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Urban Restoration ~ Mother's Day Part II


This Mother's Day Weekend we also attended URBAN RESTORATION.  This was their first "Market" and I'm glad I found out about it because we 'Scored' some good Found Treasures here at great prices!
URBAN RESTORATION is a Vintage Resource Market housed in a Historic 1920's Bungalow on 7th Street in Phoenix.  It will be held Friday through Sunday on the second Weekend of every Month from 9am-4pm.   Be sure to visit the Facebook Link I've provided to see and hear more about it!
The Proprietors are the Sweetest Young Couple and guess what... found out they Enjoy my Blog!  Isn't it great how you meet so many wonderful New Friends via Blogging?  And when you finally get to meet in person and get to know each other face to face it's Awesome!!!   I Wish them Amazing Success in this New Venture... I know I'll be making my Monthly Pilgrimages there to seek out even more Fab Found Treasures!  *Winks*
Several of our Fav Local Artists and Vendors had Inventory here too and I'm so glad my Friend Pamela told us about it so we could join her for a Mother's Day Weekend Junquing Extravaganza! 
The G-Kid Force had wanted to do something Special with and for Gramma for Mother's Day... besides just being on Good Behavior *Winks*... and so parking them at the 'Junk Box' and telling them to Source and Pick out a Bag of Junque that they knew Gramma would totally dig was Bliss for them!!!  And Bliss for Gramma too since it kept them occupied for quite a while so that I could Cover the Event and Source out some other Treasures inside!  *LOL*
And those G-Kids really went to town on that Junk Box lemme tell ya!  They were packing that little paper bag like Marines would pack a Dufflebag!   This is just a Sampling of what they 'Scored' for Gramma... shown in the next two Images... and that DOESN'T EVEN COUNT what they crammed in there for themselves!!!  *LOL*  They most def got our Ten Bucks worth!!!  *Winks*  Their Individual Stashes were equally Impressive and I must say they absolutely have a keen Eye for what Gramma digs, this was all Perfectly 'Picked'.
Couldn't get it all in one Image so here's the other part of the Cache of Treasures they 'Picked' for me!!!
The absolute Fav things they 'Scored' for Gramma was this Entire Set of Vintage Pricing Flash Cards... yes, they managed to Pack the Entire Set that was in that Junk Box into that tiny Sack along with everything else!   I admit, I couldn't have gotten so much in there for my ten bucks... nor could I have squatted that low for so long and in the Arizona heat ta-boot!  *LOL*
But they were relentless 'Pickers' and never once complained... which is why I told them to pick out their Caches to put in the Sack as well, as payment for all their hard Work!  I figured they'd manage to squeeze just a couple of items Each in there... Believe it or not they ended up with about NINE Treasures Each!!!  I'm suitably Impressed!  Even though most of the Eighteen Items are now strewn all over Bohemian Valhalla and will likely get stepped on as they blend into Persian Carpet Designs!  *LOL*    But Princess T's Fav Trio of her Treasure Stash is up on her Bookshelf... she's the more Organized of the Duo and will Style with some of her Stash.  She snatched up that Ballerina like Greased Lightening lest any other Junk Box Enthusiasts showed up!  *LOL*
My Fav 'Picks' were Simple ones... but Treasures I gravitate to... Old Photos... Loved that these Handsome Guys looked so Retro Gangsta!!!  And for only a Dollar... they were Mine!!!  *Winks*
And yards and yards of Hand-Dyed Seam Binding... which I am totally Addicted to!  I not only Create Wearable Art with it... but I just like to drape it everywhere and look at it!  *Smiles*
So I snagged thirty yards of it in my Fav Color Palette... though Seam Binding of ANY Color Palette is Divine and I won't pass up!  *Winks*
And promptly draped it all over another latest Parking Lot 'Score', 'New' Old Yashyme... Future Post will tell you all about how her and I met in a Parking Lot as she was being unloaded by a Guy... and ended up coming Home with Moi!  *LOL*  And how previous Yashyme... who is a Younger Model Dress Form, will be heading to my Showroom when there is room for her to Model Vintage Bohemian Clothing and find herself a New Home...
See... doesn't crinkly Hand-Dyed Seam Binding just look Divine draped over other Found Treasures!?!
But back to our Adventure at URBAN RESTORATION... because I know you wanna see even more and come along with us, right?!?  The Staff are Fantastic and this Grand Opening was so well Received.   The next 'Market' as you can see will be June 7th... 8th... and 9th... so be sure to mark your Calendars!  And hopefully I'll see ya there next time?! 
Some Lucky Soul 'Scored' this Awesome full wall sized Cubby!  If you are an Artist then you know how handy Vintage Storage like this is for Organizing and At a Glance Inventory of your Supplies for Creating!
And if like Pamela and I you Love Ephemera and Vintage Artist Supplies then you're gonna have a Field Day Shopping here and Sourcing your Creative Inventory!!!
Loved this Old Medical Cabinet!!!  I could Envision this at Bohemian Valhalla holding my Cabinet Of Curiosities Collections!
I haven't done any Photo Effects for a while so I couldn't resist adding some Texture to this Lovely Scene of a Vintage Day Bed... I need one of these in my New Studio Cottage... you know... for those Creative Nap Breaks you need to take in your Studio surrounded by your Lovelies and Creative Inspiration so you can Dream Creative Dreams!  *Winks*
The Architectural Elements of this Historic Bungalow remind me of those of one my Mom lived in for many years in Downtown Phoenix... we Loved that Old House!  It had loads of Archways, Hardwood Floors, and Pink Enamel Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances, Tub and Sinks original to the House!  And Jadeite Green, White and Black Subway Tiles throughout!!!   Alas... after she moved away it burned to the ground several years later... such a Sad Loss of a Historic Treasure!!!  Old Homes have such Character and Individuality!
And in Hindsight I shouldda bought Princess T at least one bag of those Dancing Ballerinas with Bingo Cards to go with the one she 'Scored' in the Junk Box!   Maybe next time...
And of coarse I Loved this Crocheted Swag... it reminds me of all the Styling Elements my Bro' and I did in Macrame and Crochet in the 70's.   Yes, I put my Lil Bro' to Work making those kinda things back in the day for my Apartment because he was really good at it... humnnn... I Wonder if he still remembers how to do it?!?   It's never too late to help a Big Sis out again ya know!!!  *Winks*   Alas, when he became a Professional Photographer in Hollywood all the Boho Creations he made for me ceased... but at least I had someone to call upon for Great Family Photo Shoots... well, when he wasn't doing Shoots for Models, Events, Celebs and Entertainers that is!  *LOL*
Now... if I hadn't already of 'Scored' New Old Yashyme I might have been Tempted to Jones' after this Vintage Dress Form... so I left her for you my Friends.  *Winks*
In fact, Lucky for you all I am Saving for that Japanese Bug Necklace or I would have hauled more great Junque out of here... but I was Gracious... and left a lot behind for you.  *Smiles*
But... after downloading these Images I realize I wasn't paying close enough attention or I would have definitely snagged that Butterscotch Striped Suitcase... Damn!!!  *LOL*
Though I was so Intent on Covering the Event and lining up Shots without Shoppers in Frame and 'Scoring' my Cache of Great Stuff that I completely forgot to include the G-Kid Force Outside 'Pickin' away and sweltering under the Sun at that Junk Box!!!  *Oooops!*  Wish I'd been able to show you them hunkered down squatting at that Junk Box Intently 'Pickin' their little Hearts out!  But you know how it is when a Gramma gets a Respite Break from The Force, I'm Luxuriating in my own Lil Bubble for a Moment!  *LOL*
Hey, Junquing is the only thing that still gets the Tween Prince R to put his Nook down for a Moment and Check In with us all!!!  *LOL*  You know how Addicted to their Technology these Young People are... well, Okay... so to be Fair I've seen some Older Tech Addicts too among us!!!  I find it to be rather Sad how Electronically Distracted our World is becoming even while they should be Present in their Moments!!!   I will SO NOT be one of them!  I do not want an Electronic Umbilical Cord attached to me at all times... if you can't reach me by Cell or Landline then I'm obviously busy doing Life and being Present with People who accompany me in the Moments of Life and giving them my Full Attention!
Sorry for that little Soapbox Rant but it is a pet peeve of mine... and my Inner Circle know that if they were to be giving their Technology their Full Attention when they should be Present in the Moment with those of us who are with them in the flesh... well, I'll abandon and ditch them in a Heartbeat 'til I have their Full Attention!!!  *LOL... Yes, I have done it... and never had to do it Twice with a Person!  LOL*   I'm just not competing for Time with a Gadget... my Time is far too Precious and Priceless to me!  And it should be to you too IMO!!!  There is a Time and a Place... and when we're doing something Special with People Present with us... that is NOT the Time nor the Place for the Electronic Umbilical Cord Attachment to consume and distract ya!  Of coarse you'd NEVER do that to me would ya... at least not more than once anyways!  *Bwahaha!!!* 
Buttercup Yellow and Bright Turquoise is a Fav Color Combo of mine... just goes so well together and is so Cheerful dontcha think?
Well I just got a Call from the School Nurse... so there goes my Morning of Zen... *Le Sigh*... gotta run to pick up one Sick G-Kiddo... be sure to come back Tomorrow for more of our Mother's Day Weekend Adventures...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. I love your photographs and your write-ups! And I am so happy that you are enjoying my hand dyed seam binding. It is worth all the hours I spend standing at my sink when I see someone appreciating the results!


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