Monday, March 18, 2013

A Taste For The Exotic

It's no guarded Secret that given the Choice, I tend to have a taste for the Exotic every time and gravitate to Exotic Styles and especially Fabrics.  So... during our Big First Anniversary Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST this past Weekend I decided to Treat myself to a few Exotic Fabrics on Sale.   First it was this Gorgeous Exotic Vintage Tapestry with an Arabian Nights Scene.  Growing up we always had Exotic Algerian Tapestries Gracing all of our Walls and I was Fortunate that I Inherited most of them.
And I have an extensive Collection of Vintage Tapestries, some of which I have made Creations with, so I'm always on the lookout for those I can 'Score' at a Bargain.  The Colors and Scene on this one are Sublime and it's in pristine condition, so it won't be a Cutter for a Fabric Art Project and will be used as it was Purposed.
The same Dealer had this Gorgeous Italian Cut Velvet Bedspread at a good Price, but sadly, not within my current Budget... darn Budgets!!!   Today is our Anniversary... so I might have been able to Justify purchasing it... but I Resisted!  This is definitely Progress for Yours Truly, usually a good Justification is all I need!  *LOL*
In fact there were several Beautiful Vintage Quilts and Bedspreads to choose from... always Loving a nice Velvet Crazy Quilt... but I Resisted them all... aren't you Proud of me?  Well you should be... usually I have little Restraint in me.  *Smiles*  Though I will tenaciously stick to my Budget... Old Retired Bankers just have that ingrained in us I guess.  *LOL*  Guess I spent too many decades Debt Counseling and Foreclosing on folks that sadly could not or would not live within their means and I never wanted to end up like that if it was within my Control and wasn't due to circumstances outside of my Control.
So, darn Budget being what it is this Month... I stuck to the Inexpensive Exotic Fabrics and with an additional 15% off, well, it was thrilling to pick up a few.  I got two pieces of Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet from this Dealer... all of them were Priced at only Three to Five Bucks, which was a good Deal even before deducting another 15%.  Even Importing Vintage Belgian Velvets from my Source in Belgium where I buy it in Kilos at a Wholesale Price isn't much cheaper than that!
And these always make Excellent Fabric Art Projects... Bohemian Bags, Pillows, Quilts, Etc... so I can never stockpile too many!  Not to mention I Love to Decorate with them too and have them scattered all over the House and my Showroom.  *Smiles*
Now I didn't Purchase any Exotic Lighting... but there were two Exotic Light Fixtures that really caught my eye and so I Photographed them to Share with you and be Inspired by...  there was this Smaller one...
I Loved the Fancy 'Key' Style Accents that screwed it together... very Ornate.
And then there was this really Large one that my Images don't do Justice to... because the Slag Glass Colorful Discs really looked Enchanting when lit up from behind... I could Envision this hanging in the middle of my Gazebo Tent.

And I Loved the Patina that Time had Created on the Metal probably from Years of already hanging Outdoors.  I don't like anything to look too New and Perfect, I prefer for it to look like it has been there for a very long time already and possess Character and Time Worn Beauty.  Yes, I was definitely ADORING this Exotic Old Chandie!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This post has really connected to my bohemian soul, I must say. I have a beautiful spread very much like the Italian velvet spread in your blog, and ohhhhh, when you mentioned the Algerian tapestries, my heart skipped a beat. We spent years in Bethioua, near Arzew, and not far out of Oran. I have some wonderful pieces from there, as well. Your blog is full of beautiful inspiration. Thank you for sending lovely inspiration out into the world.

  2. So many gorgeous exotics Dawn, the fabric must look fantastic sewn into your bohemian projects:-)) The last chandy is rusty coloured glassy perfection.


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