Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Styling, Kitsch And Whimsy

I'm such a Big Kid at Heart that I'll probably always enjoy Fun Styling, Kitsch and Whimsy in my Living and Working Spaces.
I don't yet have a Vintage Gumball Machine in the House, but I'm definitely looking at the possibilities once I find one within Budget that has the elements I Desire.  I'm always drawn to Vintage Gumball, Candy and Toy Dispensers... as much as I was as a Child.
This Gumball Carnival Game Style Machine has all the buzzers and bells that would make it an exciting addition to any Room you're envisioning with Fun Styling.
Who wouldn't Enjoy the bright Neon Lights, a Midway Style Game with the chance to Win a Free Prize as well as getting your Gumball?!   I like that you can change the Prize to whatever you want as an incentive for your Drop Zone hitting Skills!   This Awesome Machine is available in Cindy and Tony's Showroom at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.
I also Love Kitsch and Whimsy... I'm just a sucka for it in fact... anything that makes me Smile and isn't so Serious or within the confines of Styling Boundaries and Rules is just so much more Interesting, Intriguing and makes me 'Feel' something.
Even if that 'Feeling' is outrageous Laughter or repulsion, at least you 'Felt' something when you saw it... rather that than banality and boredom.   This Quilt doesn't belong to me but it always brings a Smile to my face because the Snake squares didn't initially remind me of a Snake at all... and we began to affectionately call this the Sperm Quilt.  *LOL*
And it is 'Different', Bold, Free Spirited and Fun so I like it... the Workmanship and Colors are Interesting... all the little Spiders, Snakes and Scorpions that Grace it are Whimsical... especially if they remind you of something even Funnier than what they're supposed to depict!  So, yes, I'd probably buy something like this if the Price was right... just because it evokes a Positive Emotion when I look at it... and brought similar Emotion out in others that saw it.
Collections of Whimsy make a particular Impact when grouped together.  This is my Friend Hugh's Collection of Emmett Kelly Clown Dolls that he has for Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.  The Emmett Kelly Clown is one of the few Clowns that I don't find to be Creepy because they also remind me of a Red Skelton Character and he was one of my Fav Comedians.  Emmett's Weary Willie Clown Character was more Hobo-Inspired and what Nomad and Free Spirit doesn't find Hobos Iconically Charming anyway and epitomizes Freedom of Lifestyle Choices?  *Smiles*
Whimsical Creations for the Home and Garden can turn Ordinary Spaces into Enchanted Spaces that spark the Imagination and bring Fantasy to Life.
Gardens that grow Huge Art Glass Daffodils Created from mismatched Glass and China...
Where Vintage Pink Carnival Bunnies roam Free and Invite you to fall down the Rabbit Hole and join them in their Magical Adventures...
And Mariachi Dia de los Muertos Skullies and Skeletons Serenade you...
Ya gotta admit that he looks Suave and Whimsical in his Vintage Mini Mariachi Hat that I recently 'Scored' for him doesn't he?  *LOL*   We decided to keep him up Year round since the Family Adore him and just change his Hats with the Seasons... he's Styled and ready for Cinco de Mayo right now.
And he's not the only one... my Frida Kahlo Altered Barbie Doll is ready for Cinco de Mayo as well... she was a Delightful Gift from my Friend Pamela who knew I'd Adore her since Frida is one of my all time Fav Iconic Artists and Fashionistas that was so ahead of her Time and so Uniquely and Distinctively herself!

I just Adore Frida's sense of Style and how Boldly she Embraced her Distinctions... even totally Rocking a unibrow!

This was a Great Gift that I was Delighted to add to my Collection of Fun Styling, Kitsch and Whimsy that we have in our Home.
And Frida had to have another Iconic Partner that I Adore... so in Pamela's Showroom I found this other Altered Art Ken Doll  for only two bucks that reminded me of Yul Brynner as the King of Siam... and he will now become my Altered Art Project to enhance his likeness to my Fav Iconic Actor and the Classic Character he portrayed in 'The King And I'.  
Some of my Fav Kitsch Collectibles include Vintage Chalkware Carnival Prizes.  This is my Carnival Chalkware Pony...
And my Carnival Chalkware Pipe Smokin' Bulldog.  *LOL*
I Love that he's got such Swagger and Style.
But my all time Favorite piece of Vintage Kitsch has been passed down in my Family for Generations and was a Gift and Inheritance from my Dear Ole' Dad, who also had a penchant for Kitsch and Quirky Decor, which I obviously also Inherited. *LOL*
The China Chimp.  I only Hope that one of my Kids or G-Kids will Cherish him as much as my Paternal Gramma, Dad and I have so that he stays in the Family for several more Generations as a Quirky but Endearing Family Heirloom.  Only Time will tell... to me he's Priceless.

Sometimes something Kitsch and Sentimental that was Loved and Lost manages to Find you again... such was the Case of the Reservation Trading Post Doll that I had as a Child and unfortunately over the Years got Lost in Transit during my Nomad Years.  I had never seen another one like her until recently at our Antique Mall... my Heart nearly skipped a beat that I'd Found her again at long last!!!

You see, as a person of Native American Heritage on my Dad's Side it was Rare back in the day to find Dolls representative of his Culture.  Except when we went back to the Reservations or my Paternal Gramma sent them to me so that I'd have a Doll that looked more like us.  So as a Child I always Cherished my few Indian Dolls.  I like to Imagine that this is my long Lost Childhood Friend that had a distinctive Apache or other Plains Indian Tribal Appearance.  Maybe she is and maybe she isn't... but wouldn't it be so Cool if she WAS after all these Years of separation and then being Reunited?!?  So to me she is... since I'd never seen another one before or since, though I'm sure she was a mass produced Trading Post Tourist piece.
We like Whimsical Kitschy Frames for our Fav Family Photos as well... this one is made with Beautiful Sari Material and lent itself well to our Fav Image of Princess T in one of her Exotic Dance Ensembles, of which she has many and would gladly wear them twenty-four-seven if she could. *Smiles*  If anyone in the Family Inherited the penchant for Fun Style it would certainly be this one!  She is Fearless about Style and having Fun with it.
And why not have Fun with your Styling and Wardrobe?  We've had Friends spend hours wandering our Home just checking out the Decor and Collections of Curiosities and Oddities.  Even when the place is a mess {and it usually is... LOL and a deep Sigh} sometimes they don't even seem to notice because of all the Visual distractions!  *Winks*
The juxtaposition of Kitsch and Beautiful Traditional Elements I find to be an Enhancement of each and brings the level of Seriousness down.   I don't like to take myself or my environment too Seriously.   Fun Styling to me brings a Humility to the environment so that it isn't coming off as Bougie.
Or untouchable... I like a House to be a Home and Delights the Senses in a variety of ways and evokes a Response... not just a Museum of things Collected over a Lifetime but not to be Enjoyed Daily.  And reminded that they are not what Defines us or should be Cherished above the Relationships of those that reside with them.
No matter how Fun or Beautiful... Stuff is after all just Stuff... and so I take it all rather Lightly as Temporal and not really necessary... only if you want and enjoy it in a Healthy way that doesn't interfere with what IS Important and should be taken Seriously...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I bought that same snake, bug, scorpion quilt for $3.00 at thrift store yesterday. Love it. I woner who made it and where.


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