Monday, July 29, 2013

The Thrill Of The Hunt

I Confess that I'm absolutely Addicted to The Thrill Of The Hunt and not knowing what Found Treasures will be uncovered and Discovered during each Junquing Adventure.  Even if I don't find anything I still Enjoy the Process thoroughly and never consider it a waste of time because I have such Joy in the doing of it.   Time flies by when I'm on the Hunt and it's never any real Effort for me or the G-Kid Force, we can do it for Hours on end and totally lose track of Time and how long we've been at it!   

However, when we do 'Score' a Bounty of Found Treasures that will also mean a lot of Processing Work... piles and boxes stacked everywhere with no place to 'Be' yet... and disorganization until we can get it sorted into 'Keep' or 'Sell' ... and then Inventory what will only temporarily be in the house and on it's way to the Showrooms... that part seems to take so much Time and Effort!  Not that it really does take more Time or Effort theoretically than the actual 'Pickin' and Hunting did... it just SEEMS to!   We probably spend an equal amount of actual Time doing each... but the Processing Part feels like it takes an inordinate amount of Time to accomplish and we tire out quicker doing THAT!  *Smiles*
Everyone is all Smiles and Adrenalin during the Thrill Of The Hunt... not so much once we get down to the Processing of our Haul.  *LOL*   The only one that seems to relish the Pricing and Inventory Part is Princess T... because she could be a Professional Organizer already.  And it's by her Prompting and Dedication to that Process that I actually get so much done and don't Procrastinate as long as I might otherwise. So she really did DESERVE that recent Raise she Negotiated.  *Winks*  As you can see by Prince R's countenance, he's usually involved Under Protest when it comes to the Detail Work... he's great out the Gate, but Fades Fast on the Stretch and isn't in the Race at all about an Hour into it as he loses Interest and gets Distracted by something Cool he'd rather Play with than continue to Work.  *Smiles*

And I'm getting better at Letting Go of some really Cool Pieces that previously I would have been more Tempted to Keep... at least for a while.  I make a conscious Effort now to have much smaller 'Keep' piles than 'Sell' piles... and Maintain the Five to One Rule... if I Keep One Thing that I just 'Scored', then I must Let Go of Five Things out of my Personal Collections in Exchange.  So, this Awesome 3-D Vintage Chalkware Plaque of Jesus was reluctantly put into the 'Sell' pile and will be on His way to the Showroom Tomorrow.

You can Clearly see how much Fun Princess T has when we're Pricing Inventory, she'd sort, organize and Price Inventory all day long if I could hang that long... which I can't... if only because if I sit that long you'd never get me back up off the floor without Medical Assistance!  *Winks*  We usually put 1920-1940's Music from 'Pandora' on her Nook and Gel Out as we get to it until I begin to atrophy and need a break to unkink my stiff joints... which the G-Kids always think is hilarious!  Wait til they're my Age, they won't be laughing so much anymore when they're walking like Walter Brennan sometimes too!  *Winks*  Okay, so maybe it IS just a little Funny, I admit!!!  *LOL*

And they usually have me laughing at myself as I try to get up and get moving again after a long sitting spell doing Inventory of our Found Treasures!  I just Hope I never end up on U-Tube or something... because it would be sure to go Viral!  *Winks*   And why is it that I'm never crippled up like that when I'm on The Thrill Of The Hunt I Wonder???!!!  Perhaps because during a 'Pick' we're in perpetual Motion... and it's only when I Stop that it happens... because a Body in Motion tends to stay in Motion and a Body at Rest... at this Season of Life... Seizes Up!!!  *Smiles*

Now I'm not the only one Tempted to have a 'Keep' pile... there are always those Found Treasures that The Force falls in Love with and doesn't want to Sell off.  During Tonight's lengthy Inventory Process, which Princess T hung long at... it was this Brandy Barbie with luxuriously long Cornrow Braids that someone in a Third World Toy Factory must have Seized Up braiding!?!  She HAD to have her... and since she'd Worked so long and tirelessly she Negotiated it as a portion of her Payment.  *LOL*  Each of them always get a small pile of Treasures as Payment for each 'Pick' and/or the Processing of it and sometimes a Pizza Party... this was her Bonus Payment for doing more than her Brother, AGAIN!

My Fav unexpected 'Score' was this Nishijin Pachinko Game... and it's as heavy as a boat anchor so I just about dropped my ovaries out on the floor schlepping it let me tell you, but no way was I leaving it behind!!!  *LOL*

I Love Vintage recreational Arcade Games... I have a lot of fond Memories of going to Arcades and playing Pinball and the original Video Games that first came out... I could handle and figure those out!  *Winks*  Now I have to ask the G-Kid Force how to turn on most of the new enhanced versions of recreational Video Games and Electronic Devices!!!  I had to have the seven year old turn the Nook on to 'Pandora' and bookmark our favs that played Tonight, that's how Tech Challenged I am!  But I can kick ass on an old Pinball Machine!  *Winks*


I was Jazzed to Discover a Bounty of Old mini Dolls from various Countries during the most recent Hunt... I even 'Scored' an Old Jack-In-The-Box from Germany.

This new Old Stock tiered Serving Tray that was unassembled in the Original Box Sold right away.  Anytime I find new Old Stock of anything it is snapped right up... and it's always a Rush to find something that never Sold from so long ago and is Mint in the Original Packaging!  On this recent Hunt I 'Scored' a new Old Stock Candy Thermometer Set in it's Original Shipping Box. Since it almost looks like Laboratorie Equipment it was Tempting to put into the 'Keep' pile, but I Resisted and it will go to the Retro Kitchen area of Showroom #114.
Well... we're FINALLY done for Tonight and have a wealth of New Inventory to add to the Showrooms this Week and I can hardly wait to have The Thrill Of The Hunt again and see what else finds us??!??!??
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Just wow. What wonderful stuff! And I understand that the thrill of the chase is hard work, but in a good way, and sorting it all afterwards is perilously close to being a chore.

  2. Oh yes the thrill of the hunt is half of the fun. You have indeed found some amazingly unique vintage items here.

  3. Wow! You certainly find some amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  4. You'll only really have a problem when you start SOUNDing like Walter Brennan ;)

  5. Great Vintage Items! I know how it is, you took time to search and collect and then there is a time when you have to pick and choose to reduce your collections. It is Hard to choose! Thanks for sharing! Cindy

  6. I agree with you on every part of this post. The hunt is soooo fun and I love seeing what other people find because it motivates me.....Thank you!



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