Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Past

Even though I thoroughly Enjoy Creating a different Holiday Theme and not replicate a previous Christmas Tree Decor so that it will always look Special for that Year being Celebrated, I have to admit that I've had my Favorites.  You know, those Years when the Decor stood out in Memory and is very, very Tempting to do again because you Loved it so much?

For me it was the Salvage Christmas of a couple of years ago, Christmas Past 2011... when we decided to Decorate the Tree... and pretty much the entire House actually, with Salvaged Items that weren't Traditionally Christmas Themed at all and usually wouldn't even be found on a Christmas Tree. 

We married items together to make impromptu Ornamentation like Old Books, Bohemian Bling, Twine, Rusty and Crusty Industrial Smalls...

And loads of Old Nostalgic Photos that had Special Meaning to us or Evoked a Cherished Memory... just tucked in the branches of a faux White Tree with Burlap Garland and a Tree Skirt comprised of 100 Year Old Burlap Feed Sacks we Rescued from an Old Barn being razed decades ago. 

 Everything on the Tree was either Meaningful or Imaginative and completely Uncontrived... the G-Kid Force even dragged things in from out on the property to hang on the Tree as Adornment... it was Fun... Spontaneous... and perhaps why I Loved how it turned out so much?

And if ever I was going to do a Re-Do of a Theme of Christmas Past... this would definitely be it... and so with having a different Tree this Year... and some different Ornaments... I've decided I want to blend the two to make a Hybrid of the Favorite Christmas Tree and Theme. 

Combining some Favorite Decorations from that Special Christmas Past that turned out Just Right... with some of the new Christmas Decor recently procured or Created this Year.  Christmas Past Meeting Christmas Present.

I'll bring out the Favorite Old Family Photos from back in da day and tuck them amidst the branches again... reflecting Memories that Celebrate the Rich History of our Lives and those that are no longer with us to Celebrate in Person, but who Live on through those Cherished Memories from the Past and our Eternal Love for them all.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Present and will strive to make it Unique and particularly Memorable in different ways of coarse... and who knows, it might become the Favorite Year's Decor in the Future of a Christmas Past?

And even if it doesn't... it will still hold Special Memories that cannot be replicated... and Visuals that will Live on in the Images we capture and the Recollections we'll re-live in the Storytelling.

And the Reason for the Season will never be Lost in the Commercialization of it all... which is THE most Important thing... to Celebrate Him and in Faith pay Homage to Christ Jesus and why He was sent.

I have many reasons why I Enjoy Christmas...

The Spirituality of the Season is paramount of coarse.

But I also Enjoy so many other things about it... too numerous to mention in a mere Blog Post actually.   Everything about it is something I eagerly look forward to each Season.

And my Hope is that you do too my Friends?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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