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Boho Nouveau ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part II

As we continue Touring SWEET SALVAGE'S 'Boho Nouveau' Event Tonight here in the Land of Blog, I realized I had left behind something I couldn't get out of my head... a couple of the Vintage Carnival Kitsch Prizes.  This one in particular, so I'm Hopeful it might still be there when I go back on the last day?
And this is the other one... so Hopefully there aren't as many Passionate Vintage Carnival Kitsch Collectors as Yours Truly and one or both might still be waiting to come Home with me and join the Carnival Chalkware Dog I 'Scored' on Opening Day?  *Winks*
This particular Event was one I knew I'd want to visit more than just on Opening Day, because I'd want to leisurely Experience it, Photograph more of it and Shop without all the Crowds and Madness since it is 'My Thing' and particular Aesthetic.  I knew that it probably wasn't the Taste and Style of my Shopping Companions that attended with me on Day No. 1 so I hadn't stayed as long as I'd really wanted to... and besides, we were taking in so many Events Thursday that we had Time constraints in order to 'do it all'.

The Metro Phoenix Area is not exactly known for Boho or Gypset Styling or Artsy Decorating... so I don't expect to see a lot of it and know that my preferred Aesthetic is definitely in the Minority and probably not in high enough demand to warrant numerous Events throughout the Year.  So I want to Enjoy and Savor it while I can for as long as I can.

So a Solo Run is in order first thing Sunday Morning and The Man said he'd hold down the Homestead while I traipsed off to do what I do, and while the G-Kid Force is still in Sunday School and won't end up wanting to Shadow me if they see me going somewhere 'Special'.  *Smiles* 
See those Awesome huge Props of Old Boxes faced with Persian Carpet Remnants and made from Reclaimed Industrial Sized Drawers?   Sweet Katie agreed to Sell me the two on each end made with the Floral Rug Remnant... and I'm thinking I should have probably just gotten the one in the Middle too.  So we'll see if that is still there and maybe we can Negotiate a Deal?  Perfect for Storing my Fabrics and Tools in the Studio.  I cover a lot of Surfaces with Persian Rug Remnants... which is why I always pick up Antique Persian Rugs in ANY condition, they make a sturdy and Beautiful covering.  I'll be Jazzing these up even more with Antique Trim and Textured Upholstery Nails, Exotic Tassles and Antique Hardware. 
I can't wait to see what New Inventory has been brought in since my first visit?  The Event is in a state of constant Evolution as the rotation of Inventory is Sold and new Vignettes are Styled.  So if you weren't able to make it for the first three days, I would still recommend you consider a visit for the Finale on Sunday too.
The Energy and Vibe is still Vibrant and Fun... yet without the long lines, frenzied Shopping and enormous Crowds that Opening Day attracts.  And so those who might want to relax while Shopping or bring the entire Family will have more of a Peace of doing so. 
I know the G-Kid Force would Love to attend with me on Sunday, but I need more 'Me Time' this Month than I've been able to Enjoy, so if I can sneak off without them in tow, I'm gonna!  *Winks*  Hey, don't raise your eyebrow at me or judge... I spent ALL day Saturday at the Water Park sitting on a concrete bench in a sliver of shade watching Princess T have her Big Time!!!  *LOL*
While Prince R holed up with Teen Angst in his Room wanting to be 'Left Alone'  and refusing to participate in any Family Activity, as most Pre-Teens prefer and is their Custom, since the whole Family is apparently now so 'Lame' and he feels so misunderstood. *LOL*   When you're nearing Thirteen your Goal is to appear as miserable and morose as possible and you can't pull that off if you agree to any Fun Filled Activities and appear to have a Good Time.  And increased Testosterone means picking fights with everyone for no apparent reason... not wise when you're being Raised by a Menopausal Woman!  *Winks*
And so hanging out for a while with my Friends a couple of days each Month and doing what I do is a breath of Fresh Air that Restores my Soul and Recharges my depleted Energy levels that Caregiving saps... so it's like a Good Medicine and way cheaper than Therapy!  *Winks* 
Besides, all of my Friends put together aren't as Intense as the G-Kid Force Duo... a little bit of those Precious Grands goes a long way!!!  *And all the G-Parents said Amen!*  I could probably hang better if I could just spoil them rotten for a few hours every now and again, then send them Home with Parents, as is the Natural Order of things when you become a Grandparent. 

But when you're tasked with Raising any of your G-Kids, you NEED a Respite and an Escape now and again 'cause we ain't as Young as we used ta be when we were Parenting our Brood and it just ain't Natural at this Season of Life to still be full time Parents of Youngsters!!!  This is precisely why Senior Women don't breed anymore, I'm sure of it!  *Winks*  My Aging Body and total lack of Patience and sufficient Stamina Affirms this Truth to me every single day!!! *Whew*  I try not to do the Math on Purpose of how Ancient we'll be by the time the last one leaves the Nest and is Raised... providing we Survive that long?!  *LOL*
And so in order to Ensure extended Survival... or at least Attempt to *Winks*... I run away from Home for half a day once or twice a Month.  I look forward to this running away from Home routine actually... if I could physically do any Circus Acts I'd consider running away with the Circus, but my Extreme Acrobatic Days are definitely behind me and over so that's no longer an option.  *Smiles* 
I've had those with no point of reference Imagine and say that Raising Grandchildren probably helps keep you Feeliing Young?  No... no it doesn't... it just makes you Feel your Age in ways you can't possibly Imagine unless you're doing it twenty-four-seven!  I could possibly have the delusion that I'm in great shape for my Age if it were not for the fact that trying to keep up with The G-Force reminds me otherwise!!!   And screams in my Ear, "Darlin', you are definitely too Old for this!" *LOL*
Yes... if it were just me and The Man Enjoying Semi-Retirement Bliss I could be curled up in a comfy Bohemian Chair like this on a Saturday Morning being left alone rather than dragged off to a Water Park and parked on an uncomfortable concrete Bench for several hours baking in the Sun until my feet swelled up so that I had to take off my shoes and walk back to the car barefoot!  Yes... they are worth all the Sacrifice... this is True... and since they'll probably be the ones picking out my Nursing Home if my Survival Tactics succeed it's probably best to ingratiate myself to them.  *Winks*
But any of you who know Children well, also then know that it would be all about them all of the time if you didn't also make that Time for yourself... Kids are just Naturally Egocentric that way.   And as many aches and pains as is piling up at this Season of Life I don't really know for certain how many Moons of Free Spirited Fun I'm good for???!!!!  And so I'm making Hay while the Sun Shines as my Dear Ole' Dad used to say!   Rough Translation of this Proverb: If you have an opportunity to do something, do it before the opportunity, or you, expires.
And besides... as I downloaded these Images I just Discovered yet another Cool Old piece of Carnival Kitsch sitting over there on the far Right... *Winks*   And if at some point in the Future I find myself unable to be good for days of Free Spirited Fun... then at least I will have surrounded myself with Fun and Sentimental Objects that I Love and not being able to get out as much won't seem so bad...
Well, that's the very loose, not~so~well~thought~out Plan anyways... *Smiles*  Subject to change without notice...
And for Now I Think I could make that work...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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