Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Flashback And Moving Forward...

Halloween Flashback to 1986... this is my Mom {Nanna}  with The Son and our Youngest Daughter, who is the Mother of the G-Kid Force.  Princess T marveled at her Mommy's Home-Made Costume made of old drapes and glitterized construction paper, but wanted to know why I'd dressed her Uncle up like a Gang Banger for Halloween?  Ahem, excuse me... that was my Eighties version of a Pirate before Capt. Jack Sparrow set the bar higher... Girlfriend!  *LMAO*  Besides, money was tight and we had to make do, use it up, wear it out or do without.  We were going through some extremely hard times back then too, but you wouldn't have known it by the Positive Energy our extended Family exuded.  I was a Divorced Single Parent working two jobs... one a demanding Career and the other just a second Job as a means to an end... and both of my Parents were battling Cancer and going through their own Divorce after well over thirty years of Marriage, so it was definitely a Circle The Wagons Season that we eventually all moved through Successfully.

As the G-Kid Force get ready to begin Fall Break starting this Weekend, we're having the dreaded Parent-Teacher Conferences that I have to brace myself to attend because it's never easy to hear other Adults complain about or criticize your Kiddos, it puts you in defensive mode even if you are painfully aware of their Issues.  Let's face it, this School year began with Grandpa in a Coma after his terrible Accident and it's kinda gone downhill from there for our Family.  So the fact they show up at all every day and get through the day is a small Victory in Resilience and Tenacity, even if their moods, behavior and performance suck this Quarter.  I'm reminded that this too shall pass... eventually.   The Son Shared a hilarious Old Note that he had saved from about the Second Grade that a Teacher made him write as an apology to some other Kiddo he'd allegedly wronged.  It was SO very him... this was a Kid that got good Grades but was a handful behaviorally as a Child and was labeled Special Needs in a HUGE way from early on academically and socially.  He got kicked out of every Day Care in the West Valley before his Third Birthday and Grade School was tough, I believe his Principal had us on Speed Dial.  

 Yet, he grew up into a Fine Young Man Graduating with Honors from mainstream classes in spite of everyone else's grim prognosis and Medical diagnosis to the contrary... he did us Proud.  Though I recall dreading attending his Parent-Teacher Conferences too... and his Sister's, because it was always a spin on bad news... and so him Sharing that Note as a reminder for Positive Reinforcement actually was a huge Encouragement.  And it made me Laugh out loud, looking back.  His words to me were that the Teachers couldn't say anything worse about his Niece and Nephew than any Teacher ever said about him... and yet I always Believed in him and made him Believe in himself.  Okay, so I had to Photo Edit the glowing red Chupacabra eyes out of this photo so he didn't look quite so possessed and then realized it just made it look more possessed *LOL*... but The Son is a Riot and nobody can feel 'down' when they're around him and he's the Life of any Party, just like my Mom, they're some of the Funniest and most Entertaining people I know.

In fact, he'll make a Fool of himself just to make you Laugh or Smile... and he's known Mom could REALLY use that right about now... so he's always sending me Silly pixs of him and his Dear Friends, who are a great bunch of Young People.  He always reminds me that The Force will probably turn out just Fine Mom... you know, with lots of Therapy and good Medication... but they'll probably be Okay... really... just look at me!  {And he Winks and Grins sardonically.  LOL}  Yeah, you could be right Son... we'll Roll with that Thought anyway, I don't care what anybody else says.  *Smiles*  We'll keep moving forward.

There's another Big Parking Lot Sale coming up this weekend at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST and though I can't do the Parking Lot Event due to not having sufficient coverage for the Kiddos, I've enjoyed watching everyone Transform their Booths and Showrooms in the Mall for the Event... and I've been furiously re-stocking my Showrooms and Loft Spaces as well.

Lucky for you all I have no budget to pick up some of the Treasures I'd Love to be able to spring for... so they'll be there for the pickin' for you!   Lucky you!!!

I'll just have to put on my Mask and pretend to be Happy for you getting it instead of me, right?  *LOL*   No, really... it's swell that you got what I was probably Jonesin' for.  *Bwahaha!*  But don't feel too Sorry for me... some Friends are actually Blessing me with some Amazing Spooktacular Gifts, Reveal to follow in a Future Post.

I always can't wait to see how my Friends Myko and Brett will Transform their Showroom for Halloween... their Collections of Vintage Holiday Treasures and Myko's OOAK Creations are incredible!   And if you've been Jonesin' to add Sparkle to your Holiday Creations with German Glass Glitter, they've got it in Stock, so get yours while it lasts!

I have bought some of my Favorite Halloween Creepy Dolls from Myko... isn't this Vintage Halloween Styled Kewpie Doll Adorable!?!  Well, she's up for Adoption if you can envision her as your Vignette Anchor Show Piece for the Holidays my Friends?!? 

And this is something we're having Fun with... adding Masquerade Masks to Vintage and Antique Photos that others have discarded.   I used to be saddened when Family Photos would end up in Flea Markets or Thrift Shops discarded by their extended Family Members, I couldn't Imagine doing such a thing without a heavy conscience?!?  But when they're Rescued and Adopted... or given New Life as an Art Form and 'Borrowed Relatives', even Whimsical ones, it just makes me Feel Good that they're being Cherished and Proudly Displayed again in their Adoptive Family Businesses and Homes.  I Love to Collect 'Borrowed Relatives' and add them to our Family.  This is one of Myko's Display pieces, but if it comes up for Sale, I'm Loving this Adorable Couple, now all ready to join the Party!   I'd Proudly Display them every Halloween in our Vignettes, how about you?

And you know how I love anything Displayed under Glass, it always makes everything look more Important housed in a lovely Cloche Vignette.  A German Glass Glitterized Skully, what's not to Love?!?

And I'm always Adoring Myko's Adorable OOAK Pom-Pom Creations, especially the Halloween Inspired Cuties!   She also has a New Book out that has Tutorials to make your own, also available in her Showroom.

Source: BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Facebook Page 
I do Hope we'll see you this Weekend at the Sale!?!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The little Sparrow is a handsome man now. I think your Halloween celebration will be awesome. (sorry for my horrible English) Happy weekend. Hugs :D

  2. Hang in there and thank God for family that lifts our spirits. Be assursed of my prayers.
    Always, Queenie

  3. WoW... Your son is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  4. It does help to see that most of the kids make it thru and turn out fine!

  5. LOVE IT ALL .. YOUR blog gets cuter and cuter. LOVE the pics of the family too my friend. HUGS and hope that your OCT is blessed. TOODLES


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