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More Father's Day Inventory ~ Brass Armadillo West

Okay, so I freely admit that I can't get all that Excited about Mantiques and Man Cave Inventory... so about half of the New Inventory I've been bringing into the Showroom all week to fill it up for our Father's Day Event this coming Weekend hasn't all been for the Fellas!  *LOL*
Like this Cool 1970's Era Baker's Clock... which I HAD to get because it goes Splendidly with...
The Planter's Clock from the same Era and similar Styling!!!  *Smiles*
I Love them both... and if they don't Sell right away I don't care because they look good in the Showroom together.   Come on... some of you have bought things too just because they look good in your Retail Space and add Interest... so there's no sense of urgency to flip 'em!  *Winks*  Hey, there's a Time for Planting and a Time for Baking... and the Graphics are Awesome on these Old Clocks! 
And I found another Siamese Cat... this one is an Old Avon Bottle still filled with it's Purrrrfume.  Now that I have Three in the Showroom that Constitutes a 'Collection'... so if you want an Instant Collection of Siamese Cats... now you know where to go!  *Winks*
The G-Kid Force thought that this Bottle had a striking resemblance to Yul...

Yep... they're right... it does!  *LOL*

And yeah, for Father's Day I brought in lotsa various Toolboxes, Tools, Vintage Sporting Goods, Testosterone laden Treasures, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... {Yawn}   Hey, it doesn't Excite me but it does Sell very well... and quickly, so I'll Source it all day long.   The dilemma for me is getting it past The Man and INTO the Showroom without him wanting a gander and then wanting to Keep and Squirrel it away in his Work Cottage... what I've 'Picked' in the way of Mantiques for the Sole Purpose of SELLING!!!  *LOL*
Therefore this particular Toolbox never left the back of the Truck to come inside the House for him to lay his peepers on... it was the Mystery Toolbox he never got to see and I had to use Covert Ops to get to the Showroom.   I know... I know... it's almost Father's Day and I suppose if he really Lusted after it I should just give in and give it to him... but he's already got so many Toolboxes and Tools that aren't being utilized and I'd just as soon Sell Off if I could get him to Let Go... *Winks*... so the Mantiques I'm 'Pickin' I just don't want to Tempt him with even seeing if I can help it!  *LOL* 
For the Guy whose an Artist I also Sourced some portable Vintage Art Supplies.
And I Sold all my other Gooseneck and Shop Lamps this week so I had to Source some more and 'Scored' this unusual Mini Gooseneck Lamp that can be also mounted on the Wall!!!
I still have a little bit of Militaria left... though that Sells so Quickly that it's difficult to keep it Stocked long.  The Black Gooseneck Lamp in this Image was Sold just after I took the Photo.
I got some 1950's hand-sketched 'Guy Art'... yeah, Dead Ducks... Guys like that kinda thing in their Art apparently... *LOL*  Hey, somebody sketched it... so it musta Inspired them, right?  *Winks*
It actually still has some Auction House Info on the back telling all about the piece's Provenance... and it is well done... so some Hunter might want it to Grace their Man Cave or Hunting Cabin with I figure.   And I hardly ever Pass on ANY Vintage Original Art that I can 'Score' at a good Price because I've done well on my Gallery Wall Sales.
Some more Original Bird Art... only these ones aren't dead... but maybe the Guys will like them anyway???!!!  *Winks*
And remember... that Saturday and Sunday in Honor of all the Dads this Father's Day... we're having a Free Drawing for this Fab Smoker...

And this Great Gas Grill!!!  Now you KNOW your Man or your Dad is gonna Love the chance to Win one of these babies!

You must only be present on the day to Sign Up for the Drawing, you need not be present to Win!  Saturday is the day to Win the Charcoal Smoker... and Sunday is the day to Win the Weber Propane Grill!  You can enter for each Drawing though if you come by each day!

I don't know if the Guys are gonna dig it... but I thought this Boheme' Bull was Cool!

For that Exotic Touch to the Man Cave perhaps?!  *Bwahaha!*

And here's another Exotic Piece of Art I picked up that's from Bali and Hand-Carved... and even if the Guys aren't diggin' it... I know you Gals might?!?

I'm Lovin' it anyway... and if it doesn't Sell, I wouldn't have any problem taking it back Home to Style with at Bohemian Valhalla... that's the Beauty of Buying what you Love... there's no down side if it doesn't Sell right away, you can Enjoy it for a while.  *Winks*
Thankfully there seems to be more than enough peeps here on the West Side that also have a Bohemian Spirit they're Channeling and Enjoy My Vibe because Sales have been good.  Even now that the Summer Heat has set in and many of the Snowbirds have left to go Home to their other Home States now that Winter is over.  We have a lot of Seasonal Folks here in Arizona that only Live here a portion of the year.  And now that our Temps are high Triple Digits every day, they've bailed til next Season, Migrating like many of the Seasonal Birds... hence the Nickname!  *LOL*
Okay... and for that Guy that needs a Girl Scout Sash for whatever reason... JUST KIDDING! 
And how about a Lantern Bookend?  Sorry... only have the Orphan One and not the pair.
And the G-Son 'Picked' this... a Salvador Dali Style Melting Clock... Cool!  And with our daily Temps now hovering around 112+ degrees, rather fitting dontcha think?  *LOL*
Party Forks for Hors D'Oeuvres... you know how Guys Love a Good Party and FOOD!  *Winks*
And I brought in some Native American Blankets... cause the Guys are still diggin the Southwestern and Western Decor a lot in these parts.   The Man still totally digs it... but I could only live with Southwestern Decor for about a Minute in the 80's. 
Yeah, even though we're in the Desert Southwest here in Arizona and even though I'm part Native American... unless he buys me a Historic Adobe Pueblo Style Home or we move to Santa Fe or to the Rez, I'm so done with that 'look' now that I've Sold Off most of my Collections and Family Heirlooms of it.
But I did bring in some more of my Beloved Gypsy Afghans, in Manly Hues... and some more Religious Decor, so that my Showroom still Represents 'Me' even though I'm trying to also give the Customers what they dig and want, and what the demographics of your Area dictate.   That's the delicate balance of having a Retail Space... you can't always just have entirely what you dig and would Decorate your Home with, you've gotta bring in what the Market bears and is On-Trend and Selling well too in your Area... well, if you wanna make Bank that is!?  *Smiles*
I've seen some really Awesome Dealers with Killer Inventory come and go because the Vibe just wasn't Selling well on the far West Side... yet maybe ten miles down the road or across Town and at the Shows it's Selling like crazy!  Strange but True...  I'm Lazy, I don't want to do the Show Circuit or Commute far to my Showroom, I like the Convenience and so I'll Roll with whatever West Side wants!
And who wouldn't want some Classic Jimi?  Seriously... I could barely part with it myself!!!  I don't care that I no longer have a turntable... just the Graphics of the Iconic LP's is worth keeping and Displaying them dontcha think?   And the Songs on this Track... WOW!!!  I remember drawing everything with this Font back in the 60's!  *LOL*  And having a Wardrobe very much like Jimi... the Hippie Gypsy from Outta Space Look... yeah, not everyone 'Got It' even during the Psychedelic Era, it was a bit much... but then so was I!  *Winks* 
As a matter of fact, The Son's Ringtone on his Phone for me that he's chosen is 'Voodoo Child'... that's when he knows Mom is Callin'... *LOL*   And he Adores Jimi's Music as much as I ever did... as do the G-Kids, he's Timeless Musical Genius!   And for a mere four bucks, this one can be yours and you can have the Jimi Hendrix Experience... Are YOU Experienced?!?!??!!  *Smiles*
This is the very last of my LP's that I've Purged... the rest went years ago... but some are just more difficult to part with...  The Memories, ya know?  *Winks*
I Hope you're having as much Fun with this as I had bringing it in?  *LOL*  The G-Kid Force also Sourced and 'Picked' the Pillsbury Dough Boy to put in my Retro Kitchen Area of the Showroom.  They've got a good Eye for what is Kitschy Cool.  Retro Kitchenware Sells like Crazy!!!  I've got to find MORE!!!
I have discovered some Cool Old Kitchen stuff though... like Potato Ricers... Rolling Pins... Mixing Bowls... Vintage Pastry Canvas still in Original Packaging...
 Salad Maker {that's what it says... don't know how it's used tho'}... and recently I also put in some Vintage Apple Corers and Measuring Spoons too {not Photographed}. 
And I've brought in a lot of Items under Ten Bucks for the Kiddos to buy for Dear Ole Dad too... or the G-Kids to buy for their Grandpas.
And Hopefully plenty of Inventory to Tempt the Moms and Grammas too?  *Winks*
Aren't these Cherub Lamps Sweet?  And I 'Scored' a matching Pair of em!
I hit the Motherlode of Great Old Lamps... so if  you need Ambiant Lighting, got it!!!  Either singles or pairs.
Yeah, it's not all Testosterone Laden... I've got some Girly-Girl Stuff for you too GF's for when you're Shopping this Father's Day Weekend!  A little somethin-somethin for everyone! 
So be sure to come on out to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST and visit Showroom #114 {one hundred fourteen} on 'Valley Drive' of the Antique Mall... and Upstairs Loft Spaces Y13 and Y14... and Art Gallery Walls Z44 and Z45.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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