Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Pumpkin Festival

Every October the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix has a Pumpkin Festival and gives a free Pumpkin to each Child to pick out from the vast Pumpkin Patch.  There are also Activities where they can win prizes, Music and good food as well as Carnival Style Foods and Snacks, Hayrides and Hay Bale Maze.

Each Autumn the G-Kid Force and I look forward to this Event as the kickoff to Fall Fun.  The State Fair is also going on, but quite often that can get too expensive for us to attend, and this Event is part of our Annual Garden Membership so we know it's do-able every year.

Picking out their Favorite Pumpkin to bring Home is Serious Business for the Dynamic Duo.

So it will be a time consuming Process as the merits of each Pumpkin in the Patch are carefully weighed and considered.  *Smiles*

Prince R will usually hone in on his quite quickly since indecisiveness is not one of his weaknesses.  His had one of the largest stems I've ever seen on a Pumpkin, it made it almost like Luggage!  *Winks*   And he's developing his Man Muscles so at least I didn't mind how large a Pumpkin he chose this Season since he'd be able to schlepp it himself.  *LOL*

But then there's the 'Other One'... the one who if you give her Choices, well, she's going to have a difficult time making one!  *LOL*

Even with Gramma and her Big Brother trying to help her so that we won't be there all day deciding!

And even though Gramma 'suggested' that we try not to pick out the biggest, heaviest, Pumpkin in the Patch THIS YEAR since Gramma will be the one eventually schlepping it... well... of coarse she still fell in Love with this humongous one didn't she!  *Winks*   And insisted it would be okay because SHE could lift and carry it... SEE!  Well, for a little bit anyways... *Le Sigh*  So you KNOW who ended up schlepping it most of the way... Moi!  Good thing I've still got good bicep muscles that rival The Son's from many decades of lifting heavy objects.  *Smiles*

Yes, by the time we were ready for the Hayride back and schlepping these two huge, heavy Pumpkins around it had been better than a workout at the Gym I tell ya!!! 

But they were mighty Fine Pumpkins I must say.

And those Stems will look Awesome eventually mounted on some of my Velvet Pumpkins I'll Create with them after the Real Deal is used up making Pumpkin Treats and Jack-O-Lanterns.  I was totally Loving the Floral Oilcloth Tablecloths at the Event, I Adore Oilcloth!

Here's the G-Kid Force Patiently waiting for Gramma to catch up in the Haybale Maze... they whizz thru it like trained Rats... if they weren't helping me navigate my way through it I'd probably still be in there trying to find my way out?!?  *LOL*

With calls of, "Hey wait for me..." trailing after them and them hiding from me and Amused at my inability to navigate a Maze as adeptly as them, I guess it was a good time?!?  *Smiles*  At least it's not as scary and confusing for me as the Cornfield Mazes, which I can't see over the top of and give me flashbacks of "Children Of The Corn" and fears of being Hopelessly Lost!  *LOL*   Something about Cornfield Mazes are pretty creepy to me even in the daytime and at Night, forget about it!

Whew, yes, we finally made it out of the Haybale Maze... here's them at the Finish Line waiting on me AGAIN!  *Smiles*  I ain't gonna lie, I'm not good at Mazes, a Toddler could find it's way out quicker!

The Monarch Exhibit was on now too, so we Enjoyed seeing those Magnificent Butterflies.

And tho' the G-Kid Force was chowing down on Mac-N-Cheese, five Rainbow hues of Cotton Candy, Chips and Snow Cones so as to be on a Sugar High for a Week... I Enjoyed one of my Favorite Healthy Lunches of Hummus and Quinoa Salad that is offered at the Gardens.  This is SOOOOOO delish and is garnished with the tart Kalamata Olives, Salad fixings, Pita and Tofu chunks!

Be sure you're always going to have Desert Critter Beggars hovering around the tables for any scraps... Roadrunners, covies of cute fat Quail, Inca Dove, Cardinals, Cactus Wren, Prairie Dogs, Squirrels and Desert Gerbils always Delight the Kiddos during Lunch at the Gardens.

Even though this time of year the Desert is abundant with the Critters Natural Foods... I guess they like to supplement their diets with whatever looks good at the Patio Cafe' too and we seem to be Enjoying way too much!?  *LOL*

Yes, it was a Delightful time and we hiked off our Lunch around the Garden Trails afterwards...

And my Favorite Visual of all was the Ride Home... with tired Contented G-Kids snuggled up for a nap around their huge Pumpkins... which made for a lovely Quiet Peaceful ride Home for Gramma!  They always look like little Angels when they're Sleeping!  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed your pumpkin patch trip! You take such neat pictures and write such interesting commentary to go with them!

  2. i love to see kids in the Pumpkin Patch... they are adorable !!!


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