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Pre-Sale Inventory

Before the Big Valentine's Day and Parking Lot Sales coming up at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST I wanted to get some Pre-Sale Inventory into the Showroom and Loft Spaces.   I tend to Sell a lot just before our Big Sales and that leaves me scrambling to re-stock before the Big Events.  Such was the case this week... and it's a nice problem to have actually so I'm not complaining!  *LOL*
I suppose some Customers don't want to risk waiting for a Sale Event to make the purchases in case they don't get to it in time, I dunno... so several of my larger pieces Sold and left me with empty space to fill in the Showroom.   So I was totally Jazzed to 'score' this Awesome Military Footlocker with it's original Army Green Paintjob and lots of Character!

I have my Dad's Old Military Footlocker and The Man's Old Military Footlocker, but for reasons of total Nostalgia I wouldn't part with either of them and they'll be passed down in the Family.   I know any Vintage Militaria Sells well and is highly sought after, so its not often I find much when out Pickin' since it rarely lasts long anywhere it's offered.  And the Beauty of this particular 'Pick' was that it was already at a Bargain Basement Price and yet I got another 25% Off because of a Special Sale going on at the Shop it was in!!!  *Color me Happy!*
And just look at this Sweet framed Millinery against some Old Velvet... hard not to want to keep this one for myself!  *Winks*

I "Heart" Vintage Millinery and so parting with any is exceedingly difficult for me... see... I really am getting better at this 'Letting Go' Thing aren't I!?!  *Patting Self Proudly on Back!* 

I even decided to part with a Fav Vintage Pink Rattan and Wood Magazine Holder that came out of the Library Room when I was doing the Bedroom Conversion for Princess T.   I figured Vintage Rattan is too Fragile for a Seven Year Old to use without risking some breakage, so I'd rather Sell it than see it potentially damaged.  I've owned this piece for over Twenty Years and it was Old when I got it, so its held up quite well.

And look at the Sweet little Globe Clock I 'Scored'... it says 'Denny's' on the little Brass Plaque in front of the Clock so I wonder if it was an Employee Gift of some kind from the Restaurant Chain?
You know how I can't resist a good Globe... they Display and Sell well... and there's so many ways to Repurpose and Upcycle them as well if someone wants to make a Project out of them.  When I have more Time I plan to make some Globe Projects that I've been Inspired by on Pinterest... well, if I have any left that is?!?  *LOL*
There's a Funny Story that goes with this Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit.  You see, about Thirty Plus Years ago in one of my Corporate Lives as a Banker, every Christmas the Valley National Bank Center would Host an International Christmas Tree Display and I was always smitten with the Ukranian Tree which used Gorgeous Ukrainian Easter Egg Art as Decorations.  So one year I bought a Kit from the Ukranian Gals giving an Exhibition of how to Create them... fully Intending to make some one day.  Well... obviously that 'Day' never came since the Kit has never been used and is still in it's Pristine State!  *LOL*  Have you ever done that my Friends?   So... if you want a 'New Old Stock' Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit, I've got one for ya in Mint Condition!  *Winks*
And these are from my very brief Shabby Chic Decorating Phase... which lasted only until I realized it is Lovely but not condusive to this Household or my Style... I don't know how the Shabby Stylists among us manage to keep all their Whites and Pastels so Pristine?  I would have needed Magic and Miracles to keep it that way for more than a Minute and a Half at Bohemian Valhalla!  *LOL*  The Guys in the Household weren't all that fond of the Feminine Romantic overload anyways... they're more comfortable with my usual Bohemian Gypsy Goth Chic Styling... so back to it we quickly went.  *Winks*
And I've also been managing to part with some of my Spiritual Inspired Collections even though I still Love them as much as ever... I just have so many... so it was time to Cull the Hoard.
In fact, I'm quite Proud of Self for the things I've been Attracted to when I've 'Scored' them on a 'Pick' and yet had no problem 'Letting Go' of... that's so not like me!  *LOL*  But I'm finding that the longer I'm doing 'Picks' for Retail Space I have, the easier it is becoming not to Attach myself to the majority of the 'Scores' no matter how much I was drawn to or Love them!
And I even find myself looking around Bohemian Valhalla for what I can slap a Price Tag on next?!?  Almost anything is becoming fair game unless it is extremely Sentimental or a MOST BELOVED Special Piece that I would be loathe to part with.... well, just yet anyway!  I'm finding that can be subject to change without notice too... something I couldn't part with last week might be Showroom bound this week... with absolutely no regrets... and that is a refreshing change and remarkable progress for me in my Goal to Simplify and 'Let Go' with ease and not want to keep everything I Love or am Attracted to or Inspired by.
Loved how this Vintage Image of an Old Car parked in front of a Cathedral kind of mirrors the Tetley's Tea Collectible Toy Car that my Uncle brought with him from North Wales many years ago for The Son when he came on Holiday.  I am surprised that The Son never was tempted to play with it and left it as a Collectible in the Original Packaging all these Years and then gave it up for me to Sell!  Even more surprised that the G-Kid Force didn't rip it out of the Packaging and play with it in subsequent Years!  Now that's a True Miracle!!!  *LOL*
Here's my Flock of Lamb Molds... so Easter Sweet!!!
And Today I'm Pricing even more to head to the Showroom... such as this Fabric Vintage Jewelry Case... Love the Fabric and Color Palette on this...
And for it's Age the interior and Mirror is in remarkable shape.
And this Gorgeous Vintage Coat Rack was a Curbside Find on Bulk Garbage Day!  I just can't Believe sometimes what people will put to the Curb and not Donate or Sell!!!   And I'm certainly not too Proud to go Curbside 'Pickin' to Rescue Fab Old Pieces from being Landfill Bound!!!   Better that they be Showroom Bound or be Installed in Bohemian Valhalla!!!  *Winks*
I kept this piece for a while for myself... but we really aren't Coat Rack people and Coats still ended up tossed over the back of a Chair or something... so I decided I might as well offer it up to a Good Home where it will be used as more than a Display Piece!?   *Winks*  The Neighborhood it came from has Homes built in the 1930's Era so it could be from that Period?
And here's a Family Heirloom that I reluctantly decided to part with and 'Let Go' of... not because I particularly ever liked it, since an Antique Copper and Brass Mariner Diver's Clock is just not my Style, nor has it ever been... but because my departed Dad and departed Aunt Gil gave it to me.  It was Dad's and he gave it to his Lil Sis, my Aunt Gil... and when she got Cancer she decided to give it back to him to give to one of his Children... and thus it ended up at my House after he passed.  

You know how sometimes you end up with Family Heirlooms that you just didn't really desire or ask for, but you felt compelled, at least for a while, to feel obligated to keep because you Inherited them?  Well... that's how this Clock has been for me... kind of a Guilt Keep... and just stashed away in Storage for almost a Decade now... which just seemed a Shame since I'm certain someone would properly appreciate and Love it... and so now I have decided it must go to THAT Home and Person... whoever it may be!?  I remember my Aunt shining it up because Dad had left it tarnished... and she Loved it... so I'm sure she'd rather have someone who Loves it as much as she did own it... I'm not the one.
The things that are truly Priceless to me aren't really things at all, but Moments.  Such as the wee Princess sometimes gathering up a stash of her Quilts, Blankets, Pillows and Sheets and making a Princess And The Pea Style impromptu Gypsy Bed at the side of my Computer as I'm Blogging away.  Then tuck herself and some of her Doll Babies in for the Night and crash out before it's even Bedtime.  Her Breathing Treatments usually work as quite the sedative and she'll usually take a Nap or go to Bed right after receiving one... my Sweet Lil Angel... and you can't put a Price on Moments and an Image like this... better than anything Money could buy... and a Precious Memory lasts forever!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ah Dawn - love the image of "T" sleeping, esp her baby dolls all tucked into the blanket to keep them warm too...sweet moments! ♥

    -PaMeLa ;)


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