Friday, November 1, 2013

Dia de los Muertos

For the next three days we'll be Celebrating Dia de los Muertos... it's one of our Favorite Traditions and Rituals... to Celebrate the Lives and pay Homage to our departed Loved Ones with Altar Tributes to their Memories.

The Desert Botanical Gardens will be Hosting a Dia de los Muertos Celebration all weekend and though we couldn't attend today because the G-Kid Force weren't feeling well, we'll go tomorrow and Enjoy the Altar Displays, the Mercado, the Food and all the local Artists that will be Participating in the backdrop of the Beautiful Gardens.  Then on Sunday Afternoon will be the Procession there which we also Hope to Participate in.

I've Harvested the Marigolds I've grown for my Home Altar, this year the deep Orange bicolor ones thrived best.

I'm also Hoping to add another Ben Molina Yaqui Calavera to my Collection this year.

I Adore Ben's Magnificent Dia de los Muertos Creations.

When I have Time, now that I've reclaimed my Art Studio Space, I Hope to begin Creating some of my own, though they won't hold a candle to Ben's Masterful Work.

I Love seeing all the Sugar Skull Girls.

And the Dia de los Muertos Art.

Prince R wore his Calavera Makeup all day in Celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

He was jazzed that I hadn't Sold the Vampire fangs from Showroom #133 and let him have them as an added touch.  *LOL*

Our Friends Debbie and Roy had gone all out Decorating their Yard this year and Prince R had helped in the set up.

Don't you just J'Adore these Vintage Gothic Chairs as much as I do?!?  I was seriously Lusting after them.

I thought Miss Diagnosed was Hilarious.

Since I have a fascination for Skullie Art and the Beautifully Macabre I'm particularly drawn to the Dia de los Muertos Art Forms.

This year I was Hoping to procure some of the Sugar Skull Molds on Sale after the Holidays are over so that I can Create some edible displays as well as the everlasting kind.

Of coarse if I'm able to make mine as Lovely as this I might be Tempted to want to find a way to Preserve them for at least a while.

So Beautiful with the Royal Icing Floral touches.

I Hope to 'Score' some Dia de los Muertos Art at the Mercado this weekend though, many Talented Artists will be offering their Work.

And I'm Hoping some Edible Sugar Skulls will be available too to add to our Home Altar?

Source: Pinterest

The G-Kid Force and I may even do our Calavera Make-Up and I want mine to be Inspired by Frida Kahlo.

The Son usually Participates with us, but since he's clear across the Valley now he said he probably won't get the opportunity to join us this year for the Celebration... The Son and Prince R usually Assist me with my Make-Up since they're quite good at that Face Painting Art Form.

I went through my Photo Archives to Capture some of the Dia de los Muertos Images of the Past with the Family, it brought back many fond Memories.

But of coarse we'll now be making New Memories... and will Share it all with you here in the Land of Blog.
 Dia de los Muertos Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Fabulous! I miss the Mexican celebrations we used to see a lot of in Southern California as children. I has these wonderful sweets that you could bite the heads off of and drink the sweet juice. Love those skulls with marigolds and the costumes - and those gothic CHAIRS! Enjoy .... you have all the fun, hee hee. Minerva x

  2. The orange marigolds accent those blue teeth just beautifully! I'm kinda lusting after those chairs myself... ;o)


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