Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Project Down... Booyah!

Well, last Night I got one Project down... Booyah!  Granted, there are still some things to tweak as I Edit and Purge some of the chachkes in this room... but I'm still ready to Reveal what I pulled together so far.  I already did the Edit and Purge of the Library Books, Letting Go of about half of them to make room for the Princess to move into her New Library Conversion Bedroom!   This is the angle from the East Doorway of the Room.
We have numerous rooms in this Ole House and they're all rather tiny, but we 'Make It Work' as Tim Gunn would say and often combine Purpose for each Room's Function.  Old Hippies don't mind cramped Quarters anyway... the more the merrier and we've always had a House full and always make room for one more.  So if you don't mind dossing down in Unconventional Spaces or Bunkhouse Style you'd be right at Home in Bohemian Valhalla!  *Winks*  We'll make a Sleeping Space out of any handy room and make it serve dual Purpose for however many are staying the Night?!
And yes, for the Observant ones, you probably also noticed in that second Image that Spirit showed up at the unveiling of the Completed Room?  I always capture Orbs through the eye of the lens either as I begin or as I finish a Room and Project, Dedicating it as is our Custom.   I like to think the Ancestors and Loved Ones come by to Celebrate and Rejoice with us, being a part of the occassion and Dedication, so it doesn't bother me at all... I just Wonder who showed up this time?  As you can see it Manifested in the few seconds it took me to take the second frame of the same Room angle... it wasn't there in the first frame.
This Room is what I like to call a 'Walk Through' Room, as was the Floorplan of a lot of Older Homes, especially those added to over the Years... so it has two doorways and leads you from the front portion of the House into the back portion of the House.  So you have to not mind having a thoroughfare and peeps passing through constantly.  This is the angle from the West Doorway of the Room.  No way to get the entire room into frame, the head of the bed is South and has a Sunny Window... and the foot of the bed is North and has the Closet against that wall.  It is in the Oldest portion of the Home built at the turn of the Century.  That Steamer Trunk belonged to my Great-Grandmother on my Dad's side of the Family... they were Tribal Nomads with few possessions and traveled a lot... I suspect most of what they owned probably fit inside that Trunk and it's seen a lot of mileage.  I was Delighted when Dad passed it on to me.

The reason we have the Princess And The Pea look with all the Old Ticking Fabric Pillows stacked up is because Princess T must be propped almost to a sitting up position to sleep so she can breathe better and yet still be squishy comfortable.   We add or subtract pillows as necessary during the Seasons... Winter is always a High Stack Season for her.
So we try to make it a Pretty Stack using Vintage Ticking Fabrics, which I just Love to use in Decorating with Fabrics.  I have a vast Collection of Vintage Ticking Fabrics... The Man likes to joke that I probably now have every Old Ticking Fabric known to Man that was ever made!? *Winks*  What can I say, Fabric Artists ALWAYS Hoard Fabrics they find to be Beautiful!  The Mendhi Design Bed Linens are from Target and come in a matching storage Pouch, which is pretty neat for organizing and storing Linens.  I Love to also mix Prints and Fabrics... no matchy-matchy for us, that would be too predictable and 'meh'!  *Smiles*
Even though she's really feeling quite dreadful, the Diva Princess Vogued for the Camera as she crawled into her New Bed in her New Bedroom on the first Night, wrapped in a cocoon of comfort.  She can see me sitting at my Computer in the next room Blogging away in the Evening after everyone is down for the Night, so she doesn't feel like she's sleeping alone... and that's still a Big Deal for her.  She's always shared a room with Big Brother... or crawled into Bed with one or both of us or with a Visiting Aunty, so we're now trying to transition into Big Girl Territory of sleeping solo... we'll see how that goes?!  *LOL*  Each Kid reaches that milestone in their own way and in their own good time... no hurries no worries, it'll happen when it happens...
Maybe not the first Night though?!?  *LOL... yeah, there's definitely some Anxiety in that face as I'm leaving the room!!!*  Since we're on the Breathing Treatment every three hours regimen around the clock anyway now... it's all good if she doesn't go down for the whole Night... and there's room for Gramma on the Bed to snuggle in case that's what it takes to get some slumber?!  I got lotsa Books to read in case I need to pass some Time in there with her 'til she nods off... if I have to read every single one?!?  *Smiles*
And I can stare at my Wall Of Magnolia Pearl Bags in this Room as well... which is always Dreamy and one of my Fav Collections that has taken just over a decade to amass.
But I'm tenacious about Investing in the Work of Fav Artists... and its best if you can procure most of your Collections very early in an Fav Artist's Career before they become well known or there is an Evolution in Styling.  I Loved and preferred the very Early Magnolia Pearl Period and Style with Velvet and Vintage Repurposed Fabrics... it was more my Aesthetic so I'm glad to own so much of the Early Work of such a Creative Genius... when it was reflective of very Gypsy and Boheme' Inspiration.
Being surrounded by Beauty is Calming and Restful... and continues to be Inspiring too, since it can Ignite Dreams of Creativity as you drift off to Sleep!
So I can definitely Envision me taking Naps in this Room as well now that there's a Bed in there!  *Winks*  Or lounging and curling up on it to read a good Book and have a Cup of Tea.
It is sounding like this will be a good Room to Share, isn't it?  *Smiles*  That's what I like best about Multi-Functional Rooms.  This will be a good Room to Create in now too when the G-Kid Force is in School... I'll just have to remember to hide the Evidence when she comes Home!  *Bwahaha!*  I haven't picked up a Needle and Thread in what seems like ages... so it's long overdue to get back in the groove...
Gotta Share a Lil Somethin-Somethin that Graces the New Bedroom that I got at THE BRASS ARMADILLO this past Sale Weekend.  I 'Scored' the Gypsy Tin in my Friend Pamela's Showroom for $4! 
 I LOVE that funky Colorful Gypsy Bling encrusted knob someone added to a Vintage Tin... just My Style!   Quirky unique Personal touches always Appeal to me... it makes anything OOAK and distinctive.
And the Large West German Vintage Bohemian Brooch was only $8!  The Center Stone is a Beautiful Peridot Green Hue, which happens to be my Birth Stone.  It shines so brightly that it's almost impossible to Photograph it without getting some Shine Glare!

And last, but certainly not least, is this Vintage Woman's Dress Shoe Form with a pointy toe and some great Graphics on it that I 'Scored' for a mere $4.   I have a 'Thing' for Old Wood Shoe Forms and always try to find different sizes and shapes to add to my ever growing Collection of them.  You'd think I was a Shoemaker or ready to open a Shoe Factory!!!  *LOL*

I particularly like those with an Original Patina and Graphics... this one is a 4D from Western Last Co. St. Louis.
And my Lil Goodwill Hunting 'Score' for only $1.99 is this adorable Articulated Artist Mini Human Form.  The G-Kid Force LOVE this and have been posing it in different positions all day... right now he's saying his Prayers before Bedtime Prince R says.  *Smiles*  So, G-Nite my Friends... see ya Tomorrow!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Great room! I saw the orb and thought....wooowooowoo! I love old pillow ticking to what a great collection you have. Oh, and your purses, what a great collection!


  2. Dawn - love the ticking pillows!!! Inspiration for my next digital paper posting!

    $4 gypsy tin looks fab in your house!!! I can't wait to show you what I found at yard sales on my way to my new office...I almost ran out of cash and had to stop going to garage sales. LOL!

    Let me know when you would like to venture over to the East'll be fun! ;)


  3. Oops...I meant to say..."when you are available and able to travel over to the East Valley..."

    I know you would already like to go...LOL!

  4. Love the room. The orb? Two weeks after my granddaughters transition, a bright gold/white orb appeared in my darkened bedroom. It hovered for a minute or two, blinked three times (a sign of her saying I Love You) and disappeared, leaving behind a beautifully lit pattern of light before it was gone.

  5. Love the room. The orb? Two weeks after my granddaughters transition, a bright gold/white orb appeared in my darkened bedroom. It hovered for a minute or two, blinked three times (a sign of her saying I Love You) and disappeared, leaving behind a beautifully lit pattern of light before it was gone.

  6. Move over, Princess! I'm ready to move in. What an inviting room, Dawn. Beautiful patterns, just the right amount of wear, personality, and BOOKS! What more could one ask for?!?

  7. Very "Jimi Hendrix meets the Dowager Countess"! Love it!
    I hope the little angel feels better soon. :(



  8. Well Dawn that room just looks so cozy and snuggly, I wouldn't mind napping there, too. We've gotta meet up one of these days. I'm sure we've crossed paths at Sweet Salvage, or Melrose Vintage, or Zinnia's. It's been ages since I went out the the Brass Armadillo 2, I usually go to the one at Metro Center. I hope princess T gets to feeling better, and I agree with her.......that lamp was a little scary.....LOL


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I wish I had a spring sneak peek for you. I will be adding new items (although nothing too impressive) this Saturday, so look for a blog post. And, I do have a big surprise that I will be revealing soon.
    I love that you use vintage fabrics in your decorating, I'm so jealous of your Magnolia Pearl bag collection and I can't get enough shoe forms, love them! Wish I could find a whole trunk full.
    Take care,


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