Monday, March 4, 2013

Wanderlust Flea Market And Vintage Car Show

Since we have a Love of all things Old... of coarse The G-Kid Force and I thoroughly Enjoyed the Vintage Car Show at the 7th Avenue Street Fair as well.  They just don't make 'em like this anymore!  It makes me Wonder in the Future, will any Modern Vehicles be Worthy of Vintage Car Shows... not in my opinion, none will drop jaws and make you have a Lustfest like these anyway.  And it brings back a wave of Nostalgia for me since my Brother and I used to Attend all of the Local Car Shows together when he was doing Professional Event Photography and still lived in the Valley.  So... for the Vintage Car and Truck Enthusiasts among us... Enjoy the Visual Overload of Fabulous Vintage Vehicles!!!  No further Words necessary, the Images speak 1,000 Words:










We actually did the entire Event in less than two Hours because Gramma is now Sporting one of these Boots and gimping around... yep, had been apparently walking around for Months on a Stress Fractured Foot!  Finally gave in and got it looked at and will now be wearing one of these contraptions for a few Months... ugg... no way to make one of those look Fashionable!  *Winks*  And it's on my Driving Foot... which gives a whole new meaning to Leadfoot Driver! *LOL*  My insensitivity and indifference to Pain, which I Inherited from my Dear Ole' Dad, had made it aggrivating and yet not incapacitating.  Dad was the type to go Old School Apache when it came to bearing Pain and finally gave in and took a little bit of Aleve Asperin for Terminal Cancer Pain near the end!!!  He was Hard Core Tough as Old Boots and taught us Fierce Endurance coupled with Grace, Dignity and Positive Attitude no matter what you might be up against or dealing with!   And now I got an ugly Ole Boot I'm dealling with that is really cramping my Style!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Wow, Dawn, you took some awesome pictures of the vintage cars! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Janice

  2. The sunshine reflecting on all those cars is what caught MY eye! We sure could use some of that up here!

    I liked the silver little trailer, too.

    So sorry about your foot. I'm sure it's not as "fun" as you project here :) Do be sure to follow Dr's orders as you really DO need to take care of your feet...

  3. Wow-so many fun cars! Bummer about your foot! I had to have one of those-not fun-I feel your pain!

  4. great pictures, i love going to the car shows i have a post about one i went to as well , their alot of fun!

  5. When you briefly wondered if modern cars can be featured in car shows like these in the future, my mind flashed an image of mini coopers lined up in a row. It’s a little uninspiring, but it also speaks of how car designs have been affected by our changing needs. Gas, power, size and everything else in between all have to be taken into account. If only we could mesh the beauty of vintage cars with the efficiency of today’s cars, right? :)

    Stelle Courney


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