Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Interrupt My Adventures For This Blog Post...

One of the biggest reasons I began Blogging was for the Purpose of Writing a Journal and Journey of sorts... sometimes just about how I Feel and not just what I Do or all the Pretty Treasures that catch my Eye and sometimes end up in Bohemian Valhalla.

So... as I sit here at an Ungodly Hour eating delish Leftovers from Appleby's that The Son and his Girl just brought in for me, we're interrupting my recent Adventures for this Blog Post!  *LOL*  Don't worry, we'll be back to Flea Markets and Awesome Eye Candy from recent Events in the next Posts... but for now I'm in Journal Mode and Keeping it Real concerning how I've Felt lately about Blogging in General.  And why my Posts can be so very Random and all over the place!?  *Winks*

This mostly and generally happens when I've had a whirlwind of Exciting and Fun times of Attending and Photographing a flurry of Events... and then just seem to lag at Posting about any of it, no matter how Awesome it all was and how much I've got to Show you and tell you about it, wanting to Share on the one hand, but not always Feeling like doing the Post on the other hand.  The DOING of it all was a Rush... the Posting about it all... not so much... at least not all of the time. 
Now I don't know if other Bloggers struggle with this or not?  I often just get Lazy about it all and fall further and further behind so that oftentimes I find myself doing a Post about something that actually happened ages ago and I'm just now getting around to wanting to... or remembering to Blog about it!  And Springtime and Holidays are the worst because there's so much going on simultaneously and I just don't find myself in front of the Computer as much... or even wanting to be at times.
And when it was just my little Journal and Journey that I didn't think anyone would find, let alone read or follow and support, that was Okay.  It didn't bother me how stale the entries Content was because I'd just do it whenever I felt like it... or not.  Because if it was only relevant to me then it didn't matter when I was presenting any of it.
You see, I never expected Blogging to become Relational!!!  And when it did, that was definitely a Game Changer, at least for me it was.   Because you know how when you become Relational with People, then you don't Forget to tell them about stuff that was Special or Important to you or you'd want them to know about or Enjoy too?  Otherwise you Feel as though you're keeping them out of the Loop of your Life and Activities... and Excluding them in a way... or that you're becoming so busy that you're telling them things almost as an afterthought, after you've Enjoyed it and moved on.
And so I do at least attempt to keep Posts Current... but as I said... Time slips away from me and if there has been a lot of Activity... then I'm playing catch-up here in the Land of Blog to Share everything I want to Share, but often don't have the Time or inclination to get around to Sharing... and then I Feel kinda bad about it.  Or wonder if I should even bother to Post about something that happened a while ago and I'm just now getting around to Sharing?!?
And most especially if Dear Friends have so Graciously allowed me to Cover whatever it was they worked so hard to bring to Life... and extended Invitations to... then it has sat in my Photo Archives... and the Posts have languished and not manifested into the Posts I Intended to do in a timely manner... and sometimes failed to.   What if there were several Events... what chronological Order should they be Posted in? 
After all, sometimes an Event or Good Time can't be squeezed into a single Post... especially by someone like me whose a lousy Editor and cannot narrow it down to a few Words and a couple of the Images.  *LOL*  And so that can turn into days or weeks worth of potential Great Posts and I end up having Post Overload.  Kinda like when you're Creating Art and have all these Great Ideas and just not enough Time to bring them all to Life!  And this really is yet another Artistic Outlet really... or at least that's how I've Enjoyed it.
This has caused some Introverted Inspection to be sure... I have come to realize that I could never be a Journalist or Magazine Editor with a Deadline for such things!  *LOL*  You'd be getting the Spring Issue in Winter and Breaking News would be Released perhaps a week or so later... perhaps!?  *Winks*   Sure... I would have Gleefully Covered it all in the Moment... because I am a "Living in the Moment" Type of Gal.  But then when that Moment is over... well, I'm very likely 'On to the Next...' as my ADHD kicks into high gear and I'm busy doing everything and nothing all at once!  *Smiles*  So I've Covered things that I haven't actually Written about or Revealed yet and rushed right along on my Merry way to Cover something else now.

And then I Remember... Oh yeah, I WAS gonna tell you about THAT... or show you THIS... and yet... I'm such a Spontaneous Blogger, that I tend to want to Post about whatever is on my Mind and Heart RIGHT NOW.   And if THAT or THIS was not RIGHT NOW... well, it might have gotten pushed aside and buried in the Photo Archives until I finally Recall that I never Posted about any of it... something else became a Priority either in Real Life or when I'm sitting here ready to Create a Post and felt an Urgency to make the Topic something else in that Moment of Time.

Most of Today's Images for Example are an Assortment of some Recent 'Scores' and Lovely Gifts from Friends that I wanted to Share... and yep... never got around to it 'til just now.   Even though I was Delighted to have 'Scored' some Lovely Tintype Antique Photos.  And Thank You Stephanie for the Lovely Surprise of the Spring Floral Display Gift.
  And the 'Feelings' Posts always tend to be very 'In The Moment' where I want to just Journal what's on my Mind or Heart... and know that they won't even end up in a Post unless I do so immediately.   Because unlike an Event I might have Attended and Covered or something I bought or received... the Random Heartfelt Posts aren't something that will sit Archived and be prompted by Images necessarily.  And often I just want to Photograph Random Images that Appeal to me in the Moment and insert them in the Random Blog Post.  *Smiles*
And my Journals and Journeys have always gone off the beaten Path and had unexpected twists and turns because they aren't usually Planned out, my Art tends to immitate my Life you see.   I prefer to Live Spontaneously and in the Moment, it's how I function best and get the most out of what I'm DOING.  
If I'm too focused on what happened Yesterday or thinking about and Planning what is yet to happen in the Future, I can't fully Enjoy and Appreciate NOW.    And though Memories and Reminiscing Fondly is Great and I look forward to what the Future holds and some things are worth Planning and setting Goals for, NOW is what matters most to me and I want to be totally Present in the Here and Now... rather than distracted by the Past, which cannot be changed... or what the Future might hold because it is Promised to no-one. 
 In fact, when it comes to Blogging, I never know what I'm going to do a Post on actually until I sit down and let it happen.   And I've got to WANT to sit down and let it happen... or I'd have total Blogging Block and not Enjoy it as much as I do.  I don't like to think about what I'm doing... I like to just let it flow Naturally and Effortlessly... and that is precisely why Organizing Planned Posts into sequential Events and Activities is not a strength of mine and would seem too contrived anyway.
And often I just need a Break from Blogging about what I've been Doing... and just insert the Random Post to Journal how I'm Feeling and what I just want to Talk about... like in Real Conversation... with those I've become Relational with.
And to avoid Blogger Burnout... because as long as you're Blogging about what you really want to, when you really want to, and how you really want to... it will continue to be a Joyful Experience that is worth Sharing and spending your Precious Time Creating... or sitting down to Enjoyably Read and Feast your Eyes upon what others have Blogged about.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. No wonder I feel connected to you.....I have ADHD, too, but I keep it controlled with Prozac. I also have OCD, PTSD and so many others, but hey, I think it makes me interesting.......mebeee not!


  2. WHOA......Dawn......you certainly said a mouthful today....i do believe we must be up to date now. LOL LOL



  3. Dawn - I ALWAYS enjoy your blog photos! You are very articulate, I always learn a new word from you every time! LOL!

    -pamela ;)

  4. No matter what the post, your blog is ALWAYS entertaining and so YOU!!! I look forward to everything you write, and hope to run into you sometime soon. Blogging is what you are meant to do! Love all your pictures too!!


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