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Old Retro Diners

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I have a fascination and deep Love Affair with Old Retro Diners... especially those with Quirky Style Exteriors, though even plain ones with Great Interiors will lure me right in because of the Ambiance.  Alas, so many have been Lost over Time and it makes me Wonder if they were carted off to some Old Diner Boneyard and still Exist, waiting for a Restoration Project and a Dream?  I don't know where this Airstream Style Zeppelin Diner is/was located or if it still Exists, but it's pretty Cool... I'd have to stop and eat here if I happened to pass by something like this on my Travels... and if it was Local I'd be sure to be a Regular, just to ensure that regular patronage would help it to survive and thrive!
 Source: Bing Images
Here's a Local Gem that used to Grace McDowell... Wonder where that huge Coffee Pot ended up?  You'd need an enormous Showroom, but I do Hope it Survived?   Doesn't a place like this make you want to stop and have a Cup of Joe?   And how Cool is the Natural Air Flow Idea of walls of folding Doors all around the Exterior since this would have been before the days of Air Conditioning in the Desert!  

And Today Princess T and I had Girl's Day Out and Vintage Diner Day... these Gems just glisten in the Arizona Sunshine like a Desert Oasis Jewel!
So first it was off to a '5 & Diner'... they have several around the City and we just Love them... and Kid's eat for only 99 Cents Mon-Fri so you can't beat that for a Bargain Meal with the Kiddos... McDonalds can't hold a candle to that!  *Thank God!  Honestly, does anyone actually go to McD's for the food, really?  Even the G-Kids don't really wanna eat it, they just want to play in the Play Land and get the Toy... so we end up throwing most of the 'Happy Meal' away!  THIS certainly does NOT make Gramma HAPPY!!!  LOL*   This one is actually right next door to a McD's and I just can't Imagine why any Adult would choose to go next door?!?   Especially when you can feed the Kids so much Cheaper here, with Retro Ambiance, better Food and...
 Old Fashioned Style Milkshakes!!!!  Milkshakes so large that they have to be shared... this is just half of one... I had the other half!  Yes... we had Milkshakes with Breakfast, don't you?!?  *Winks*

And you get this Sporty Lil Server's Cap... she'll probably want to wear this every time she helps with a Meal at Home now!?  *LOL*   She does look mighty Cute in it I must say.

And it's like a Time Capsule for the Kiddos... Transporting them back to an Era that they find quite Fascinating and ask a lot of Questions about every time we visit.   I wish I had one of these at Home...
And some of these... I always think of "I Love Lucy" when I see these Style and Color of Diner Chairs.  Wouldn't these look Awesome with the Retro Table you 'Scored' at that Yard Sale last Month Pamela??!  But I didn't think I could sneak a set out inconspicuously...  even tho' these were extras over by the Powder Room. *Winks*
Actually the place was so busy these were the only Awesome Counter Stools I could Photograph unoccupied.   And probably why they have those spare Chairs by the Powder Room... for overspill seating!  I Love the bustle of a crowded Diner, it takes me back to my Childhood where the Local Diners and Car Hops were where people came to eat and Socialize.

It was such a Gloriously Beautiful Day Today that Princess T had originally wanted to sit outside...

Until she saw how Cool everything looked Inside and that everyone was in there.  Alfresco Dining is Great, especially during Idyllic Weather, but we'll save that for another visit.

By Lunchtime we were in Downtown Glendale and managed to make it to the 'Starliner' Diner just before Closing.  They Serve only Breakfast and Lunch here and it's tucked away on Maryland at the Sanderson Ford Dealership, but definitely worth seeking out.  
Both the Diner and the Vintage Car parked out front Glisten in the Sun and they often Host Vintage Car Shows and Car Club Socials at the Dealership and Diner.  It will definitely give you a 50's Flashback in a good way.
The Beautiful eyecatching Exterior beckons you in...
And once Inside the Charm of the Fifties Welcomes you to a heady dose of Nostalgia if you're from my Generation... and an Experience if you're Younger and that wasn't your Era.
The Food is very reasonably Priced and Good... and for those who have a Love of Old and are Collectors of Retro Nostalgia, you'll be Appreciative of the Decor and Collections Gracing the Diner.
Since it was close to Closing Time most of the Lunch Crowd had cleared out just before we departed so I could get some good unobstructed shots here for you without being obtrusive to the other Patrons.  *Winks... us Bloggers can become quite Obsessive and Annoying about capturing our Images thru the Eye of our Lens to Share here in the Land of Blog... no Photo Op is ever Wasted!*
Here is the Princess, now obviously Annoyed at Gramma taking even more pixs in Public!  *LOL*  I'm of coarse Oblivious... I'm in my own Bubble and in The Zone most of the Time when Photographing stuff I Love and want to Share and Preserve in Photographic Images!  Loving the Classic Boomerang Print Formica Tabletop, so George Jetson and I distinctly recall that Pattern being Popular and Fashion Forward during that Era when anything Futuristic and Other-Worldly was On-Trend!

And ya gotta Love a Juke Box... even though now they don't play Vinyl and are mostly Reproductions of the Real Deal, they still look pretty Awesome.  I actually have a Vintage Juke Box in my Livingroom, draped with Belgian Velvet now and used as an Altar since it hasn't been functional in quite a while... but it used to work and is stocked with Vinyl 45's that I Collected as a Teenager.  It's so heavy it takes three Men and a Boy to move, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon... which is why it has remained unrepaired!  *LOL*  I do Hope you Enjoyed Retro Diner Day with Princess T and I... perhaps sometime we can get together and do it in Person!?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I have a soft spot for "diamond plate" anything only equaled by my love of "blue plate" in specials!
    She is a cutie and any time spent with her is bound to be a day of fun.


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