Thursday, June 13, 2013

Steam Punk Style Abstract Altered Art

Meet my newest acquisition... an Intriguing piece of Steam Punk Style Art called "Thinking", I just Love Abstract Altered Art and especially Steam Punk Style.  This Doll's Face reminded me of that Cult Classic 70's Movie "A Clockwork Orange"!  *LOL*
For the Artist this is a perfect Representation of all the stuff going on in our heads all of the time! *LOL*   Well... at least MINE!
I made an offer on the piece and the Dealer accepted, I was Delighted to take it Home... this is so very ME and I Loved everything about it, it Intrigued me!
And it fits right in at Bohemian Valhalla and will be a great addition to my Cabinet Of Curiosities.
The G-Kid Force Loves it too... we want to Create Abstract Art like this together with the Antique Doll Heads and tiny Found Treasures we've amassed over the years, it would be Fun.
We're always finding Cool bits and bobs that would lend themselves to such Creations well.

And it would be Interesting to see what they come up with since the Imaginings of a Child are so Pure and Uninhibited.

Yes, 'Thinking' was an appropriate Name for this Piece since it got us to Thinking about all of the Possibilities of Creating our own little Private Museum of Abstract Altered Art.

And after we get the Wall behind it patched and painted, we're Thinking of moving our Collection of Oddities and Curiosities over to the New Mantle's Shelves... and making a Dia de los Muertos Style Altar of Sorts in the Firebox... for the Ideal Cabinet Of Curiosities!
And as you can see... I decided to Keep the Harem Guy Brass Lamp after all, since I also found the Perfect Lampshade for him on another recent 'Pick'!  I realized I would have regret Selling him.  There will probably be Gypsy Pom-Poms and Antique European Trim added to the Shade eventually to give it my own Touch.
And I'm Excited to begin the Room's Makeover!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Get a pen .. I need to tell you where to mail that fireplace..OMGOOD GrAVY can we say perfection .. Love it !!!


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