Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day


Though I haven't been able to keep Militaria in Stock for long because it's always a Popular Collectible, I was able to make a small Vignette with what I have left in my Showroom Inventory to pay Homage to our Veterans and Active Duty this Veteran's Day.  Sure, the only Male Mannequin Head I have left has a full beard and mustache, which certainly isn't thirty-five-ten {Sorry}, it does  remind me of The Man though...

Because one of the first things The Man did upon Retirement was go totally 'Duck Dynasty' with the Beard, Mustache and Hair after having to keep everything short and tight for so many years.  *LOL*   For his Thirty Nine Years of Military Service I am extremely Proud and it will be all about him today as we Celebrate Veteran's Day with our Favorite Veteran.

Several of the Local Restaurants will be comping Veterans and Active Duty Personnel a free meal... we Appreciate the Civilian Sector Honoring our Vets with such generosity and recognition for their Service.

Though Earned Benefits have certainly been shamefully eroded or rescinded by recent Administrations, there are still Thankfully some Americans who choose to Honor our Veterans and recognize the Sacrifices that they and their Families make for our Country, it's Citizens and to Preserve our way of Life... and show it... by Actions and not just lip service and empty promises.
The Man and our Family want to Thank those who still choose to Honor, Remember and Respect our brave Men and Women who Serve or have Served.   It means more than you know.

And I want to Personally Thank each and every Veteran, Active Duty Member and their Families for your Patriotism, Heroism and Sacrifices... God Bless you all!!!  Happy Veteran's Day!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian... and Family


  1. This was nice Dawn...I have such a problem with this day...I have seen too much hypocrisy over the years...especially from so called grinds my gears...public show casing & then don;t bother me...I know this happens to alot of Vets... So I speak out...cannot help myself LOL

    Please tell the Man thank you for his service & sacrifice...the pain our guys feel now is evident in that...& to you for standing by his side...<3
    XO Linda

    1. Yes, Linda, the hypocrisy of some... and the Government not Honoring their part of the Contractual Agreement made with the Old Veterans after they've already done their part with Honor is something that chaps my hide too. Everyone enjoys the benefits of the Sacrifices made and the Freedom it has afforded Americans, the very least that can be done for our Veterans and those presently Serving is to give them due Respect and what they Earned and were Promised in their Contracts upon Enlistment {or in The Man's case being Drafted during Vietnam Era and then making a long Honorable Career of Military Service and fighting in many more Wars and becoming 100% Disabled as a result of Service Related Injuries}. Our Vets don't ask for much and most are so humble about their Sacrifices and Heroism... so they need those of us that will speak out on their behalf and preserve their Dignity by demanding what they deserve and earned. Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Great way to honor vets day with this post too girly. LOVE that case with the flag on it. LOVED it all

  3. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to our veterans. God bless them all and to Your Man as well. 39 years? Wow! Way to go! I salute him!


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