Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkins And Gourd And Treats, Oh My!

The Pumpkins and Gourds are starting to roll in to the Stores... I'm always drawn to the Weird and Wonderful Hybrid Varieties and always save the Seeds to plant in our own Garden, hoping to grow some of our own, we've had limited Success some Seasons.

But honestly, the Prices are so reasonable that it probably costs me more to grow my own than to just buy some each year.  So it's more for the Challenge of seeing what thrives in our Victory Garden from the Seeds sown there the Seasons before and the Surprise of what comes up?  *LOL*

As previously mentioned we only Harvested one tiny lone Pale White Pumpkin that Survived this Seasons record breaking heatwave... the rest literally baked in the Sun before they matured.  So, I'll be buying those we Decorate with and eat for this Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I really wanted some of these but it is rather early to procure them just yet and have them last.  Besides, I was unable to pick ONE Favorite Variety, you know me!  *Winks*  The Vivid Colors, Shapes, Warts and Bumps each had their particularly Appealing Merits!

In fact, it's not just the most Unusual, Weird and Wonderful Pumpkins and Gourds I'm on the lookout for this time of year... each Halloween I also scour the isles for the most Interesting and Unique Treats I can find.   I especially liked these Delightful Graphics Boxes holding Treats that can be recycled with other loose Treats once empty... how Cute are they?!?  Each box contains a couple of Treats and is the right size for holding almost any loose Treats we Enjoy... the G-Kids like the Surprise of not knowing what real Treats lie within each box?  And Pretending it is what's on the box description.

There were also these wee tiny Apothecary Jars filled with Sugar Candies... almost any Cake Decoration can be used to refill the Jars for recycling more Treats inexpensively.

Okay, so the PayDay mini bars are for Gramma since I don't eat Chocolate and there aren't many Candies or Treats that Appeal to me really.   Sometimes, since our Family don't have much of a Sweet Tooth it's more for the Decorative Touch and to offer to Guests anyway that we fill the Bowls with Sweetness.

Now Sour and Natural Treats is another Story, we LOVE Sour Treats and Natural Treats, so will likely Source those to refill the boxes with.   The Tamarind Pulp Candies were already almost gone so we needed to re-stock already.  *Winks*

Princess T had a marvelous time arranging and re-arranging the Candy Dish for the most Artful Halloween Display.  *Smiles*

And of coarse Gramma had to Photograph her results to be Preserved for all posterity, Pathological Picture Taker that I have become.  *Winks*

And apparently... when Gramma wasn't looking... a little Someone sneaked off with Gramma's Camera and did a little Pathological Picture Taking and Styling of her own!  *LOL*

"Hey, is this thing even working?"... Yes, Princess T, yes it is... aren't Kids a Riot?!?

Notice the Hot Cheetos stained Finger pointing to what she's lining up for the Photo Shoot!  *LMAO!*  I must say pretty good Close-Ups for these really tiny one and a half inch Kiddles she was capturing whilst balancing her pointing hand downwards simultaneously... probably whilst also perching on some furniture since this is her Vintage School Desk that is beside an Antique Wing Chair she HAD to be standing on to get this angle?!??!?!  *Smiles and Gasps!*  BTW: She also Decorated and Stylized her Vintage School Desk with Mendhi Art Stickers.
Oh yeah, you better have Eyes in the back of your head with this Crew... Imagine my Surprise when I downloaded Today's Images and realized she'd had her own Private Photo Shoot with my Camera unbenownst to Gramma and then sneaked it right back so I didn't even miss it!  As if I wouldn't eventually KNOW what she'd been up to once the Evidence was Exposed?!!  *Bwahahaha!*

And of coarse Gramma is Guilty of her own Indulgences... like this Adorable Veiled Hat for Skully that still had it's original Price Tag of almost Eight Bucks and I 'Scored' for Ninety-Nine Cents!  *Booyah!*

She does look quite Lovely in it don't you think?  And of coarse Princess T had to add her own Sweet Touches... like the Rubber Tarantula, still sporting the dust and dirt from having been played with outside... well, that makes it more Authentic and Creepy, right... just like the undusted Loving Cup!   *Smiles*

And Princess T, knowing my Aesthetic, recently introduced me to one of her Favorite Shows that has a Set representing their Home that is so very OUR Style that she knew I'd just LOVE it... 'The Haunted Hathaways'.  She was absolutely right... take a gander... I couldn't take my eyes off the Decor and Treasures on this Set!!!

 Source: Nick Bing Images
Yes, they have a Stuffed Peacock!  Rich Antique Plum Velvet Sofa, Cloches, Persian Rugs, Crystal Chandies and Sconces...
 Source: Nick Bing Images

Velvet Drapes puddled to the floor, Black Gothic Victorian Furniture, gorgeous Hues on the Wall...

 Source: Nick Bing Images
Loving that Fainting Couch and Victorian Lamp, Persian Runner and Black Walls in the Hallway... we can dust the cobwebs away later... I'm ready to move right in with my suitcases now as well!  *Winks*

Source: Nick Bing Images
And check out that Fireplace Mantle and the Wall Sconces... yes, this is an updated version of the Addams Family House isn't it?  No wonder it's one of Princess T's Favorite Shows... she wants to move into this House too!  *LOL*

Okay, so Bohemian Valhalla isn't quite as Grandoise at the 'Haunted Hathaway's' Pad, but they're definitely folks after our own Heart and Vibe in how they like to live and Roll!  *Winks*  And I rather Suspect I may be watching this Show right alongside her now, just so I can soak in the Ambiance of the Great Old Dreamy Haunted House they've Create on this Set.  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The Princess is doing quite well with the camera! Like your ideea of buying tthe unusual boxes of candy then refilling them!

  2. Glad to have discovered your blog!!! Absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Hugs from Spain :D


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