Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July! And Come To Our SALE Celebration Of It!

Source: BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Facebook Page
I'm Delighted to report that I'm not the only one Enlarging The Vision... my Friends Myko and Brett REALLY Enlarged The Vision... literally knocking down Walls in the Process... to Expand their Existing Showroom #143 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST and getting the Showroom next to it #142... making it one BIG SHOWROOM that will take your Breath away!
And they did the Demolition, Remodeling, Re-Stocking and Re-Styling in such record time that I was not only duly Inspired, but totally blown away at how seamless and effortless they made such a Huge undertaking Appear!!!  In less than 48 Hours it looked as if it had always been one Amazing Huge Showroom filled with Vignettes and Inventory to die for and Expertly Showcased!
The Red, White and Blue never looked better...
And I was able to Photograph part of the Process as The Vision was coming to Life!  Though it all happened so Quickly that it was difficult to recognize and capture a 'Before' and 'After', since in the blink of an Eye it was Magically Transformed... David Copperfield couldn't have performed a better feat of Pure Magic!!!
And along with the Patriotic Theme just in time for the 4th of July... were the various Vignettes which Showcase the Range of Myko's Styling Genius!!!  From the Organic and Delightful Sepia Hues that I Love...
To the Dark and Interesting Cabinet Of Curiosities Styling that I'm absolutely Passionate about and is definitely my Preferred Personal Vibe in Decorating and Collecting.
Ah yes, these Dark Vignettes draw me in like a Moth to a Flame!!!
Not only for the Great Inventory it all holds, but also to Soak in the Inspiration and Atmosphere it Evokes.
Not many do it any better than Myko does and yet she's very Humble about her Talent and Natural Gift for it!  I am a Student Hoping to Learn from one of the Masters at the Craft and Art of Display!  Like Luke Skywalker and Yoda!   Though Myko is way Cuter than Yoda and I'm not nearly as Youthful as Luke in the Series!  *LOL*
And of coarse there is the Classic AQUAMARINA ANTIQUES Palette of Sweet and Beautiful Pastels... it is such a Visual Delight to Behold that even if you lean more towards the Dark and Exotic like me, you could become a Convert of the Pastel Palette when it's done so Well!!!
I have absolutely nothing this Gorgeous Shabby Aqua and White Cabinet would go with at Bohemian Valhalla and yet I'd still be Tempted to buy it because it's so Beautiful... and Priced at such a Bargain, that I fell in Lust with it anyway!  *Winks*
I think all of us Gals have some Romance in us and the Girly-Girl Fantasyscapes we could get Lost in... and that's what so many of these Lovely Vignettes do for me... Transport me to the Girly-Girl Romantic Side of my Personality!
It's like an Estrogen Treasure Trove of Found Treasures you want to immerse yourself into and Explore Wonderful piece by piece!
And even many of the Mantiques and Vintage Industrial Treasures that Brett has Sourced are way Cool and in some of the most Lucious Hues you never Imagined such things even came in!!!  Like this Vintage Industrial Tool Cabinet in Robin's Egg Blue!!!  Yes... I would definitely allow Mantiques like this to cross the threshhold into Bohemian Valhalla because it wouldn't be total Man Cave intrusion!  *Winks*
But back to the Girly-Girl Treasure Trove, which I had Trouble breaking away from... since it reeled me in hook, line and sinker!!!  *Winks*
And you'll be Hooked too when you stop by for a Visit... and you'll want to come back regularly to see what New Vintage Found Treasures have been Sourced and Added!?!
I'm quite Certain you've already probably spied SOMETHING that you don't think you can Live without? 
And Remember... this 4th of July through Sunday the Mall is having 15% off EVERYTHING, so it's the Perfect Time {and Excuse... Winks} for an Indulgence!!!
And to do your part for the Stimulation of the U.S. Economy and Supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit, you Patriotic Soul you!!!  *Wink Wink*  Consider it your Patriotic Duty in fact!  *LOL*
Well, THAT Excuse Works for ME anyway!  *Smiles*  And you can bet, that after I get off my Shift at 1:00 pm I'll be heading right for their Newly Expanded Showroom to try to snag at least one Treasure I've got my eyeballs on!  Well... if YOU haven't beaten me to it now that is, since you'll have a Four Hour head start since I can't Shop while I'm Working... *LOL*   And we'll be Serving up Apple Pie on the 4th... and throughout the Sale there will be Food and Free Gift Card Drawings!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hubby & I spend a few hours at an antique mall I'd not visited for over 20 years. It sure had grown and we explored the booths in Every Single Aisle. (Didn't buy anything except some Restor-a-Finsih, dark walnut--not the ideal customers, I know!)


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