Friday, March 22, 2013

Backroads And Blooms ~ Sweet Salvage

This Month's Event 'BACKROADS AND BLOOMS' at SWEET SALVAGE Celebrated Spring and many of the things we Love about the Season.

Since Fresh Flowers and Traveling Backroads once the Weather is Ideal are two of my Favorite Things, I knew in advance that this would be an Event that would definitely Inspire me and be right up my Alley.  And I wasn't disappointed... there was an abundance of Beautiful Fresh Flowers, lush Greenery and Found Treasures from the Backroads that the Sweet Team had Scoured the Countryside for and Sourced for us.


I'm a Fan of Simple unpretentious Blooms Displayed in such a way that it gives a Relaxed and Understated Informal Romantic Touch to any Vignette.  They look particularly Attractive grouped together using whatever simplistic containers you happen to have on hand.  

And plenty of Greenery amid Rustic Elements and various Textures is always Appealing, blurring the distinctions between Inside and Outside.
One of my Favorite Backroads Rustic Furniture Creations was this Tall Corner Shelving Unit utilizing Repurposed Old Doors and Victorian Ceiling Tin Trim.  
I have a Shorter version at Home and would have Loved to have been able to add this one to the Room, if I had sufficient room... alas, I don't, so I had to leave it behind.  *Le Sigh*

And you know how I am about Time Worn Vintage Caged Dress Forms!!!  *Swoon*  This one was a Lovely Specimen.

And obviously someone else has a similar Passion for Quirky Old Deconstructed Chairs since this one was Sold before we could even get in the door!
Not Surprising since this one had Lovely Detailing.  But since I'd dragged Home a Chair from last Month's Event, and had 'Scored' yet another Antique Chair this Month at our Antique Mall's Event, it's probably just as well I didn't buy another one so soon!  *LOL*
But one 'Small' that I did 'Score' this time around was the Sweet Little Bottle with Ornate Metal Stopper standing on the Left next to the one lying down.
And the Necklace Creation in the Middle Upcycled from Vintage Door Hardware, Bohemian Bling and Vintage Silverware.
And this Beautiful Mother Of Pearl Ex Voto from my Friend Myko's Section.  I was Delighted with my little Trio of Treasures.

And we always meet up with Friends at the Monthly Events... here's Judy and Gail primed for Treasure Seeking and in line just ahead of Pamela and I!
In fact, Judy was so focused on Shopping that she almost forgot to take Photos... now that's when you KNOW there's some Great Alluring Distractions when Avid Bloggers who have Cameras as regular appendages now get so caught up in the Shopping Experience that we Zone Out on the Photography!  *LOL*

But it's easy enough to do when there's so much to take in and everyone and everything around you is moving at a frenzied pace!!!

And Spring Fever has taken a firm hold and has you under it's Spell.  And you know that if you spend too much time lining up Photo Ops you're going to have the throngs of Eager Intently Focused Power Shoppers snatching up your potential 'Scores' you wanted before you can finish capturing the Image in it's Vignette through the Eye of the lens first!  *LOL*  So you hafta make that Important Decision... Blog Coverage or 'Scoring' of Treasures you came for?!?!??!  Decisions... decisions...

When I'm surrounded by Garden Style Freshness and Aromas the Energy it Imparts is exhilerating and I must say it becomes hard to reach a firm decision of which I should do... Photograph first or just focus on Shopping?!
It makes me want to get busy in the Potting Shed and Gardens at Home... and Style in such a way that you begin to bring some of the Outside In.
In Delightful and Unexpected ways... with Fresh Flowers and Herbs tucked here and there... and everywhere!!!

And maybe make the Kitchen look somewhat like a Backroads Fruit and Veggie Stand or Farmer's Market so that you're Craving those Fresh Natural Foods that do a Body and Spirit Good.
And make you want to Plant, Tend and Harvest from your own Victory Gardens at Home.
We're not done yet, so I Hope you'll return Tomorrow for some more of BACKROADS AND BLOOMS at SWEET SALVAGE?   The Event will run through this Sunday Afternoon, so there's still time for you to get down there to Experience it for yourself and 'Score' your Backroads Springtime Treasures!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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