Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time To Par-tay!

Recently we Celebrated Princess T's Eighth Birthday... we dragged it out for about a week, because any excuse to Par-tay is embellished in our World, to make as much of it as possible and extend the Good Times.   So on a Thursday Morning we cornered the Market for Cupcakes to feed her ravenous and exceedingly large Second Grade Class.  Good Lord Class sizes have greatly increased since I or my Children were in School!

We bought every Cupcake they had in the Bakery that Morning... and since they allowed us to pick out the Ring Decorations to stick on top as Decor, we were a virtual Assembly Line of cramming Angry Birds, Smurfs and Monster High Hoochies into Cupcakes!   *LOL*

Yes, we came away with Tie-Dyed Hippie looking fingers of eye popping Neon Green, Pink, Purple and Blue!  Ah well, we're a Colorful Bunch anyways so it's not as if anyone noticed or thought it particularly odd for us to have Rainbow Hands as well!   Perhaps they thought it was a new Gypsy Fashion Statement?!?  *Winks*
And every Year at about this time we seek out the largest Pumpkins we can Vogue with... Prince R is getting to the Age where he's really not that 'Into It' anymore and is more self-conscious about Pumpkin Posing... as you can clearly tell!  *Bwahaha!*   He's Posing Under Protest and telling Gramma to hurry up and get it over with already!  *Smiles*  I think that Secretly he still Enjoys it, but it would just Ruin his Cool Goth Teen Angst Image to Publicly Display that Delight now when he's hanging out with his Gramma and unabashadly Diva Little Sister now wouldn't it?  *Winks*

Princess T on the other hand could rival Madonna in Voguing and is as uninhibited as they come... she's a born Voguer.  She'd be climbing up into the Pumpkin Piles and draping herself all over them in fact!  *LOL*  This Kid sees a Camera pointed in her direction and she turns it up!  *Smiles*

We decided to have an Intimate Family Only Pizza Party at Chuck-E-Cheese... and believe it or not, Gramma The Pathological Picture Taker FORGOT HER CAMERA!!!  *Gasp and hanging my head in Shame!*  The Kiddos WOULD NOT allow me to go back Home and retrieve it however... FORGET ABOUT IT they said in their best Sopranos Impersonation!  Besides Gramma, you can always Photograph me in my Inflatable Chuck-E-Cheese Tiara at Home she says and we'll just stick Quarters instead of Tokens in it!   That Kid is always Working her Hustle for more Coin I tell ya!  *LOL*

Now... we DID have quite the Bakery Fiasco at the other Grocery Chain we purchased our Confections at to take Home.  The Gal behind the Bakery Counter was mos def not up to her Job poor thing... she turned my Tres Leche Cake piece sideways and upside down trying to scan it... dumping all the Tres Leche Liquid all over everything, including Prince R's Cheesecake On A Stick!   She smooshed Princess T's Birthday Cupcake and broke her Hello Kitty Cookie into three pieces, though you can hardly tell by how we iced it back together at Home.  *Smiles*  But we rolled with it... and decided on a Numeral Eight Candle instead of individuals since Princess T's Respiratory Condition has been quite grave, waiting for her Surgery, for blowing out anything at all!

She did it though, candle extinguished in one breathless breath, that Kid is a Trooper!

And of coarse we'd taken her Shopping to pick out her own Gift... so I already told you about that Artful Deal she struck with Gramma for a Posse of Monster High Hoochies.  *Winks*

Happy Eighth Birthday Princess T... we Luv Ya Baby!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good morning Dawn.....glad to see everyone's sweet smiles again. Happy birthday to your sweet princess.



  2. Happy birthday Princess T - Hoping your special birthday week is great!
    Always, Queenie

  3. Happy birthday Princess T!!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful young lady!

  4. What a terrific grandma you are!! Happy Birthday to you Princess T, I know you really have fun with that grandmother of yours!


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