Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Shouldda Been A Stowaway...

The Son and his Lovely Girlfriend are back from his Birthday Bash in Vegas... I shouldda been a Stowaway!  *Winks*  Our Family has so many fond Memories of Family Trips to Vegas over the Years and so I wanted to hear all about it... what has changed, what may have remained the same?
The last time he had been there he was still a little Boy... and so his Memories were colored with the Childlike Wonder of those Experiences and the Good Times we Shared going as a Family.  Of coarse he was able to Experience so much more going now as a Grown Man... but he said it was still quite Nostalgic to Recall the Trips of Yesteryear and how he Remembered it back then. 
So there were the Walks down Memory Lane that are so Sweet to Savor, even as an Adult.  Vegas is after all an Adult Playground of sorts... filled with Fantasy and Fun.  We always Enjoyed the Shows, the Sights and the Buffets, even though we aren't Gamblers and so that aspect of the Town wasn't ever our Appeal, Focus or 'Thing' for going to Nevada on regular Vacations.   We also always had Friends Stationed at the AFB near Vegas to visit, who knew where all the Locals went to have an Enjoyable Time away from the Lights, Gambling and Glitz.
And I was so Glad that The Son got the chance to go back again all these Years later and Enjoy it in a different way... and yet, while also Recalling all the Happy Times our Family Shared there.  It has been many Years since we've gone, especially as a Family, as dynamics changed and it wasn't possible to do it that way anymore.  I last went Years ago with my Dear Uncle from Wales and we had a Wonderful Time that he still talks about often, because it was always a High Point of his Visits to America to hit Vegas with me.
I know that it's unlikely that I will get to go again, but I am Sustained by the many, many Happy Memories of so many Wonderful Trips taken there during the Past that are Priceless.  And I got to go again on the Canvas of my Imagination as The Son and his Lovely Girlfriend told me all about their Vegas Adventure and how they can't wait to do it again already.  *Smiles*  I know that Feeling well... it was one we always Shared after we got back from a Grand Vegas Adventure, loaded with Memories, Fantasy Fulfilled and Good Times. 
And I'm Happy to see the Tradition continue with the Next Generation... now... if only I can find a way to fit myself into one of their Suitcases for next time... *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. That is wonderful, such a great journey into the past, with an eye on the future. Love the photos! Minerva x


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