Monday, August 5, 2013

Piranha Shopping... Another Quirky Adventure...

     It's not as if we Intended to go Piranha Shopping... in fact, I can't remember any particular given Saturday Morning that I woke up and said to myself, "It's been a while since we've been Piranha Shopping, you wanna go?"  But, you know how these things happen...
And the Fact that nobody is Surprised when I do Shop for such things because it's Expected and 'Normal' for me... or when they see these types of Found Treasures and immediately think of me and say to themselves, "We must tell Dawn about this, she'll Love it!", is a Testimony of how well known my Quirky Eccentric Aesthetic is to those who know us and our preferred Style.
In fact, we often don't even have to seek this stuff out... IT finds us.  We had just finished Enjoying the Dealer Breakfast when Prince R Discovered the Piranha in one of the locked Cases and Excitedly came to get me because he knew I'd have to get it!  He Encouraged me to get it in fact, since the Sale was on and everything was 15% Off... you see, the G-Kid Force Love such things too.  Though a benign Prissy Shabby Chic reproduction Victorian Floor Lamp was labeled 'The Scary Lamp' by Princess T and had to be banished from Bohemian Valhalla because she wouldn't be in the same room with it... she was all over this Piranha, wanting to touch it and Delighted to feel how sharp it's Teeth were!  *LOL*
The G-Kid Force will probably even give him a Name since he is Real and was once Alive... and after the reluctant coerced Naming of her never Real Pug Purse "Mister Fluffy Pants", I can hardly wait to see what Princess T comes up with next?  What do you Suppose a Wednesday Addams Child might Name the Family Piranha?

His temporary Vignette is here for the sole Purpose of Sharing him and putting him on Display so he doesn't get damaged... but eventually we'll seek out an adequate sized Base and Cloche, and a mini Crown or Tiara, to Showcase him more permanently and properly. 
Right now I'm just Playing in this Computer Room with the Styling Options and moving things around constantly and changing it up almost daily since I still have to finish doing repairs to the Wall before I decide which Color I will paint it?  I'm leaning towards a Deep Red or Crimson.
I liked the Color of the Walls in this Showroom because it's close to the Shade I had in mind for that Wall and gave me an Idea of how it might look in this Room.  This Vendor has a Similar Style and Aesthetic to mine so I Love Shopping in her Showroom.  In fact, that Dress Form really Wants to come Home with me and I do have a Birthday coming up soon... so maybe a Dress Form Adoption is in Order, we'll wait and see... *Winks*
I just Love the Color Combo of this particular Dress Form, it's Unique, but Pricey and not within Budget so there would have to be a Special Occassion to Justify taking up a Collection for it ... but I digress...
Piranha Shopping was much more Fun anyway... and much more Economical than Dress Form Shopping... and Qualifies as another Quirky Adventure of Serendipity where an Oddity found US and made his way into our Cabinet Of Curiosities at Bohemian Valhalla...
And Today I'm Celebrating for another Reason as well as a very Successful Weekend of Shopping for Nest Feathering and 'Pickin' for the Showrooms... SCHOOL STARTED THIS MORNING! *Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!?!*  Color these Grandparents Happy!!!  And the G-Kid Force are Excited too, even tho' they abhor having to ditch Fashionable Wardrobe and wear the boring School Uniforms again.  And figure out and Connive ways to Personalize the 'Stepford-Like Ensemble' of wearing Uniforms without risking pushing boundaries too far outside of the Box and being sent Home or to Detention by New Teachers?!?  Well, at least for Wardrobe Infractions anyways... for one reason or another we ALWAYS get to know the Detention Teacher as if it's an Elective Class!!!  *Winks*  But Honestly, they couldn't possibly be more Excited than WE are that School has resumed!   Now... lets have a Moment Of Silence and Prayer for their Teachers shall we... the Poor Souls!  At "Meet The Teacher Night" those that don't know and didn't hear the Forewarnings and Reps of what was coming their way in the way of The Force were lulled into a sense of False Security by their Cute Innocent looking Faces and Deceptive Charm...

Yes... be Afraid... be very Afraid!!!  *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I vote to name the fish, TOOFIES, you know, cause of the teeth? he he.... And yes... You deserve the dress form for your birthday!! I say its yours! And although the grand boy's hair is cool and all.... that would qualify for a don't come back to school, till it's normal suspension! Stay cool in your Arizona Desert!! Rhonda

  2. Name him

  3. hehe..yes so true a Smell blog' could be a bad thing LOL

  4. Love your cool curiosities! A crown sitting on top of all those teeth sounds awesome! Great dress form, I say she's a keeper! Playing dress up is so fun!


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