Sunday, March 10, 2013

While The Prince Is Away...

The perfect opportunity presented itself for the beginning of Spring Break, the Young Prince's Aunt took him for a few days to give us a Respite, which just left us with Princess T.  Anytime we just have one it's so much easier and practically Bliss, because one Child has nobody to fight with or torment!  *LOL*  And if I've got to be left with just one and I have a lot to do, Princess T is my First Draft Choice.  She Loves to Shop, Style, Clean and Organize or be involved in Projects and she does a good job of it... the Young Prince, not so much.  So while The Prince is away... we kicked it into high gear around Bohemian Valhalla!   First I went Sourcing Inventory for the Showroom... and along the way 'Scored' a couple of Awesome Found Treasures to keep for myself as well.  This Vintage Ornately Hand-Carved Wooden Jewelry Box with Soft Worn Red Velvet Exterior.  It has some minor condition issues, but was less than four bucks and I fell in Love with it.
And this Cute Charm Bracelet sporting French Inspired Charms.  The Girl at the Charity Shop Jewelry Counter told me that the person who Donated this had also Donated one exactly like it that was Solid Gold and just Sold for $3,500... WOW, that's a Benevolent Donation to a Charity Shop!!!  Mine was Gold Filled and less than five bucks... and being a Francophile I just Love it too even though it's Costume Jewelry and not the Big Kahuna one of Solid Gold!  *Smiles*
The Detailing on my little Jewelry Box is exquisite...
And I Wonder what the back end Story is behind it because it looks like it might have held something particular... perhaps not even Jewelry?
The interior is lined with Red Satin and has all of these small looped ribbons that must have held something very tiny and specific... but I can't really Imagine what it might have been?
And I got this great Retro Spice Set for the Front Kitchen, which has a lot of the Original 1920's Buttercup Yellow as the main Color Palette and I liked it so much we left that room in the Color as it was.  None of the Aluminum Spice Holders has any dents and they all still have their Shaker Tops under the Screw Down Lids.  For it's Age it's in pristine condition.
The Princess and I had been furiously Cleaning, Organizing, Editing and Purging thier once shared Bedroom while her Brother was away.  She can easily 'Let Go' and Edit belongings so that it can all be sorted and properly Organized... he has a lot of trouble with it so we try to get it all done in his absence.  The key will be to ride herd on him so that it stays Clean and Organized now!  Princess T prefers her possessions Organized, Orderly, Clean and Tidy... he's more the Pigpen Type Child and very Disorganized, Lazy and Sloppy.  When he's been in a room any amount of time it looks like a Cyclone has ripped thru it or it's been Ransacked!  He's got his strengths, but keeping things in order and good condition is not one of them.  *Le Sigh*
She also helped me bring my New Inventory into the Showroom and Foof it... it has been a very busy weekend and a lot had Sold so I desperately needed to Re-Organize and Re-Stock before our Big First Anniversary Sale next Weekend.
I'll wait for another Post to Show some of the Found Treasures for Sale that we Edited from Home or Discovered during our Junquing Forray... and tell you more about the Big Anniversary Sale coming up...

And for all her Dedication and Hard Work the Princess only asked for a bag of Polly Pockets with Wardrobe... and this close to Child Sized Princess Jasmine Doll... all for under twenty bucks... so she's a Real Bargain Help Mate too!   She Worked tirelessly until she finally conked out at 8:00 pm. *Winks* 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your finds are wonderful!! Truly exquisite box. I love using pretty boxes in my decor. And Princess T is adorable. Fun having someone around who enjoys working along side and sharing in the fun of the hunt.
    Mary Alice

  2. beautiful jewelry box, and, the spice holders are so awesome, dawn! and i do think the princess deserved a princess-- she's adorable!


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