Friday, September 13, 2013

Mom Always Said...

Mom always said Time goes by faster the older you get... I didn't understand... 'til I got older.  And the Time and the Seasons just seem to go whizzing by, almost in a blur and yet squeezed together seemingly more closely than in the Past.  I guess it becomes more apparent during the Holidays, because my Holiday Memories and recollections are more vivid and have more clarity.

And the fact that it doesn't seem like a whole year has whizzed by since I was preparing for last Halloween... or the Halloween before that really... and here it is almost upon us again, already!  And there was so much I intended to do in preparation for THIS Holiday Season... if Time hadn't gone so FAST and left me lagging behind... way behind!

Now I understand why my Parents quit Decorating as much, if at all, for Holidays as they grew older... they probably couldn't keep up!?!   *LOL*   It's not that they didn't relish the Seasons as much as they ever did or that they didn't Celebrate... it's just that it was different, especially in the way of preparing the Home for each Special Season.  Often they just had us do it for them and failed to take it down until we assisted in squaring it all away for another year... I'm beginning to see why... as I get older.


And it's not just during the Holidays that Time rushes up on me and then leaves me in it's dust.  I used to constantly Decorate and Style our Home.  Now it pretty much stays the same unless I make a determined Project of it, like during the Great Edit and Purge Process, in an attempt to Simplify and cull possessions.  Once each room has been processed though, it is likely to stay like that for more than just a while... because it won't have seemed like that long ago since I tackled it... even though it was. 

 It won't be until I look through my Photo Archives and realize that not a lot has actually changed since last September... or was it the September before that?! I'll have to check the actual date on the folder!!!  Geez... it seems like only yesterday... instead of two years ago... or was it three?  And how long ago was it that I said Good-bye to my Careers and went off the grid Corporately?  Lord have Mercy, has it been THAT long already?!?   Usually that's the revelation whenever I run into or intentionally meet up with an old Co-Worker and am reminded of how long its been!

And how about if you visit somewhere you haven't been for a while and EVERYTHING has changed... so you almost lose your bearings... and wonder how they could have built up or torn down that FAST?!?   Only to suddenly realize how long it actually has been since you were there the last time!?!   Places gone that used to be... places changed in such a way that they seem like a whole new place entirely!  And even people... perhaps if you haven't remained in steady contact... and it doesn't seem as though it's been THAT long since you last saw them... but Time has sped up and flown by... and it's sometimes not only visually that it's apparent just how long it's been.  

I often feel that way with the Grandchildren we never get to see in person... weren't they just babies a little while ago?  And now they're all grown up, how did that happen so FAST?!?  Since very few folks, except us dinosaurs, share Images regularly anymore there is no Age progression to slowly show the metamorphosis of everyone gradually.  Or keep up with the Changes... since so much changes so rapidly as well.

Princess T will be Eight Years Old in just a few short days and she mentioned that it seems as though she's had a LOT of Birthdays already.   And I mused at the distinction that for me it's quite the opposite, it doesn't seem as though I've had SO MANY!!!  *Smiles*   For Children everything seems to take a long time as they're experiencing it... and for Seniors everything seems to be moving so fast, including Time going by faster the older we get.   Yes, Mom was right... and now I understand as I'm now also seeing it from this Season of Life as a Senior too.

And I just wonder how much faster it's going by for her now that she's in her Eighties?  I guess I'll know if and when I have the privilege of getting there to that Season of Life... because it probably won't seem to take all that long to get there... almost in the blink of an eye... *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Time really does fly! It does take more effort to remain creative and active as we get older. But we must - with all of our archives we have so much to work from. Blessings to you for a wonderful Halloween. x

  2. Oh I so agree with this...the time does seem to be whizzing past but I also find myself savoring the moments more now than when I was younger...I keep telling my daughter to enjoy every second with my granddaughter because the time goes by too fast...and same fact I just cleaned out two huge box of decorations...I just don't go all out is time for the kids to do that...:D Great post as always Dawn!! Love your writing...<3

  3. Just as I was wondering...when did Simon McBogle the tiny feral kitten adopted last winter become the hefty indoor tom cat hogging the sofa? overnight?! pose the eternal question of our place in time and space!

    There's a latin phrase that reminds us that in the midst of life, we are near death. Another latin phrase exorts us to seize the day!

    Be sure to check that the tank is full. Take a powerful multi-vitamin pill for 'active' senior ladies. Moisturize! And know that there are those whom you will never meet in this time and place who nonetheless remember you daily in their prayers.

    You've encouraged me to decorate for Halloween! I do wonder what's in those boxes...


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