Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ French Market Event ~ Part Deux

One of my Favorite things that I left behind at the SWEET SALVAGE "French Market" Event was this Awesome Art Nouveau Style Statue of a Bohemian Beauty!   I don't really even know if she was for Sale or just a Display piece, all I know is that I'd already spent as much as I intended to for the day so I didn't even want to be Tempted!  *LOL*

Not to mention she was quite large and obviously heavy, and we'd parked quite far away from the Shop since we arrived barely before the doors opened and I already had my hands full of my Lovely Vintage Mannequin!  *Winks*  But isn't she Gorgeous?!?

I noticed that just about every Gorgeous Vintage Ornate Frame had already been Sold to whoever Maggie is... that Gal must be a lightening fast Power Shopper!!!  I stand in Awe... I thought I was moving pretty quick, but she'd already been everywhere first obviously... by all the yellow Sold signs with her name on them!  *LOL*   Thankfully my Mission wasn't Gorgeous Vintage Ornate Frames!  *Whew!*

But if you were in the Market for Demijohns there were some in every conceivable shape and size!

And Color...  I Love Demijohns...

And if I had enough room for one I'd Love to get one of the Huge oversized ones like this, they're such a Statement Piece!   Maybe one day I just will... and make room for it somewhere?!?  *LOL*

Princess T's Favorite Statement Piece was this oversized Garden Art Crown with a Fresh Lavender plant inside of it.

It too had Sold lightening fast and we're not surprised... a Lovely piece!

If Prince R had been with us he would have certainly noticed the Articulated Artist Doll Form... he has a Collection of them in various sizes and from various Eras...

And he would have absolutely Flipped over the Fabulous Oversized Antique one in my Friend Jackie's Vignette!  How Awesome would it be to have this one in your Collection?!?

And if you J'Adore Vintage Feather Hats like I do, check out this one in Beautiful Blue-Black Feathers!  *Swoon*

And I don't care how many Vintage Caged Dress Forms I procure for my Collection, I'm always Wishing I could have even MORE!!!  *LOL*  Is there any particular Found Treasure that you have an insatiable appetite for my Friends?

My Friend Jackie's Vignettes had a very European Boheme' Vibe to them so I'd have to say they were among my Favorites... naturally Appealing to the Bohemian Spirit.   This Crocheted Hammock Style Swing Chair loaded up with Vintage Fabrics and Tassles would be Wonderful to curl up in with a cup of Tea and a good Book!

And this Porch Swing loaded up with equally Wonderfully lucious Vintage Fabrics and Pillows... yeah, I could take a Nap on one of those for sure!   Just my Style!!!   It reminded me of French Algerian Style... my Parents purchased most of their Gorgeous Tapestries and Fabrics from the Handsome Algerians in France that went door to door hawking their wares... and often Inviting my Lovely Bohemian Mom to come away with them to the Casbah!  *Smiles... True Story, even though us kids would be hanging at the hem of her flowing Gypsy Skirts and she was quite obviously Married!  Those naughty Algerian Guys! LOL*

Ahhhh... another Lovely Vintage Caged Dress Form...

Right behind the Vintage Mannequin I 'Scored'...  I'm Loving the Deconstructed Lampshade too...

And it was on it's way out so I couldn't get a decent shot of it without being totally obtrusive... but I was Loving this Idea of hanging a Vintage Crystal Mini Chandie inside of a Deconstructed Lampshade!!!   I'm definitely doing that now!!!

Another 'must have' item on my extensive 'Wish List' is a Vintage Olive Bucket... didn't 'Score' one this trip, but maybe next time...  What's on your 'Wish List' near the top my Friends?

And who can think of France without also thinking Patisserie?

Okay... so now I'm Inspired AND Hungry!!!  *LOL*

So I had to quickly move away from the Vignettes laden with faux foods and head towards the Bohemian Bling... which is about the ONLY thing that can instantly make me forget about Food!  I can do without Food, but not without my Bling!!!  *Winks*   And I'm still SERIOUSLY Lusting after this Vintage Mannequin Glove Form... so Lilia... if you ever think about Selling it... give me a Holla Girlfriend!  I desperately NEED it... *Winks*

But this day I settled for another one of your Lovely Necklace Creations instead... but... I... NEED... that... Glove Form... Really... I... do!  *Said in my most subliminal hypnotic Voice... LOL* 
And if you ever Sell it to me... I will Sweeten the Deal with some of our Friend Carissa's delish home-made Cookies... I'm makin' ya an offer you can't refuse!!!  *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. A while ago, dear Dawn, you mentioned that you were exploring avenues for increasing your income....have you considered hiring out your splendid shoppe stock and private collections as 'wonderful windows', 'arty party props', or 'terrific table toppers'?

    Perhaps there are high-end florists or caterers who would collaborate with you to ensure an event achieved the impact of surprise only your assembled artifacts can provide?

    As the traditional holidays approach, perhaps there are hotels or event halls who could afford -- and would prefer -- to delight their guests with a large corner tableau, NOT the trite tree from a box with boring gift-wrapped boxes below and dull ornaments above?

    Table scapes? What hostess planning her major social events of the holiday season would happily pay to rent one of your exquisite vignettes to grace the dining room buffet or the foyer console?

    And you could leave the stickers on the bottoms of the treasures with which you are prepared to part...

    I thoroughly enjoy browsing through your blog photos, Dawn. I could not afford to buy the 20 or 30 items I covet, but oh! if I were not thousands of miles away I'd try to persuade you to rent out some items to grace my Christmas corners!

    You are trully a Bohemian artiste, Dawn, and it's as sad a waste not to exercise your 'eye' and talents for assemblage as it would be for a singer to stand mute. Please believe that you do have an audience -- and hopefully, a market! -- for your work.

  2. Oh, that is funny, I even had someone ask me if my name was Maggie!! I wonder who this mystery woman shopper is?? Lovely event and I want to go back and shop some more!!


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