Friday, July 5, 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friends...

Even though I had to Work the Morning of the 4th of July the entire day went Wonderfully!  We were so busy it was better than a Workout at the Gym, I don't think I've broken that much of a Sweat using the Treadmill at the Gym in fact!  *LOL*  My Sales on the first day of the 4th of July Event exceeded my Expectations and the New Showroom was very well Received.  So if the next three days of the Event go as well... can you say 'Cha-Ching'!?!  *Winks*  And of coarse I did some Shopping once I got off my Shift... 15% Off is very Enticing after all to add to one's own Collections!  *Smiles*

Though I haven't unwrapped and Photographed any of it yet, there was a New Dealer that had what seemed like an entire Mad Scientist Laboratorie of Vintage Beakers and Vintage Pharmacy Apothecary Jars at Killer prices, even before the Discount... so I practically cleaned out his Case!  *Smiles*  I'll be one of that Guy's Best Customers if he keeps Sourcing that type of Inventory!!!  If that's what he's got in his Case, I can only Imagine what his Home might hold?!?  Don't you often Wonder what your Favorite Dealer's Homes and Studios might look like and hold?


And of coarse I hit my Friends Myko and Brett's New Showroom to 'Score' that Baby Javelina Skully, one of the Adorable 1909 Antique Postcards with Kittens, and a Sea Fan.

The Javelina Skully had been wanting to come Home with me ever since I saw it in Myko's Lovely Cloche Display.  And I was Delighted that she Offered the Option of pieces of the Display as Separates or in it's Entirety. Because though I would have Loved to have bought the Whole Display, it was easier on the Budget to buy just a couple of pieces separately and Create my own Cloche Display... especially since I'd bought half a Laboratorie already!  *LOL* 

I was a bit Grieved though that during the Madness of the Opening Day of the Sale that someone had broken one of the wee Skully's Teeth... so it will need some Dawn The Dentist Restoration Work.  *Smiles*  I was Relieved that though the Sea Fan is Fragile too, it suffered no damage.  *Whew*

So here's a peek at the Vignette I came up with once I got Home.  Actually I had a Big Surprise waiting for me when I got Home from Work... The Son and his Girlfriend had decided to give The Man and I a Respite and Break for the 4th of July and take the G-Kid Force to her House for a couple of days and to see the Fireworks in the East Valley!!!   So that will be a Special Treat for them and meant that The Man and I could have a 4th of July Date Night!!!  *Can I get a Whoop-Whoop!?*

So after my Shopping Spree we went out to Dinner at one of our Fav Mexican Restaurants... and then Harkin's Theaters were Generously Offering Free Passes to Veterans on the 4th of July to see "WHITEHOUSE DOWN"... which was very good by the way... and definitely the type of flick The Man Enjoys, plenty of Action... and since he Worked at the White House while he was in the Marine Corps. he likes to check these Hollywood plots and things for Accuracy!  *LOL*  They should Hire him as a Consultant in fact!  *Winks*

He was pretty tuckered out after the Movie so I did the Fireworks Thing Solo, but it had been a very full and Enjoyable 4th of July for sure!

And after I got Home from the Fireworks of coarse I had to Play with Styling and Photographing my New Vignettes!  You know how it is when you get New Stuff... you've got to Play with your Found Treasures like a Kid with a New Toy!  *Smiles*
Sure, I shouldda been Pricing Inventory to bring in Friday Morning to replace and replenish the Showrooms for all that I'd Sold... but it was more Fun to Play and just Relax... since the House was QUIET!!!  Do you know how RARE the Sound of Silence is around Bohemian Valhalla?!?  To Play uninterrupted with my Stuff and Blog without an Audience looking over my shoulder?!?  *Winks*  Yeah, Color me Happy!!!

And Today is my Mom's Birthday... so a Birthday Shout Out to the Best Mom in the World!!!  Mwahhh!!!  Love and Miss You SO MUCH!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Good morning Dawn....glad you had a wonderful fourth. Shopping, eating, listening to the sound of "quiet" and decorating.......can't beat that.



  2. Hello little friends :o) The skully is faboo.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I love the old cover on the books...old beautiful.


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