Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Halloween Prepping And Decorating

As Halloween draws ever closer I find myself really getting into the Spirit of it and Decorating more of the House to impart the Ambiance of the Holidays.

I decided to Treat myself to a couple of Antique Halloween Treasures from my Friend Myko's Showroom that I'd been Admiring and Lusting after.  The Antique Altered Art Photo of the Couple was one of her Props but she Graciously parted with it.  I never have the Guts to Alter Antique Photos myself, though I Love the Whimsey of it.

And the Antique Kewpie Doll that Myko Embellished with Whimsical Halloween Attire I've been in Love with for some time and will now join my Creepy Doll Collection.   She's Creepy in a Whimsical way with all her crazing on her composite body due to Age and mischievous expression.

One of my other Creepy Doll Heads donned my newly purchased Santos Crown...

And we did another Treat Run to fill up the Candy Bowls since we've had a lot of Company.

This should last us 'til Halloween now... well, maybe... (Smiles)

And the lovely living bouquet of Fall Flowers was a Gift from my Brother-In-Law and his Wife who came down from Alaska to help take care of The Man while I was Hospitalized.

I am really fond of the Colors of Autumn and of Fresh Flowers in the Home.

Prince R has been prepping for his Halloween Costume look.  In fact he'll walk around all day with his faux scars and Gothic Attire, he's really diggin' it.  *LOL*

Typically elusive for Photo Shoots and prone to only being Photographed under Protest now that he's a Teenager, I was Happy that in Costume he was more than willing to allow Gramma to capture the Moment.

I'm not sure what all the hand signals indicate, probably some Comicon or Cosplay Character, he's really 'into' all that right now.

And since he wanted to recycle a few Halloween Ensembles from previous years, it only cost me some Eyeliner and Black Nail Polish to hook him up for his Halloween Costume Vision.  *Winks*

Unlike his Little Sister who always requires two Costumes... Diva Status you know... *LOL*  When she's ready for her Costume Photo Shoots it will be like preparing for Fashion Week in a Project Runway Episode!  *Le Sigh*   He's MUCH easier and less Dramatic about Wardrobe and everything being OCD Perfect!  *Smiles*

I'm just Hoping that this is Comicon or Cosplay hand signals and he's not throwing up Gang Signs?!?  *LOL*

Whatever it is he's having a blast role-playing it anyway and I remember how much I Enjoyed Halloween Masquerade Parties as a Young Adult... Costumes are always so much Fun.

And FINALLY I got around to Creating a Velvet Pumpkin out of some Safari Print Velvety Fabric that I liked.  I don't know why I put it off for so long because they don't take long to Create and are really easy.  I want to start Tye-Dying Vintage Velvet to use next.

This one is quite large since I had to make it proportional to the stem I wanted to use... and I've got a Hoard of Pumpkin Stems that I gleened from the Pumpkin Patch that had fallen off Pumpkins and would have otherwise been wasted.  So I do have Plans to make a bunch of these out of various Vintage Materials, even after the Holidays have passed.

I'll probably use a different type of Glue to attach the Stems though, Glue Guns work really well, but if any seeps out its not a visual I like so I want something more transparent and yet as strong.  I filled this one with the Buckwheat from an Old Buckwheat Pillow.  I like that it's a very lightweight smooshy filling and that it makes the Pumpkins more flexible and moldable when Creating Vignettes.
I Hope you're having just as much Fun at your House Prepping and Decorating for the Holidays?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. As always love stopping by .. HUGS and just awesome pics and I see your ready for the Halloween season my friend.

  2. So wonderful to see you having fun again. Blessings!

  3. It's nearly here! Lovely to see your house and family get in the mood. x

  4. Hahahahahha.....gang signs..... that was funny, I actually LOL'd at that one!!! :)


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