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Melrose Vintage ~ A Serious Lustfest! ~ Part II


Hopefully you've recovered from an overdose of Romantic Style in Yesterday's Post so that we can continue our Lustfest at MELROSE VINTAGE?  *Winks*  My problem is that I'd be inclined to want to keep adding to a massive Collection of such things as Vintage Dress Forms, Fabulous Old Ornate Frames...
Beautiful Light Fixtures and Lucious Fabrics.  And in the Great Edit and Purge that has been going on in 2012 and extends into 2013, my Goal should be to bring less in and have more going out of Bohemian Valhalla!  *LOL*  It continues to be a Work in Progress and I've still got the Rule that if one thing comes in then five must go out... so alas, I'm leaving a lot of things behind that I'd Love to Decorate with and would be loathe to Sell off.  In fact, at this Flea Market and at The Big Heap I came home with Nada... that's right, not a single thing... such Restraint you say... you have no Idea how difficult that was for me... but NECESSARY!  *Le Sigh!*

I don't know if any of you have this Issue or not?  But those that do can commisserate with one who finds lots of Great Prospects... too many in fact to fit into one Home... one Studio... or even Retail Space! 

There are times when I'm perusing the Land of Blog and peeking inside of the Homes, Studios and Retail Spaces of others and wondering how do they do it?  How do they Curate so effectively?  How do they Edit so masterfully that it always looks Ideal?  It surely is a Talent, a Skill and a Gift to be able to do that.  One that I either don't possess or have yet to perfect to any degree without a LOT of effort going into it!  And way too much failure at succeeding to the degree I would like!
Being a Human Magpie means that I Love the Thrill of the Hunt and acquiring Found Treasures that are worthy to be owned, Displayed and Shared... but unless I Inherit a massive Warehouse or lived in a Mansion, there just wouldn't be sufficient space to house everything I might find, want, Desire or Rescue!
And unlike some of those poor Souls I see on 'Hoarders' who seem oblivious to disorder, dysfunction of their Space and a Hot Mess where there is no place for everything or have an Issue of Letting Go... I am not at all comfortable having too much stuff and a messy Home. 
  And yet, too much stuff does become an end result of having a Passion for Collecting and being a Hunter of Beautiful and Unusual Objects!  And not everything will have or find an adequate Space at times... so I end up with constant Edits and Purges going on throughout the Year... as I 'Upgrade' the 'Stuff' and dispose of what has been replaced by it!
And stopping isn't as easy as all that... it would be like telling a Magpie not to be a Magpie and not to do what Magpie's do Naturally!  And though I've been fortunate to always make Money at Collecting and Rescuing or Creating Cool Stuff with my Finds... my delimma has always been, and continues to be, with the Sufficient Space Issue! 
If you are very discerning and careful to only buy or find what you can make Money on when you decide to let it go, then it is very Tempting to stockpile the Good Stuff of Life to Enjoy and then turn a Profit on at some later point in Time.  And certainly, the Letting Go, can be more difficult as the Quality of the Items increases and become a majority of what you really Love yourself and don't easily fall out of Love with!  *Winks*
Mostly because I confess that I'm not an "All Business" sorta Gal and Emotionless when it comes to Found Treasures... I do form Attachments to many things and though I can Let Go at the right Time, it isn't without total lack of Emotion about it.  I'm certainly getting better at it as I Age and want to Simplify Life and what I have to take care of... but I'm a long ways off a total Victory I can tell you!
The Curating Process for me can be a massive laborious undertaking once I've reached Saturation Point and decide that it's time to Edit, Purge and start afresh because I've been too darn adept at 'Scoring' Great Stuff!  *LOL* 
Because though the 'Scoring' of Great Stuff seems to be my Special Gift and is Great Fun, the Curating and Editing part certainly seem to be my Great Weakness and not so Fun because I'm aware I'm not good at it... and so there are Conflicted Feelings and Sentiments about it all!
Yes, there are times when I think that I definitely could use the Assistance of a good Personal Organizer on Team Dawn.  To make the Process go more smoothly when I get stuck or begin to Feel like I'm losing ground and a bit overwhelmed at the Task of making Home, Studio and Retail Spaces look as Stellar as I see here so often in the Land Of Blog... and Wish I could Accomplish in my own Spaces so that they looked and Felt like I want them to.
Seriously, does anyone else have piles of their Stuff sometimes, or even most of the time, strewn about with the Intention of finding a place for all of it... Creating something with it... or getting it Inventoried and out the door quicker than it seems to actually happen?  Or am I the only one?
I'll look at Homes and Creative Spaces that don't seem to have this problem and realize that yes, it CAN be done... obviously... and how much Work is actually put into having it and keeping it that way?  Am I being too lazy?  Too disorganized?  Too Zealous in my Treasure Hunting?  Why is it Eluding me to be able to have or keep a Space, any Space, looking like that Goal Image that I have in mind and many seem to be able to Master?   Were they always like that?  Or like me, was it a Process that they finally Arrived at one day after much Effort put forth?  You see, I'm Assuming that I WILL Arrive one day myself!?!??!??!??

But as I glance around the House... or enter the Studio In Process of being Created out of the Storage Cottage... I see that I am a long ways off yet of Arriving at that Elusive Destination.  And so, I often Wrestle with the Idea of going on a long Haitus of Hunting and Gathering... even though it brings me lots of Joy... and is what I Feel Purposed to do in a very strong way... just so that I can make more headway in the Arrival at the Destination of Choice.
And it IS a Wrestling Match that rivals WWF I can tell you... because if I were to go MIA for an extended period of time on my Treasure Hunts and Junquing Forrays, I just might get the Home, the Studio and the Retails Spaces in total Order and looking like the Vision I have for it all... and each has it's merits and its drawbacks... which is why I go back and forth about it.
And really I don't know that even those I THINK have it all Together and I Envy how Lovely their Spaces always seem to be... don't perhaps have Secret Stashes and Caches of Stuff we don't see and remains hidden and out of sight?  Maybe lotsa offsite Storage Facilities, Crammed Attics and Outbuildings?  Stuff shoved in the Closets and under the Beds?  Housed at Moms, Dads, Grammas and various Relatives Spaces? *LOL*  It's just that mine tends to be more out in the Open and therefore more on my Heart and Mind I suppose... and therefore EVIDENT of my Affliction!  *Smiles*
And besides... even IF I did finally Arrive... I know myself well enough to realize that I'd STILL want and find a way to procure things like that Magnificent Mantle... knowing full well that I have absolutely nowhere to put it... yet... not that it would stop me mind you!!!  *Winks*  And so the Cycle would obviously continue... until perhaps I got some Intense Therapy!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Head over heels in love with that beautiful seafoam green cabinet. Such beautiful pieces, how does one choose.


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