screen Nook propped up against my Dancing Gypsy Sculpture, they still had a pristine Nook and a new Laptop to play with, all was right with the World.

But then a strange thing began happening, MY Nook started disappearing!!!   Disappearing without permission to be borrowed, uh oh, whatssup with THAT?!?  I'm an Avid Hunter of Found AND Lost Treasures, so I'd eventually locate it... usually with a G-Kid attached to it!!!  "Hey, that's MINE!", would ring out... I felt like another one of the Kids!  *LOL*

And it's not that I'm Selfish and mind Sharing, it's just that so much of MY Stuff seems to end up a 'Help Yourself' without asking... and potentially getting Jacked Up scenario... and I DO have a problem with that!   I realize that Gramma's Stuff is Uber Cool and quite the Temptation to Prance around in... and Live The Dream while Strutting your Stuff in...

I can't begin to tell you how many times thruout any given Day I find Princess T AND her Posse of Future Divas of America all Pimped out in Gramma's Boots, Wardrobe and Bangles... and it's Cute, so as long as none of it heads out the door or gets Jacked Up, and gets returned to it's rightful place, I'm typically Cool with that.

But the Nook is another Story and here's why... IF and when it is ever brought back, it's completely drained of energy and deader than roadkill.   And this is usually when I've decided to come here and Work and Listen to Pandora on it!   Now... it HAS a Charger, but do you think anyone remembers to put it on the Charger and Charge it back up... since Gramma ALWAYS keeps it Charged up when it's in MY possession!?!   No... no they don't... and there's that busted screen issue, I don't want it dragged around 'til the severely cracked screen falls out or it quits functioning altogether!!! 

And besides, don't you guys have a Nook AND a Laptop now?!  "Uh, yeah, but ours is dead too...", is the typical Deer Caught In The Headlights response I get!   So... why dontcha put YOURS on the Chargers and keep 'em Charged Up so that you'll leave MINE alone?!???!???  It's as if they never thought of that option... and won't remember it by Tomorrow either by the way... no wonder these Kids are deemed 'Special'... it's like teaching a clueless Puppy to pee on the paper!!!   Which BTW is why we've NEVER had a Puppy in my Household... grew up with Dogs and have no delusions... Cats are so much easier, cleaner and more Independant!   And please, no Hate Mail from Dog Lovers... I like Dogs just fine, just don't wanna own and raise one, I've got my hands full enough with this here Crew!  *Winks*

And I know... I know... most of them usually turn out just fine as The Son reminds me every time he comes for a visit.  *LOL*  He reminds me of what a huge handful he was and what a Hopeless Cause some thought he'd be as a Youngster, yet he turned out just fine.  And he says that some of his Sister's Kids might just turn out fine too... we just don't know which ones yet!?  *Bwahahah!*  Because after all, look at his Sister... {It's an Inside Joke we've all learned to laugh about rather than cry in a Dark Humor way we have, even his Sister, who freely admits that she didn't turn out just fine.}

"And besides, they only take your Nook Mom." he says... "It's not like they took your Vehicle... and took the Cops on a high speed pursuit thru the City..." {Another Inside Dark Joke involving the Prodigal Older Sister in her Youth.}   Okay, so maybe he didn't even add that part out of Respect since I ain't done Living yet and this duo of his Sister's Kids are not yet Grown... maybe it was just me remembering and weighing the merits of only having a Nook 'borrowed' without permission, which ain't so bad after all in the grand scheme of things!?!  *Smiles*

Sometimes you just have to keep things in Perspective and realize how Lucky you are at this Moment in Time... especially when Kiddos are involved!  *Smiles*

"Just have a Glass of Wine me Love", my Dear Wise Aunty June Advised... "And wait for the bloody Nook to Re-Charge..."  {We both break out into Hysterical Laughter during the course of our Phone Call about things that aren't really Funny-Ha-Ha!}  Yeah, as you probably already Guessed, my Aunty June, now in her Eighties, is my 'Go To Gal' when I need Sage Advise, a Good Laugh and Years of Wisdom in Raising a half dozen Kids AND G-Kids... she's already been there, done that... and come out the other side with an Amazing sense of Humor intact!   Thanks Aunty June, you totally always ROCK!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh gosh how do you respond to a post like that? Just hang in there or lay down the law! Either way has it's shortcomings!


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