Friday, March 1, 2013

Who Else Has Spring Fever?

Now that it's March I've got Spring Fever BAD!!!  I've been yanking out old plants in the Garden and bringing in new plants from the plant nurseries, ready to add an edible Sensory Garden of Herbs and Mints around the Front Porch for the G-Kid Force to Enjoy.

I'm ready to start looking for Flowering Spring Bulbs to bring into the House to Decorate for Spring and Easter now that I finally got all the Winter Decor Stored away for another Season.  Spring is always a Fresh Start... moreso for me than the beginning of a New Year on January 1st actually.  There's just something about Spring that evokes a Re-Birth of so many things... where things that might have laid dormant are now springing to Life... maybe for the first time... or maybe being resurrected again.

And for the Showroom I've been bringing in a Lighter Color Palette that speaks of Springtime Freshness and Romantic Style... Florals, Pastels, Lace...

So I've been bundling up Duvets, Quilts, Tablecloths, Vintage Chenille Bedspreads and Floral Linens.... Olivewood Rosaries from Jerusalem... White Wicker...
Padded Hangars in Delicate Floral Prints...
And lucious Satins and Lace... and making Tags with my new Rubber Stamp Sets, which is so much Fun...
Editing and Purging Stashes of Romantic and Shabby Style Elements to give the Showroom more of a Springtime Bohemian Vibe...
And in the flurry of Activity it has been a Special Surprise when Friends drop by the Showroom for a Visit and to Shop... like my Friend Punkie... and she brought a Friend along who sells Found Treasures at 'Sweet Repeats Vintage' and has an Etsy Shop at 'Sweet Repeats'.

It was so good to see you Gals, to Visit and to Talk Shop!!!

Now that Spring is Arriving the Great Edit and Purge of 2013 is going into High Gear while the Weather is so Glorious and I can do more Staging Outdoors of what I'm hauling into the Sunshine to decide whether to Keep, Sell or Donate.  The longer I'm at this the easier it is becoming to detach and just 'Let Go', making a Clean Sweep of each area we're coming to and tackling.  Today it was the Front Garden and Porch Area... so some Garden Style Elements were Showroom bound.
Like this Seafoam Green Wrought Iron Planter that has been Aged by the Elements after Years in the Garden and now scrubbed clean so that it could be used Inside or Out.
Wooden Step Stool... Wicker Floor Vase... Vintage Bed Trays... Floral and Lace Sachets...
Romantic Style Books... Rose Painted Decor... Pink Wicker... yes, I've definitely got Spring Fever... how about you?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Looking forward to spring is something we all do. However, this year I seem to need it more.

  2. I will be so glad when I can dig out in my plant bed, right now it's under 20 inches of snow

    I love my snow also but will be happy to see spring in my yard


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