Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Is For Keeps...

Okay, so I already Showed Off some of the Found Treasures during recent Hunts that is Showroom Bound and I Suspect you might be Wondering what I decided to Keep, right?  Well, you did want me to Show Off the 'Keepers' didn't you?   I'm dying to show you anyway so here it is... this is for Keeps!  I Let Go of some of the Vintage and Antique Religious 'Scores', but I Confess, Spiritual Collections are my absolute Favorites and Oldest Collections and so I tend to add to them when I Discover a piece that is a definite 'Keeper'!  This Antique Spiritual Shadowbox is such a piece!!! *Swooning*
Literally my Heart skipped a beat and I was incredulous when I saw it was left behind!  You see, I was at a Crazed 'Pick' that I was competing with many other
 much-more-zealous-than I Pickers, and so I'd hung back from the Mad Pickin' Frenzy and decided to see what had been uncovered and left behind when the Swarm left that table?  Just about everything you will see in this Post is the unbelievable answer!!!  Seriously, you wouldn't Believe what other Pickers often leave behind because it's not on their Mission Statement or they don't have an Eye for the Good Stuff or go more for the Park-N-Swap items because apparently that's what their Customers want.  You do have to know your Customer after all... and I Love that their Customers are often far different than mine so we're not even lookin' for the same Treasures!  And the fact it hadn't gotten damaged during the Mad Frenzy is nothing short of Miraculous too!  Alas, some Real Treasures get jacked up by the overzealous who are like Bulls in a China Shop!  
And right by the Shadowbox was this 3-D backlit Infant Of Prague that was equally Impressive even though it had some Condition Issues... but since I knew it was a 'Keeper' I didn't care, I prefer Imperfections and Character... remember, I'm the Derelict Decorating and Decrepid Style Enthusiast!  *Winks*  And besides, when a piece has some Condition Issues I'm less torn about whether to Sell or Keep because I prefer to offer my Customers the Found Treasures that have few, if any, Condition Issues... since for most folks Condition is Everything.

The Son is a Glazier by Trade so he can usually fix this type of thing for me if I needed him to... but I'm not certain the 3-D Image isn't a part of this cracked Glass Issue so I'm leaving it alone just in case, it doesn't bother me.

In fact, Antique and Vintage Ornate and Imported Frames abounded at this Pick and everyone was Pickin' around them so I had Exclusive Rights to them all and took full Advantage of that Luxury!  Since at this particular Pick everything is Sold by the Pound and so it cost a pittance to 'Score' all of it because what it is has absolutely no bearing on the Price... you could 'Pick' crap and pay the same amount per Pound as the Good Stuff and I Love that aspect... especially when I'm Pickin' Smalls which weigh nothing so they're virtually Free!  *LOL*    Often other Pickers avoid the heavy Good Stuff because they Assume it will be too Expensive... I can practically gauge the weight and price of an Item once I have it in my hands and I knew the Value before I even went for it!  *Winks*
And a couple of Antique Frames that I popped the Oil Paintings out of because I'll Sell the Oils unframed, which many of my Customers seem to prefer anyway, and Keep the Frames for my own Decorating Projects at Home.  Sorry, this is the best pix I could get of them and the Vintage Violin Case with Lovely Emerald Velvet lining that I also 'Scored'.  This Computer Room is in the cavernous interior of this Old House and has no Windows, which keeps it really Cool for the Computer even in Desert Summers, but the Ambiant Lighting doesn't always make for the best Photography but I'm not setting it all up again somewhere else after spending hours sorting Inventory into Sell and Keep piles!  *LOL*
A couple more Ornate Wooden Frames from Italy and an Antique Zither.  I've been rather a Zither Magnet in recent years and have Sold a few, but decided to Keep this one, at least for a while, for Decorating Vignettes during Halloween this Year.  I think they have a very Addams Family Vibe and this particular one, though it didn't have the Case like many I've Sold, has a load of Gold Leaf Graphics on it that I just Love.  Prince R always Loves it when I 'Score' Instruments since he's the most Musically Inclined Member of the Family and wants to learn to play every Instrument he sees.  I'm still waiting to 'Score' a Harp and then we will really feel Addams-Family-ish when he's playing that for us!  *Winks*
A couple of the Lighter Hued Frames that I fell in Love with and decided to Keep... I J'Adore Frames made with Recycled Old Chipping Peeling layers of Paint on Wood so the Frame at the back made my Heart flutter!  Especially since it still had it's Sixty Dollar Retail Price Sticker and I got it for about Sixty-Nine Cents!  *Winks*   The Shell-Chic Frame is New, but I don't care, I Love Shells and Shell Art... this one is also encrusted with Beach Sand and I've seen these in Decorating Stores for a pricy amount, so the Sixty-Nine Cent 'Score' couldn't be beat!
And lastly, but certainly not least, though I did Let Go of some of the Antique Beveled Glass Mirrors I'd 'Scored', I kept the large heavy one with Egg N Dart Carved Frame... and a Doily that will become Wearable Art since I Love wearing Upcycled Doily Clothing, it's just my Style.  Yes, I know I kept a lot, but can you Blame me?  I thought not.  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, Dawn! You got some beautiful treasures!! Love that first piece...so unique and pretty!
    Thanks for your kind words about my pumpkins! I sent you an email...did you get it?
    Let me know, ok?
    Thanks so much!
    Have a lovely day!!

  2. Hi Dawn....thanks for stopping by....you sure found some great frames...have a great weekend!

  3. What a haul! That chippy frame has me drooling...and the price has me jealous!! ;)


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