Saturday, June 8, 2013

Focusing On Photography... And Connecting Relationally

Though I do Love to Write and always have a lot to say, my Favorite part of Blogging and Visiting the Blogs of others is the Imagery... the Beautiful Photography that is Shared amongst us!

I really have been focusing on Photography and the Quality of my Images and the Essence of what I Capture through the Eye of my Lens a lot more since I began Blogging.  It is now one of my Favorite Forms of Artistic Expression!

It has caused me to really pay more Attention to the World around me and Appreciate the Visuals in more Detail and Depth than I ever have before.

I hardly ever don't have a Camera with me now... and on the rare occassion when I forget... I am always still seeing things that I Wish I could have Photographed and Preserved the Imagery of.

Like a Good Book... Lovely Photographs are something that I can spend all day with.

And when a Good Book also has Lovely Images, it matters not what Language it is in to me... the Images speak 1,000 Words to my Soul!!!


So it is with Blogging... a Good Blog transcends any Language Barriers and often I don't even need to hit the Translate button to Enjoy a Blog in another Language because the Images Shared speak volumes in any and every Language!!!

Many of my Favorite Blogs are International ones in a Language and Culture other than my own in fact, I Adore seeing the World and Lifestyles being Shared via the Land of Blog.

It really does Unify us doesn't it?  In a Special kind of way that all of us can Appreciate regardless of our Differences... because the Focus is more on our Similarities, our Passions, what we Love and want to Share with each other... and what a Blessing that is!!!

We might start out as a Blank Canvas here in our Blogs... but soon it is filled in with all kinds of Details, New Friendships and Shared Stories of our Lives... building a Community like no other I've ever Experienced.

Friends and Family that don't Blog or Visit Blogs and Connect with this Community don't always 'Get' the Appeal and Joy that it brings to those of us who have become an intricate part of it and made it a part of our Lives.

Even those that we have a Close Relationship with in Real Life can't always fathom how a place in Cyberspace can become as Dear and Special to us as what we're also doing in Real Life.

And I can Relate to that too... because until I began the Journey to begin Blogging I didn't Expect or Anticipate the Appeal and Lure it would have on me either.  I didn't Imagine I could or would Connect to so many Kindred Spirits and make so many New Friends who would Relate to me as well!
In fact, if you're like Me, you could have spent more than a half a Century not finding as many folks who 'Get' you and understand what you're Passionate about as those that you Connected with in a relatively brief period of Time Blogging!?!

I began my Blog Journey more than halfway thru 2010... it hasn't even been three years yet and I've already Connected with more Kindred Spirits here in the Land of Blog than I have since the beginning of my Life... WOW!!!
And it's not as if I haven't met or Cultivated Relationships and strong Friendships with a great many Wonderful People during my Lifetime since I am and always have been a very Social Person.  But to Connect with Kindred Spirits, those that are SO LIKE YOU... well, it can be more of a Rarity in Real Life.
Especially if what Moves you, Excites you and stirs your Soul isn't what most of your Real Life Inner Circle might be 'Into' or even 'Get'.   So many things cannot be Explained... and when you Connect to a Kindred Spirit no Explanations are necessary because they totally 'Get It' and 'Live It' too!
We can Talk about and Photograph things for our Blogs that would Bore some of our Family and Friends because they wouldn't be Interested on any level... and yet here, it matters to more than just us and that really was an unexpected Bonus I Discovered about Blogging!!!
Maybe for some of you that's no Big Deal... but to those of us who have always seemed to march to the beat of a different Drummer and not be Understood so easily, sometimes even by Loved Ones as to what we totally dig... it's really Cool to finally find folks who are just like us!  *LOL*
And who knew... that there would actually be so many of US too?!?  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I "get" it, Dawn. You've said it well. And your photos here are especially sharp and focused!


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