Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Inventory For Showroom #114 And A Surprise 'Score'!!!

I've picked up quite a few more hours at Work covering for my Friend Shelly while she's on Vacation... probably languishing on some Beach as we speak the Lucky Gal!  *LOL*  Which means I've had more to do than time to do it... but I did manage to bring some newly Sourced Inventory into Showroom #114 since it was beginning to look barren after the Easter Event.
So this Gypsy Afghan and Black Tassled Goth Lampshade headed in there...
And a Spring Inspired Gypsy Floral Pillow...
I Adore Bohemian Gypsy Yarn Art pieces and it's always a bit difficult not to want to add them to my Personal Collection.
Also headed Showroom bound was this large Art Glass Clown Decanter... likely a Murano piece since that's what it looks like to me.  But being it was a utilitarian Glass Sculpture it must have been washed enough times to have the Murano Paper Tag washed off long ago so I'm not gonna say it is one without proof and we'll just leave it as Art Glass and have him priced accordingly as a Mystery Art Glass Creation... a Bargain if he is indeed a Murano.
Years ago a Co-Worker Friend of mine in my Corporate Banking Life, Carol, had an extensive Collection of Murano Art Glass Clowns and I became quite familiar with them from her Love of them.  She would have flipped for this piece.
He's as Colorful on the backside as he is on the front, a real Cheerful piece of Art Glass... though I must say I personally find Clowns to be a bit creepy... and especially Art Glass Clowns!  *LOL*
Also Showroom bound was this great 1957 Chalkware Gilded Oval Frame... very heavy and not in bad shape for a 55 year old relatively fragile piece.
Nice detailing on it , whether left empty or with a piece of Art mounted inside.
And this Vintage Bentwood Magazine Holder is deceptively heavy and has Beautiful grain and color to the wood... not really sure what type of wood it's made of but this seems to be the natural color rather than a stain.  Here's one side...
And the other side.  Hard not to want to keep this one for myself.
But it matches the remaining Dinette Set that I have in the Showroom really well.
Now, knowing me like you do though, you have to already know that I did keep a few Found Treasures for myself that I just didn't want to part with.  *Winks*
This pair of Vintage Velvet and Fabric Art for example... the scene is actually padded Fabric like a little pillow... and I Love the Worn Velvet Frames.  There's a Lake Scene...

And a Floral Still Life Scene... I got the pair for under six bucks.
And for under two bucks I got this Lovely very Old French Lourdes Madonna that I'm not sure of the composition of?  Definitely keeping it and adding it to my Spiritual Collection.
But the crowning Glory of a 'Score' was a Vase Created by one of my Favorite Pottery Artists, Lark Elizabeth Roderigues.   I've been a Fan of her work for a while and always wanted to own a piece.  
So Imagine my utter Surprise and Delight when I'm Goodwill Hunting and over in the Misc. Section I spy this Vase!  Were my eyes deceiving me... could it be one of her Creations in a Thrift Shop??!!!!   Her Work is so distinctive that I instinctively knew that it was!!!  OMG, my Heart nearly skipped a beat... and I was overjoyed when I turned it over and sure enough, my instincts were confirmed and her Signature was underneath!  *Whoo freakin' Hoo... Color me Happy... I was so Jazzed!!!*
And especially being I 'Scored' it for under four bucks!!!  I could hardly Believe my Good Fortune... I mean what are the Odds?!?!  Astronomical... I just LOVE the Laws of Attraction!!!
I just keep turning it round and round Admiring it from all sides...
And the Amazing Details Lark puts into every Creation.
Source: BING IMAGES of Lark Elizabeth Roderigues Pottery
Here's some Images of more of her Work.  The Real Wonder is... that until I 'Scored' this piece I had actually never seen one of Lark's pieces for real, only in Images because her Creations aren't available anywhere Locally that I'm aware of... so I was always Admiring and Lusting after a piece Virtually, so how Cool is THAT... when the first piece I actually see for real is in a Secondhand Shop at a ridiculous Bargain just waiting for me to Discover it and Claim it?!??!!  Pinch me so I know I'm not Dreaming!!!  *Smiles*  So my Spring Junquing Forray for Showroom Inventory turned up some nice pieces and a few very Special Treasures for myself too!  Happy Spring!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I share your clown sentiment. Colorful glass=extra creepy!

    Hoping you are well.



  2. I love it all sister !!! Have a blessed week my sweet friend..

  3. OH OH OH!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TREASURES! *squeal*


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