Monday, February 11, 2013

Showroom Build-Ups And More Inventory

A lots been going on at my Showroom #114 and Loft Spaces Y13-Y14 and Art Gallery Walls Z44-Z45 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST in preparation for all the February Events coming up.  I've been Pickin' and Painting, Editing and Purging the Stash at Home of Lovelies destined to be Sold.  I had a Pair of these Old Chippy Gesso Framed and Velvet backed European Porcelain Paintings and the other one Sold before I could even hang it up!
In fact, I had Picked a Small Lot of these Beautiful Old Hand-Painted Porcelain Framed pieces of Art... very Detailed and with a French Vibe, so I know the remaining ones won't last long once the Francophiles discover them to add to their French Country Decor.
Each Scene is different and yet the Lot was quite Cohesive so I just Picked them all.
And my Friend Shelly recently moved into the Showroom next to mine and did a Build-Up, so now I have a lovely Shadowbox Style Build-Up on my Side giving me more Display Space for Inventory and I just Love it!  I promptly painted it Black and am working on putting a mixture of Funky Corner Brackets and Gilded Molding for Plate Rails in.  So far I only have the Stained Glass Corner Brackets installed... so it's all still a Work In Progress as I find the Time.


Here's a View of the entire Build-Up, there's four Shadowbox spaces across the entire North Wall of my Showroom... so Vintage Plates, Vintage Kitsch and Chachke's will eventually be Displayed up there for Sale.   I've got to bring some more Small Furniture into the Showroom as I just Sold most of it and it's lookin' a little barren and Unstyled now.

But I dug up some of my Vintage Bohemian Nesting Bowl Sets... and some Cast Iron and Tin Lamb Molds just in time for Easter, though I don't know they'll last quite that long?
And since I've been Painting Furniture and Walls anyway... I used some of the Turquoise Paint and Gold Gilding to spruce up some Lamps and Ornate Frames... the Frames Sold immediately so I better get busy Painting some more!  Painted Inventory Sells so fast that I can hardly keep up with the demand!
And the Stash of Local Interest and Decorating Books that I Purged from the Library Room have been Selling fast too!   Vintage Mixing Bowls also Sell fast so I'm glad I dug up a Hoard of them from the Back Storage Cottage during this Great Edit and Purge!  *Smiles* 
And I can't help myself, anytime I find Vintage Bronzed Baby Shoes I HAVE to Pick them... especially if they're Mounted on a Lovely Bronze Base with Frame.  I remember when Bronzing Baby Shoes was all the Rage in my Generation and my Parent's Generation... you don't see that so much anymore.  This Bronze Base is Lovely and has a nice mixture of a Brass Frame.
And while I had the Black Paint out Painting the Build-Up in my Showroom... I decided to go Upstairs to my Loft Space and Paint the entire Art Gallery Wall Black too... I just Love how Black makes Artwork Pop and Stand Out.
The Man isn't as much of a Fan of Black or Bold Jewel Tone Walls at Home... it's more my Bohemian and Goth Vibe, so I'm Enjoying getting to Paint my Retail Spaces in the Bolder Colors I totally dig! *Winks*   If it were up to me, Bohemian Valhalla would have Walls of Black and Bold Jewel Tones in every Room!   Only one Hallway and the G-Kid Force's Bedroom is Painted in a Bold Pumpkin Hue, which Thankfully was how it was when we bought the Home and since all the Kids liked it too, it was a Unanimous Vote to not repaint it.  *Smiles*

And I had to Share yet another Image of my Friend Hugh wearing another one of his distinctive Great Hats in his Vast Collection... this one is what I like to call his 'Billy Jack' Hat with gorgeous Vintage Turquoise and Sterling Silver Native American Hatband (which unfortunately isn't visible in this shot)... and his Trademark Cigar...  you're totally Rockin' it Hugh!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations on your success! It must be WONderful to get paid for doing what you love :)

    I DO like the black background on your gallery wall and agree that it makes the paintings "pop"!

  2. It's so very interesting to see how you sell antiques & vintage in the US. As usual, it's on a BIGGER scale. Incredible!

  3. oh my mom would just go crazy over these stuff


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