Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gone Pickin'

I Love nothing better than to spend a Morning Pickin' after I drop the G-Kid Force off at School.  Granted, when they are my Pickin' Entourage I have two extra sets of Eyes like a Rat, but for those completely Zen Moments, a Solo Pick is pure Nirvana!!!

And most especially when everything lines up... the Sun, the Moon, the Stars... and the Pick turns up some Awesome Found Treasures that are exactly what Dreams are made of!!!

Like the Motherlode of Orphaned Bohemian Bling... perfect for Creative Projects!!!

When I find a 'Box Lot' of Bohemian Bling my pulse races like a Hummingbird!!!

And often a 'Box Lot' won't exactly come in a literal Box... and so others will often overlook it when it comes Packaged as someone else's damaged Art Project.

Such was the case with this huge Cache of Bohemian Bling I 'Scored' for a mere Seven Bucks!!!

Looks pretty Impressive stretched out towards the Horizon doesn't it?!?  *Winks*

And nothing makes us Gypsy Gals Smile quite like a mound of Vintage Bling!!!  It's like finding the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!!!

But it was a Deconstruction Project because this is initially what it looked like... someone's damaged and no-longer-functional illuminated Christmas Craft Project...

With non-working Fairy Lights, sagging Mardi-Gras Bead garland and several missing pieces everyone else passed it by as worthless... but upon closer Inspection I could see that many nice Vintage pieces of Bohemian Bling constituted this piece.

And when I got it Home and began disassembling it, there were even more pieces than I expected to Salvage off the piece!   Not to mention I could Flip the Large Gold Vintage Frame for more than I paid for it all!  Making the Bohemian Bling Cache FREE!!!  *BoOyaH!!!*

And what I couldn't utilize, Princess T found a Purpose for!  *Winks*  These Cute Vintage Santa Clip-On Earrings for example. 

And look what I 'Scored' for a mere Nine-Nine Cents a Pound... a Fabulous Vintage Canvas Hat Form with Fabu Patina of Age!!!  My Heart literally stood still as I spied it amid a sea of Post-Halloween Decor that nobody was paying any attention to the table of!!!

I've been NEEDING another one of these, but getting Dealers to part with theirs is virtually Impossible and never Budget Friendly if you can pry one away from someone else's Personal Collection or Prop Display... so to procure this one for about Two Dollars, Color me Happy!!!

And as if Discovering a Vintage Hat Form wasn't Ideal enough...

How about 'Scoring' a Fabu Vintage Hat loaded with Millinery and Velvet Ribbon on a Table laden with Toys for less than a Dollar!!!  *Gasp... be still my beating Heart!!!*

Because no Vintage Hat Form would be complete without a Vintage Hat, right?!?  *Winks*

Are you Green with Envy yet?  Well.. if not... we're not thru yet with the Motherlode of 'Picks'... so you'll get there... to the place of Jealousy, even if you're a Saint, I Promise... *Winks*
Because I also 'Scored' this Mink Cape for Nine Bucks... *Clutching Chest like Redd Foxx in a Sanford and Son Episode*... yep... NINE DOLLARS!!!  And not a thing in the World wrong with it, it's in Pristine Condition!!!  Okay, now you Hate me, right?  *LOL*

And I also 'Scored' this Pelt, that looks like it could be Caribou or something, about a Yard of it, and neatly tied up with Vintage Fabric Ribbon, like a Present... for Ninety-Nine Cents!  *Happy Dance!!!*

And though I'm not Photographing everything I 'Scored', I did come away with some Amazing Smalls too... like Old Stock French Ribbon and Vintage Seam Binding in lucious hues... more Solitary pieces of Bohemian Bling and a Golden Mini Bell Christmas Tree.

Even when I find something as simple as a spool of Seam Binding I'm over the Moon dileriously Happy!   And 'Score' upon 'Score' for a pittance of the Stuff Dreams are made of in my World, well, I was on Cloud 9 and I don't think I've come back down to Earth yet. 

I'll eventually Float down wearing this Wool and Sequined Fedora that I also 'Scored' for a Dollar!

And a double Rush of Nostalgia hit when I 'Scored' back to back Childhood Memory Vintage Items that reminded me of my Parents because we ALWAYS had each of these at Home when I was growing up... a Vintage Spirit Board for a Dollar...

And a Vintage Parcheesi Game {complete} for Two Dollars!

I know many of you might have an aversion to Spirit Boards... but having a Bohemian Mom she always had one of these for as long as I can remember... and used to read Tea Leaves and such... and this Board is very similar to the one she owned so it was a purely Nostalgic find... I don't personally use them, but I still Enjoyed procuring this since my Brother probably has the Original of Mom's.

And my Parents used to gather with Friends every Weekend when I was growing up and play a Game of Parcheesi or Tripoli that used to last all Night... and was like a Party to us kids since there was always a Buffet Spread and lots of other Kids to play with while the Parents had Game Night.

Another 'Score' were a couple of Miniature Christmas Trees... one a Silver Tinsel Tree and the other a Golden Wire Tree.

I Decorated the Tinsel Tree with some of my Fav Ornaments for this Season which have Cheetah Fur Fabric...

And tied a Cheetah Velvet Fabric Bow to the top from some scrap Material I had left over from a Velvet Pumpkin Creation...

And even Jazzed up the Price Tag with a Christmas Stamp and Cheetah Print Duct Tape... I know, I'm so OCD like this, I can't help it!  *LOL*

So off to the Showroom this duo went...

I Loved how the Tinsel Tree and Glittered Ornaments Shone and Shimmered in the Sunlight!!!

And the Golden Tree has Glitter on it too so that Sparkled Brightly as well when the Sunlight hit it.

And it's adding to the Christmas Ambiance I've begun in Showroom #114... I've yet to begin Decorating Showroom #133 for the upcoming Holidays.

I'm taking Baby Steps this year in preparing for each Holiday... so as not to overwhelm myself with unrealistic expectations of what I can get done whilst dealing with a hectic Caregiving Schedule and a multitude of Doctor Appointments.

Our own Tree at Home will have some of these Animal Print Non-Breakable Ornaments because I just LOVE them!

I also found lots of Burlap Tree Accessories for our Home Tree... such as Burlap Cabbage Roses, Burlap Regular Roses, Burlap and Lace Garlands...

Are you Sensing my Theme this Year yet?  *Winks*

And though I J'Adored these Burlap and Animal Print Poinsettias... the Store only had them on one Expensive Bouquet and not for Sale individually... dammit!   But I did get some Burlap Poinsettias and some Animal Print Poinsettias... and I suppose I could dismantle some of each and make my own rendition of these if I have Time?

I was Surprised really that the Store didn't order some of these as 'Picks' because I'm certain they would have flown off the shelves, don't you?

I still like my Burlap Poinsettias...

And my Animal Print ones... and even if I don't manage to combine both into some Hybrid versions... I'll be Okay with this... sometimes you can't have it all... even if you want it ALL!  *Smiles*

Since our new 6 Foot Champagne Tinsel Pencil Tree will be much smaller than what we're used to... and we're keeping Decor much more Simple and Organic this year... I'm Hopeful it will give us more Time for other Activities since Decorating the House will be less labor intensive and I won't have to get anything at all out of the Seasonal Storage Cottage.  I even 'Picked' what I think is a Redwood Sized Pinecone... it's Gigantic and only cost me Two Bucks.

And check out this Adorable Champagne Glittered Simple Charlie Brown Style Tree in a Burlap Sack that I got on Sale... it's eventually going to end up on our Fireplace Mantle.

I even like it where it's presently Displayed in the Back Kitchen until we take Halloween and Autumn Decor down the day after Thanksgiving... it's giving a Hint of Christmas to the Room.

Some other recently 'Picked' Treasures headed for the Showroom Today too... Vintage China...

And Religious Items... and our next Parking Lot Flea Market Event will be the first part of December at the THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Antique Mall... so be sure to check out the Facebook Page HERE for Announcements of dates and times... 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Du sætter altid så mange skønne billeder på din blog, som jeg altid nyder at se på, men det er ikke altid jeg har tid til en kommentar, men alt det skønne vintage bling-bling havde nær givet mig hjertestop, hvem der bare kunne finde sådan "guld" knus morkaren.

  2. Well, of course I don't HATE you.....but I canNOT imagine how you end up with all these incredible goodies! I'm very happy for you, Dawn.

  3. Oh Dawn, I don't know where to START, you've shown us so much good stuff! Lordy, I want that framed un-stained glass window, is that yours for sale? MUST HAVE IT.

    Seriously, you scored great treasures and I adore those vintage santa earrings, adorable.
    GONE PICKIN' - I so need a bumper sticker that says that, LOL xo Rhonda


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