Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet Salvage ~ Hallowed Haven ~ Part I

So Okay, I was slightly obsessed about getting there way earlier than usual to ensure that I could get in fast by being one of the first in line and move like a Blue Arse Fly towards all the Treasures I'd Scoped out at the Preview Party the Night Before at SWEET SALVAGE's 'Hallowed Haven' Event on Opening Day.   Usually I'm much more laisser-faire about obsessive procurement of any particular item, but hey, this is Halloween and MY Favorite Style and Aesthetic remember, so I was a Woman on a Manic Mission?!  *Winks*  

And truly I don't mind standing in line since Good Friends always stop by to Chat, like my Retro Fabulous GF Jenny of REDHEAD SADIE.  She was Working the Event this Month and looked as Adorably Retro as ever, if you ever need to be hooked up with Vintage Wardrobe and Accessories, she's the Go To Gal for it.  She's a Vintage Clothing Dealer, Estate Sale Organizer, Personal Assistant, Sewing Instructor and Dressmaker... yep, this Gal does it all... and Superbly I might add!

And my Adorable Friend Carissa of MAMA'S DOGS who showed up bearing Gifts since she's such a Giving Friend... a huge bag of her Gourmet Cookies for moi... Calorie-Free I'm sure... *Bwahaha!*  They are SO Addictive and Delish, so I don't care, I'll die fat and Happy with one of Carissa's Yummy Gourmet Cookies in my hand!  *LOL*  Great Stress Reliever these Cookies, better than Xanex... Okay, well, I can't verify that actually since I've never tried Xanex and abhor Western Pharmaceuticals, I'm just more of a proponent of Comfort Food to relieve my Stress and hey, it works swell for me.  So next time you're needing some Comfort... head for Carissa's Cookie Cart, again, you can Thank me later.  Or maybe not, since you'll want to get them ALL the time after that and be Jonesin' for one to get your Cookie Fix!  I'll shoulder the blame, it's Okay, go for it!  *Winks*

Sure, there was a wealthy abundance of my beloved creepy Doll Heads and Dolly Body Parts so that once inside I was so spoiled for choice I almost couldn't make a firm decision about which one to Adopt and take Home for sure...

And so that wasn't my Primary Objective as I made a Beeline for the Vignettes I'd earmarked as "gotta hit it first" when I'd made the Recon Checklist the Night before.  Because after all, if some got Sold before I could decide, that would just make the choices narrower and not so agonizing, right?  *LOL*  I felt somewhat confident that if I moved Fast towards my other Objectives in shorter supply, there would probably still be some swell Creepy Doll Heads left for me.  Broad Assumption I know, given the masses streaming in the door behind me... but I do still move pretty fast for an Older Lady, so I had a Good Chance!  *Winks*

But Vintage Mannequin Hands, now that was a different story... though there were a few, how long would they last since they've been near impossible to Source ?!?  I NEEDED some and had been seeking some for far too long already.  So... hadda have 'em!  I scooped up these two and left the rest for ya'll, I'm not so greedy I Hoarded the cache of them, you can Thank me later in case you too were in the Market for Old Hands.  *Smiles*

And because of my Sweet Friends Blessing me with the Generous Gift Certificate for my Birthday, I could go over Budget and 'Score' some extra Treasures that had begged to be taken Home with me and I was definitely Attracted to. Like the Antique Articulated Doll hiding in this Fabulous Vintage Industrial piece of Furniture I WISH I had room and resources for because it's Killer for Art Storage!!!  Nonetheless, I was Jazzed to Adopt the Doll...

And laden with Creepy Dolls and Body Parts I headed straight for Skullies... mounds of them for Cloche Creations... and there were two in particular that I Hoped to Score.  Whew... they were both still there... Booyah!!!

So the little one at the bottom left... and the one with the large Canines in front of the mound... MINE!

Now I've got Cool Articulated Antique Baby sans Vice Grip on leg flung over my arm... Skully Duo in a Shopping Basket on my other arm...

And it was now Time to decide which Creepy Doll Head it would be... and I decided upon the one that caught my Eye first the Night before on account of her Wide Eyed Terror gaze.   Shouldda known she would be The One since I led with her Image on last Night's Post, right, that was definitely a Clue to the Attraction Factor!  *Winks*

And a couple of Vintage Images Altered with Zorro Type Masquerade Masks and edges frayed made their way into the Basket too...

Because I Love Old Ephemera, but I never have the guts to Alter it myself, I Feel somewhat Guilty about defacing or cutting up Old Images... but if you do, I'd probably be the one to buy it, Guilt-Free since that's the Condition I found it in... and Love the Alterations YOU'VE made.  I know, Crazy, but it's apparently one of my Artistic Hang-Ups and Barriers.  Maybe one day I'll get over it, I dunno?*LOL*

And now that all Primary Objectives had been met, I could relax and have the Zen Shopping Experience of seeing what other layers of Found Treasures I might have missed spying and couldn't live without?!  Didn't take long... when my Eyes met this Eye... Doll Eye Floral Hair Ornamentation Creation resplendant with Peacock Feathers... oh, yeah, this is mos def ME to a tee!  In the basket it went, I might turn it into a Brooch since these Native American Straight Locks don't hold a barrette or hair ornamentation in place worth a darn.  *Smiles*

And I actually had to go back thru the Checkout Line again since on the way out to the Jeep I spied this Articulated Art Wood Mannequin Hand on a Stand waving at me to Stop and take it Home too!  Yeah, I know, you're probably Thinking, Dawn, you were on your way OUT, perhaps it was actually just waving Good-Bye?   No, I'm in complete Denial about that, I'm CERTAIN it was just trying to get my Attention to come Home with me, it WANTED to, I'm Convinced and I Obliged.   And besides, who can resist Mannequin Hands on a Stick?  Not I!!!   The G-Kid Force will have a Field Day Posing and Decorating this with my Bohemian Bling... and it will Display any Bling I'm Flipping quite well too, so it will certainly Earn it's Keep in this Household!  *Winks*

And hey, it's not as if my Junquing Buddies were gonna try to talk me out of it, we contribute to each other's delinquency in fact!  *Smiles*   I know, perhaps one day we'll get a Group Therapy Discount for Junquers Anonymous... kinda like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of Pickers?!?  Friend Judy knows I have a Weakness for Old Hands so she cracks up every time she sees me with another one... she's seen me with enough of them to start my own Old Hand Boutique if I could ever part with the Hoard I've got stashed at Bohemian Valhalla.  *LOL*

And since I don't discourage Friend Pamela from procuring even more Ephemera and things that Sparkle... well, she's not gonna bust my chops about, "Do you really need another Old Hand Dawn?"  Because Clearly of coarse I don't... but that's never stopped any one of us before now has it?  *Smiles*

And it's not as if I didn't Resist a LOT of Treasures that normally I'd assume I HAVE to have... such as Fabulous Old Trophies and Vintage Suitcases galore... like this duo.   See... so I did pass up a LOT in my Quest, and it wasn't easy lemme tell ya!  Okay, so I Confess, I DID pick up said Trophy and fondle it way too much, then put it back... and pick it up again... Lusting after it Terribly... and finally tear myself away before I Caved... 'cause it was AWESOME, no?!  *LOL*

Usually the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse couldn't hold me back from getting carried away... by the way... aren't the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse an Awesome and Unique Halloween Prop?  I saw some Lady hauling all of them away in one fell swoop!  And them suckas were HEAVY!!!  Junquing Adrenalin will do that to ya, give a Gal Super Human Hero Strength!  Leaping over tables in a single bound to get to something first... and then managing to schlep it regardless of it's size and weight comparable to yours!  *Winks*

And there were plenty of Classy Treasures to be had for Fall... like this Vintage Dress and Antique Organ.  So a little somethin-somethin for every Taste and Holiday Decorating Project you might have going on as Autumn rolls in...

So be sure to come back tomorrow for Post Part II... the Event will be going on through this Sunday... so you still have three more days to get there.  I met a Lady in line today that had come all the way from Michigan for her first Experience after seeing a Magazine's Coverage of the Event... I'm certain she'll now want to head out to the Arizona Desert on regular Pilgrimages... you will too my Friends, if you already haven't?!?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Such cool finds! I can see that it is worth the trip. I'd love that storage cabinet,
    still drooling ...

  2. Hello, my name is tina s., and I am a junquaholic! I am definitely feeling some "junquing adrenalin" myself, as there is a big fest coming up this weekend, that includes a HUGE rummage sale! As the colder weather starts to set in, this event will be the last of its kind, that I know of, around my way. So I'm going to savor every moment, hunting for treasures, and from there just settle for perusing the local thrift shops till next Spring rolls around again!... Now, while first reading THIS particular post was a little disconcerting (LOL. wink wink) for me, being a collector of dolls, seeing all the ones HERE was like witnessing a haloucaust! My gosh, all those poor dollies, beheaded and disassembled! The poor little things!.. (Then again, I don't know why, but I confess the horses heads didn't affect me so badly!)... Well, I am now a follower! Have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. *Sigh* You would have had to wrestle with me for that articulated doll, I can tell ya! She would have been a great display prop for my children's hats... Being on the West Coast of Canada, I won't be dropping by the Flea any time soon, but love lusting after all the goodies...
    Hi, glad to find you, I was *sent* here by your friend at "Free Digital Stamps"and happy to be a new follower..

    1. I couldn't find a Blog to respond to so I'll respond here and Thank You for your first Visit and Supporting my Blog. Glad you found Inspiration and that we didn't have to go to the dirt over that articulated doll! *Winks* She is Lovely though so I was quite surprised she wasn't snatched up before I got to her, I had fully expected that one to be wrestled over!

      Dawn... The Bohemian


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