Friday, October 18, 2013

French Market Event ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

Attention all Francophiles, this is the Event you've been waiting for at SWEET SALVAGE... the Theme of the French Market!   I admit, that a close second behind the Halloween Event, the French Themed Event is one I anxiously await!  Of all the Countries our Family traveled to, I remember my Parents unanimously agreeing that France was their hands down Favorite!!!  My Mom always said that being in France made you feel very much ALIVE... the Joie de vivre was palpable
 The food was exquisite and the presentation equally so, and since Dad was a Master Chef he really Appreciated that aspect of the Culture.   And the Style... well, it's Legendary isn't it?!   The French have also always made Salvaging, Preserving History and Re-Purposing Fabulous Old Treasures a priority and an Art Form, so the Paris Flea Markets have done for Centuries what many other Countries are just now getting around to and fully Appreciating.

Princess T, along with Pug Purse Mister Fluffy Pants, joined me this Month while Prince R stayed Home to watch over The Man... and so it was our Girl's Day Out and we unanimously agreed that this was our Favorite Vignette.  We could just Imagine her having a room Decorated like this that we could curl up with good books in and Host our Mad Tea Parties.

My primary objective was to obtain the Lovely and Talented Claudia Strasser's new Book 'Paris Flea Market Style' and meet her in person for a Book Signing.  I've Adored her Paris Apartment Style and Fresh approach to Decorating with wonderful European Treasures gleaned from the Flea Markets.   This Book will take you along with her on an epic Journey through the French Flea Markets as she Shares a wealth of knowledge and her Favorite Haunts!   It is a 'must have' for your Decorating and Style Library... the Images will not only Inspire, but also Captivate you... you'll want it ALL!!!  You'll also be Jonesin' to want to visit your Travel Agent to Experience it firsthand!!! 

But in the meantime, for those of us who know that a Trip to France may have to wait... this Event was the next best thing.    I knew this the moment I walked through the doors and immediately laid eyes upon the first Found Treasure I HAD to have!   Yep, the Vintage Mannequin with the lovely long eyelashes is now MINE!   You see, The Man had Encouraged me to attend the Event and to indulge in some 'Retail Therapy'... and hey, you don't have to threaten me with a Good Time Shopping!  *Winks*

Now, Time was of the Essence since we had several Doctor Appointments lined up later in the early Afternoon and I'd also promised my Guys that I wouldn't leave them too long to fend for themselves... so Princess T and I Power Shopped and hastily Photographed the Event... so forgive the lack of Staging my Shots... I'm pretty sure I was in motion most of the time as I was Photographing anything and simultaneously scoping out what I wanted to procure.   There was no second time around since we didn't have Time.  *Le Sigh*

So after snagging my Signed Copy of Claudia's New Book and scooping up my Vintage Mannequin, this Blinged Out Vintage Soap Case was the next 'Score'...

And another one of my Talented Artist Friend Lilia Corona's Necklace Creations... mine is the one Lilia had Created from Vintage Door Hardware, Religious Medal and Bohemian Bling.

Princess T was luxuriating in the Scent of Fresh and Dried Lavender which abounded everywhere in the Shop and is so very reminiscent of the Essence of France and the Rural Fields of Fresh Lavender waiting for Harvest... so she was smelling like the French Countryside by the time we left!  *Winks*

And the last of my five Purchases that completed my 'Retail Therapy' Session was this gorgeous Vintage Santos Crown to add to my Collection of them at Home.    Some Taxidermy Critter, Antique Religious Icon or Creepy Doll Head will soon be Sporting this at Bohemian Valhalla you can be sure!  *Smiles*

In fact, I cannot think about France without also thinking about the Beautiful Religious and Spiritual Art and Icons the French have been Creating for Centuries!   In my Personal Collections of Religious Artifacts and Antiques Inspired by Faith, those from France are among my most Cherished!   The Shop abounded in these Art Forms, it was Tempting not to leave them all behind, but I'd set a limit to my 'Retail Therapy' Budget even though The Man hadn't.   I know, such Restraint, ain'tcha Proud of me?!??!??

And meeting up with Friends is always one of the Joys of Girl's Day Out and our Event Pilgrimages each Month... forgive me Gail, but remember, our Photographer was only Eight!  *LOL*   Hopefully the ones Judy got and Myko took will turn out more flattering?  Alas, this was the best of my two shots that Princess T took, but she gave it her best attempt whilst hurrying to click off a couple of shots before other eager Shoppers swarming around us got into Frame!  *Smiles*

My Friend Jenny looked as Retro Lovely as always...

And those Fabu Vintage Mannequins were everywhere... so hard to just come Home with only ONE!

My Friends Myko and Brett had an abundance of Romantically French Fabulousness in their Vignettes.   And there will be more to come in Part II Post... and the Event will run through this Sunday... so you still have time to make it and have your own French Market Adventure my Friends!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. fun market
    great always post(:)

  2. Oh my goodness, I missed seeing you yesterday!!! I stood in line for an hour with Karen Valentine and we had lunch later. I so wanted to give you a big hug Dawn. I see you met up with my friend Judy, I would run into her at her antique booth from time to time. You gals are too cute!!! Maybe next time I will see you, it was crazy crowded and I had a blast! Meeting Claudia was so exciting. Love all your images, you've captured that event well. xo Rhonda

  3. So glad to read your happier blogs. In can tell your feeling better. Praise the Lord!

  4. You got some fabulous pics, Dawn!! I have looked through them all. I also just posted my pics a few minutes ago. Have been so busy this entire weekend that I am just today sitting down at my desk and trying to clean it off! Did the pics of Sweet Salvage first. Now on to bills. The pic Myko took of the three of us is posted separately.


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