Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day Of Rest

Today I'm anchored Home with a sick Child, Princess T doesn't do so well once the Monsoons roll in due to her Respiratory Issues.  So we're designating it a Day of Rest.  How can it be at all Restful with a Sick Child you might Wonder?  Because there's only ONE to Manage!  There's not another for them to fight with or Torment.  So there's a Measure of Peace, Tranquility and Quiet.

I've always teased my Friends who had an 'Only Child' that they'd never REALLY Parented until they'd Parented more than one and dealt with the Sibling Drama.  The Insanity of Childish trifles and strife that can make your head spin and want to explode, especially if it's constant. 

You know, had to respond to and Mediate such Complaints and Intense Battles between them as, "He's looking out my window..." and "Her hair is on my side..."  {Actual Quotes I've heard as I've Mediated in heated Sibling Battles that will only escalate without Sane Adult Intervention.  LOL} And please, no "Only Child" Parents should take Offense and feel the need to leave a defensive comment, or I swear I'll send you some Instant Siblings so we can revisit this Topic later when you've Experienced the Joy firsthand.   Okay, go ahead, do it... really... some days I NEED to send these Kids somewhere, your House will do!!!  *Evil Cackle!*
See, only One can have your full Attention and Focus, so they're Content and not Competing for the spotlight and their time to Shine.  They have you all to themselves... and thus, they'll often just leave you alone to Enjoy your own Peace, get things done or even Volunteer to Help.  You can do things together without Incident and fierce Competition and vying for Attention. One will also play Peacefully by themselves because there is no Sharing or lack thereof.  Nobody to Sabotage the Moment for them or Interfere with their Imaginings, which Siblings often find to be a Source of Great Amusement and Intense Wicked Pleasure to do.  Imaginary Playmates are usually Kinder than a rival Sibling.
And so except for not feeling Well, the Princess will be in Good Spirits and mostly cooperative and a Joy until The Young Prince gets Home from School because she can Play and Pretend, Rest and Nap without having a Sibling to Fight, Torment, Argue and Fuss with.  When there is just One, regardless of which One, they can be the Golden Child and so much easier to Parent and spend time with.  Incidents and fussiness will greatly diminish and be easily deflected because there's not an Instigator present to run interference or double team you.
You'll spend more Quality time, rather than more of those unpleasant disciplinary times when you're trying to keep kids separated when they can't get along and play well with others.  Yet find that they're still gravitating towards each other like Moths to a Flame and can't seem to leave each other alone even with the inevitable Drama that will ultimately unfold when they connect and interact!  There can't be enough rooms in the House that they can't find each other and put in their jabs and be so Unlovely that you'd rather not spend time together!  *LOL*
You see, the Ante is ramped up if Mood Disorders are involved... those with Mood Disorders often have difficulty Socializing... and with "Acceptable" Socialization in general.  You often cannot Reason with a Mental Health Deficit and Therapy doesn't provide Cures, just Tools to Manage the Condition that will always Exist and sometimes cause collateral damage Relationally by it's very Nature.
And I'm no Expert when it comes to dealing with this Disability, I've just had lots of Hands-On Experience with it so I have no delusions about an instant 'fix' or unrealistic expectations. There WILL be Trouble in Paradise, count on it.   Expect the best but prepare for the worst... because it's coming, eventually, if other people are involved.  Solitary they do quite well... in pairs or groups, not so much... at least not for extended periods anyway before they unravel or perceive injustices, persecution and get Moody or downright Vicious and Mean Spirited... often for no apparent reason.
But for this Moment in Time anyway it is a Day of Rest and I've been Reveling in it.  Not Luxuriating quite as much as if both were in School... but any time I'm just Managing One, I'm on Point to Deal with it almost effortlessly by comparison of having Both.
Both is Double Trouble for sure!  If you've ever Wondered about your levels of Endurance... Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, come on over, we'll put you to the Test my Friends!  There could be a Reality Game Show that rivals "Survivor" when tasked with dealing with Special Needs Children!  But don't be too hard on yourselves if you fold up like a deck of cards, many before you have suffered that Fate and admit utter Defeat or at least not wanted to Play the Game again anytime soon!!!  Even if they thought they had all the answers to more Effectively Dealing with The Force.  Though to be sure The Force have their moments of Exceptional Behavior and being utterly Adorable and Charming too... and we Rejoice in that and Encourage it so we'll hopefully see more of it!  I Dream of an entire Blissful Day that they get along from Sunup to Sundown!?!
And if not... well, I'll mix the drinks... Salud and Cheers!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. as always my beautiful friend.. YOUR blog does not disappoint.. Love it all

  2. I so enjoy your picture, I just love all your treasures and jewelry

    yes one child is nothing to take care of
    my daughter has 4 little boys and there is always a sibling argument and someone crying it's a mad house for a grandma who lives alone LOL

    hope the allergies leaves us all soon


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