Monday, July 15, 2013

Urban Restoration Event ~ Part II

So... Sunday I headed back to URBAN RESTORATION in Hopes that the Retro Lucy Chairs and Ornate Antique Table Legs might still be there... they were and I 'Scored' them all!  *Booyah!*  There were actually a pair of the Retro Dining Table Chairs, which was perfect, one for each G-Kid!
And this time I brought my Junquing Buddy... my Friend Pamela... and had her and Darling Proprietor Lesley strike a Pose for me.  Proprietor Mike was busy loading up my Haul of Treasures... they are such a Sweet Young Couple, I just Love them!!!   Becky and Mike {another Mike} are Business Partners and Co-Owners with them of URBAN RESTORATION and it is fast becoming the Place to Source some of the best Found Treasures in the Metro Phoenix Area!  I'm most definitely going to be a Regular each Month at the Resource Market Events!
Of coarse I'd Love the Doll Head Vignette under Glass!  *Winks*
And since I didn't get a complete List of the Vendors and Artists that had their Wares and Creations available at this Month's Event I asked Lesley if she could provide me with those I had forgotten to mention in my original Post... so here it is and just click on the Link to learn more {Sorry... couldn't locate a Website for Steel Magnolia} :
I see somebody has as many Dice as me!  *Winks*  Does anyone else become a Hoarder of Favorite Smalls I Wonder?  My Problem, Letting Go of the Excess of Smalls that I really have an Abundance of... they just look so darn cute in Old Mason Jars!  *Winks*  Maybe one day I'll Cull the Cache of the Tiniest of Treasures I've amassed... at least they don't take up much room and that's my current Justification for holding onto them as I steadily Let Go of the larger objects in the Great Edit and Purge that is a continuous Work In Progress.  *LOL*
My Photography both days of the Event was leading a lot to be desired, Sorry... probably because the poor camera was getting so Hot... and it wasn't the only one!  It was a Hot and Humid Weekend here in the Arizona Desert... Temps were well into the Triple Digits and Humidity was High too as the Monsoons rolled in.  But us dedicated Junquers were still out in force... we might have looked like a Hot Mess at the end of a sweaty brutally Hot day of 'Pickin', but we 'Scored' some Awesome Found Treasures by braving the Elements!   I like to think of it as a Good Workout and Natural Sauna combined!  *Smiles*
And though a lot of the Inventory from Friday was gone... there were still some Awesome Treasures left on the final day of the Event!   So I Hope some of you were able to make it over there?
And since what I had come back for was there... I was Elated and on Cloud 9!!!  I've got two Chairs, one had to be left behind for Pickup Later since Pamela and I were on an Epic Daylong 'Pick' and needed room in the Truck for anything else we 'Scored' during the rest of the stops!  *Winks*  Thanks for the Great Deal on the Set and for Holding one for me Lesley and Mike! 
These are the Real Deal, in Excellent Condition for their Age and SOOOO Comfortable... I had been Hoping for the Sparkly Red Retro Diner Chairs... so the Laws Of Attraction worked in my Favor once again!  *Happy Dance*  Should I need more than two later on I plan to Intentionally buy a mismatched Pair in another Color since the Retro Diner Table has a Neutral Formica top and I think it would be Fun to have some mismatched Retro Chairs around it.  There had been a Black and White Retro Diner Set at the Shop too but it Sold right away... if you want to see it check out the FB Page HERE.
Had I not spent most of my Junquin' Budget for the day on Chairs and Table Legs I might have sprung for this Awesome Large Vintage Striped piece of Luggage!  The ones with the Stripes are my Favs for my Personal Collection and this was the first time I'd seen one this size.
But I'm not complainin', I got what I came for and I plan to mount these Gorgeous Old Table Legs on a Trunk or Large Vintage Suitcase and make a Storage Table out of it all.
And it wouldn't have been possible for me to purchase everything that was Awesome at the Shop this day anyway... there was just so much to fall in Lust with!  *Winks*  Architectural Salvage galore...

And a Treasure Trove of OOAK Bohemian Bling from some of my Favorite Local Artists!!!
And you know how I am about Old Door Hardware!!!  Especially Old Doorknobs... yep, I Hoard those too and haven't Let Go of any yet even though I've been Collecting them for Decades, before it was Fashionable to have them strewn all over the House and everyone thought me Mad for Adoring and Collecting them!  *Smiles*  I Wonder if they consider me so 'Mental' now that it's Trendy and I have a Huge Cache of them that I mostly got for FREE or a pittance back in da day?  *LOL*
And if you failed to make it to this Month's Event... there will be another Next Month... so keep checking the Website for Details of Upcoming Events and Featured Inventory my Friends!  Hopefully I'll even see ya there next time?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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