Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ranch Barbi ~ Melrose Vintage Flea Market

The problem with Spring is that there are so many Activities and Events that I tend to fall behind in my Blog Postings of all the Fun we're having!  One of the recent Events was the LUCKY GIRL VINTAGE FLEA MARKET at MELROSE VINTAGE Hosted by our Friend Wendy.  When we Arrived we were met by our Talented Friend Pauline of RANCH BARBI who had recently Pimped her Pull and had it parked right up front and Invited us in!  OMG, I wanna move in GF, you guys did an AHHHHMAZING Transformation of your Gypsy Caravan!
Here's the Lovely Pauline on her Throne in front of her Gypsy Dream Caravan... looking absolutely Fabulous as always, you're definitely Rockin' it 'Ranch Barbi Style' my Friend!!!
I'm Adoring the entire Ensemble!!!
So... are you ready to step inside my Friends?
I'm ready to give you the Grand Tour... if you're anything like me you probably won't wanna leave... did I mention I wanted to move right in?!  Oh, yeah, I couldda been a Squatter here for sure!  *Winks*
First a Visual of the Exterior... which was Shined up and absolutely Gleeming so Brightly in the Arizona Sunshine that you needed your Shades to look at it without being blinded!  *LOL*

Totally diggin' the Mascot sporting her little Santos Crown...
A Blend of Deconstructed Loveliness...
And Exotic Gypsy Flair...
With a touch of the Wild, Wild West... done Ranch Barbi Style!
Pauline's Style and mine are so similar that we could have been Twins separated at Birth!  And so I always hit her Showroom and Flea Market Booths first knowing I will ALWAYS find something I Adore!
I'll give you some Close-Ups so you can catch all of the Magnificent Details... I'm all about the Details as you know... and obviously Pauline is too... her Attention to Detail is meticulous!  And she Sources some of the best Found Treasures, you'll want it ALL!!!
And beholding all of this is making me Impatient for The Man to 'Score' me an Old Airstream so I can get busy and Pimp my Pull as well to Create my own Gypsy Mobile Art Studio Caravan to hit the Open Road for Adventures!!!
I think he's worried that if I got one of these... and got it lookin' like this... and the Gypsy Wanderlust was Reactivated... the 'putting down roots' Thing would be Over and he'd never get me to Settle down in one spot again or come Home?!?  *Winks*
His cause for Concern would be Legit... once on the Open Road again and leading a Nomadic Lifestyle even part of the time would make me want to do it again all of the time.   But I still WANT ONE!!!
And it was so Inspiring to see the Transformation that Victor, Pauline and Family have Accomplished and the Wonderfully Artistic Space Created for when they are on the Road and doing Shows.
It definitely is a Home away from Home and every tiny Detail was a Feast for the Eyes and the Gypsy Soul.
These are part of the reasons why we stock up on Exotic Fabrics, Architectural Salvage and Vintage Items we Love so that we can Transform all of our Living Spaces in the Styles we Love and to Create an Atmosphere and Ambiance that makes us feel right at Home where ever we may be.  
This is the sort of Space that a Wanderer's Dreams are made of... those of us who have that itch to Travel and Roam Extensively and yet want the Comforts and Oppulent Feel of Home even in the smallest and most Mobile of Spaces we may be occupying.
And Gypsy Sistas On The Fly like to Roll like this.
And perhaps your Dream Caravan might look and be Styled differently... but my Hope is that this will make you Dream and have that Vision of what yours could look like too?
And even if you're the Stay At Home Type... wouldn't it still be Dreamy to have your little Caravan Dream parked somewhere on your Property as your own Personal Retreat or Artistic Space to Create in on site? 
Here's my Friend Brigitte taking a gander inside.  It was Brigitte's first time taking in the 7th Avenue Experience... yes, she was a 7th Avenue Melrose Crawl Virgin!  *Winks*  I'm quite certain her Dear Husband is gonna Hate me for gettin' her started now and rollin' with the Crew!?  *LOL*  Brigitte is an Avid Found Treasure Hunter too and being originally from Germany she has a Good Eye for the Good Stuff in the way of the European Treasures especially. 
If you're considering Pimping your own Pull then having a Stash of your Favorite Fabrics and Styling Elements comes in mighty handy and will defer additional Expenses since you'll already have many of the Luxe Elements already on hand to layer your Mobile Lair in Luxury.
Because though I'm not personally big on Camping, I am big on GlampingI've got to go Gypsy Glam even when we're on a Wilderness Adventure and so this suits me for when The Man wants to do the Roughing It Thing... this is as Rough as I want or need it to be... no Little House On The Prairie or Prospector's Accommodations for Yours Truly!  *LOL*
No way, you're not even draggin' me along unless I can go in Style!  *Smiles*
I thought Pauline's Little Prince's Section of the Caravan was so Cute!
And there does look like there is a 'spare nook' to squeeze me into... *Winks*
And how Cute is this Lamp Base?!?
A Closer Look... Yes, like me, Pauline is a Fan of giving our Taxidermy the Bling Treatment! *LOL*
And Detailing everything with Found Treasures for layers of Beauty and Visual Interest...

If you could see everything at a Glance then it just isn't our Style.  There should be Beauty to Explore and Discover, making you want to Linger and take more than just a casual quick look.

As I always say... better to be Looked Over than Overlooked! 
Pauline has definitely Accomplished that with her Space and Fun Unique Ranch Barbi Style.
And I want to Thank her for so Graciously Inviting us in to Enjoy her Personal Space and Private Retreat. 
We really have Enjoyed it and come away Inspired and ready to Pimp our own Pulls as soon as we get them!
Your Airstream Gypsy Dream Caravan really is Special, just like you.
Be sure to come back Tomorrow my Friends as I Reveal Pauline's Flea Market Booth and some of the other Vendors at the LUCKY GIRL VINTAGE FLEA MARKET at MELROSE VINTAGE!
You'll be Glad you joined us!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. She's LIVIN' my DREAM! ('Course so are you just being inside her "Dream"!) I think I'm off to find a small spot in my house to Glamp - is THAT the word? - a little further :)

    I'd love to start with a decomposed couch just like hers! A comfortable one, please!

  2. Dawn
    You had me at Air stream lol WOW really packed with eye candy. That is a dream to be able to do what we love! Loved the settees they were my favorite. Great to see your beautiful smile in the photos. Sending you lot of California love


  3. Kudos to you Dawn...Besos..Ranch Barbi


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