Saturday, December 28, 2013

End Of Year Reflections

After the whirlwind of various Holiday Festivities of the past three Months, this is the Time of Year where things slow down and return more to the normal pace of Life for us.  A Time of Quieter End of Year Reflections and Contemplation of what Goals and Vision to set for the upcoming New Year.

I've always been a Goal Oriented Individual and so I look forward to the end of the current Year and Fresh Possibilities for the New One.  I've always made January 1st my jumping off point for any New Goals and Vision... a New Year seems a Perfect starting point for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts don't you think?

I suppose you could choose any Date to begin, but I'd be inclined to Forget other Dates more easily when gauging how well I'm progressing towards newly established Goals and Vision.  I can always remember starting something on the first day of a New year, so it happens to work well for me to just choose that Date every Year and keep it consistent.

I may not accomplish everything I've set out to do... but having Plans and  Goals tends to make me more committed and accountable towards the end results so that at least some things do come together as I'd Hoped they would.   And lets face it, reaching some Goals and Milestones Creates Momentum and gives me a sense of Accomplishment that propels me further forward.

Though 2013 was a particularly difficult Year for our Family and unforseen circumstances derailed me considerably, so a lot of things had to be sidelined or put on the back burner for an unspecified period of Time, I was still saturated with Inspiration throughout the Year.

Being a very Visually Inspired person, I like to Archive as many Inspirational Visuals as I can to come back to when the Time is Right and ripe to Act upon whatever they Inspired me to Do.  Some things have been Archived longer than others, but I've found that if it ever Inspired me it will never cease to Inspire me regardless of how much Time has lapsed and passed.

It's always Exciting when the Time comes to actually put the wheels in Motion to begin a Project or become absolutely Determined to reach a Goal of Manifesting a Vision into Reality.   I'm Tenacious once I've made up my Mind to Invest my Time, Talents and Treasures into something I consider worthwhile, I'm not easily deterred.  Even if it's something I Attempted once, or even more than once, and perhaps wasn't as successful at those times around for whatever reason. 

Sometimes the Time just isn't Right to Attain a certain level of Success... but that doesn't mean it won't always be so.  So there are some Goals, some Visions, that have been revisited at the beginning of various New Years.

If I ever DID reach a level of Success at something, I always Feel that I could go further the next time... or Maintain better now that I've had more Experience and know what might have caused certain Failures, Obstacles or Setbacks in the Past.

One such Goal that has been revisited off and on for several Years now for me has been Weight Loss.  After having had a Hysterectomy around my Fifties suddenly I had a Problem that I'd never experienced before... being overweight and gaining lots of weight without Lifestyle changes.  So, with this new Metamorphosis brought on by Menopause I now had to make some Changes after a Lifetime of never having had to.  Some things worked with perseverance and diligence, for a time anyway and Thankfully I Documented each Victory while it lasted as Future Encouragement and Inspiration that I could do this.  But the struggle became a Constant... and still is my most frustrating of Battles.

I felt more like ME when the weight came off since most of my Life I've been a decent smaller size, and of coarse I was a much Healthier and Happier Version of me at the weight I should be for optimum Health and Function.   Sure, that Ideal figure on the Scale has become re-calculated with Advanced Seasons of Life, I couldn't carry off the diminutive size I was in my Youth anymore and I wouldn't want to, I look better heavier as a Senior, just not as heavy as I am now.  Besides, finding Fab Wardrobe for a size One was as difficult as finding a Fab Wardrobe for being Plus Sized.   So as the G-Kids described my Victory Weight at the time, I'm ascribing to be a 'Size Medium' now.  *LOL*  Me at 'Size Medium' at Age Fifty Plus just looked and felt Right, don't you think?  I decided 2014 is the Year I want and NEED to look and Feel Good like this again and Maintain it longer this time around if possible and Ideally Indefinitely?!

This hit Home especially in recent days with the back and joint pain increasing exponentially, as well as the lack of Stamina... much of which is excess weight and not just Age related.  I NEED to be in better Shape than this, being sidelined or bedridden due to poor Condition is just not an Option that will work at all.

It will be a Gift to myself to get Healthier and spend more Time doing what I'm also Passionate about and have set other Goals and Vision for in 2014.  And I know that I'm Worth it.

May you Attain your Goals, Dreams and Vision for the New Year too my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. You are so beautiful , love your hair!!!! Hope you had a lovely Holiday!!! XX Tausha


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