Friday, February 8, 2013

Gimme Some Of That Funky Stuff Or A Stiff Drink!

I guess I never truly moved away from diggin' some of that Funky Stuff from my Hippie Era... I often see pieces that remind me of Funky Stuff I once had and would probably buy all over again or regret Letting Go of between 'Then' and 'Now'!  *Winks* 
And I do still find myself Hopelessly Attracted to Funky Stuff to add to my Showroom... stuff that I don't feel any particular Attachment to... but which is certainly my Funky Vibe and will lend itself well to my Showroom Displays.
Things like Funky Turquoise encrusted knarly Golden Trees... how Cool would it be if there was a REAL Tree like this growing somewhere, huh?  Yes, I'd be pickin' Turquoise Teardrops off of it for sure, wouldn't you?  *Winks*  Stuff like this Sparks the Imagination!
Can you Imagine your 2013 Easter Eggs lined up in these Sweet Glass Chick Eggcups?  I'm presently Purging my Eggcup Collection and it's Showroom bound... well, some of it anyway... we're 'Old School' enough to still enjoy our hard boiled Egg served up in an Old Fashioned Eggcup, so I'll keep a few.

But I admit there are some Vintage Funk that I'm Waffling on bringing in to flip... such as my Personal Collection of Colorful Nesting Pyrex Bowls, which look just like this set.  I rarely use them... but I Love just lookin' at them, you know, so Colorful and Kitchen Kitsch... so for now we probably won't part company just yet during this surge of Edit and Purge.
And it's probably a very good thing that my Friends Myko and Brett Sold their Amazing Vintage Tombstone Biker Bar Sign because I was seriously trying to figure out just where at Bohemian Valhalla I could hang such a Cool Enormous piece!?!  *LOL*  I'm certain The Man would have cringed, knowing that something like this could be an Open Invitation for even more Free Spirited folks to show up... on their way to Tombstone perhaps?!?  *Winks*
Yes, even after all these Years together our Idea and Ideal of 'Home' don't always line up... since he's a very Private and Solitary Type... and I'm well... so NOT!!!  *LOL*
But, wasn't this so seriously Funky Cool?!??!?   And Brett... how DID you talk them Bikers out of parting with their Awesome Sign?   I know, you'd tell me but then you'd have to kill me, right?  *Smiles*  You Rock at the Art of the Deal my Friend!!!  I'm suitably Impressed!  *Winks*
Alas, some other Biker Bar now has procured MY Sign!  *Winks*  So The Man can breath a sigh of relief... knowing at least I won't be dragging this Home with me to Decorate with!  *Insert a Sad Face for me though!*   Glad I Photographed the heck out of it before it went off to it's new Home...
I sure was Luvin' that Circus Style Font though... and the Awesome nod to the Old West... so PERFECT!  And yes, decidedly too Funky for most folks to want to Decorate their Home with.  It's so hard for me to restrain myself sometimes... especially when it comes to great OOAK Funky Stuff!
And I see it literally everywhere... there is no shortage of great Funky Stuff actually... and because most folks don't Decorate with it, I can typically get a good Deal if I decide I can't live without it or want to add it to the Showroom?!
Some Funky Stuff is just Nostalgic... my Dad used to smoke Chesterfields and as a Kid I remember Loving the Graphics on the carton and making Pet Toys out of the empties for our Fur Babies!  Our Chihuahua, Huey, enjoyed chasing them around my Mom's highly slippery waxed floors!  Huey used to look like the Ice-Skating Chihuahua sliding around those floors after Origami bow-tie shaped Chesterfield Packets!  *LOL*
Some Stuff isn't so Funky that it doesn't Appeal to anyone but me, my big Ole Funky Beveled Glass Black Mirror recently Sold.  I thought it was Cool being Black, but since I know Pastels and White Sell better it took Resolve to leave it in it's Original Victorian Shade and Hope that wouldn't make it languish.  Who knows, the Buyer might have Painted it the minute they got it Home... but, whatever... *LOL*
And even though I'm Grown... Bold Funky designed Vintage Marbles still Appeal to me!  I'm not buying them anymore since I have my own Childhood Stash that I've hung onto... but I Love looking at Old Marbles and the varied Colors and Designs of the Antique and Vintage ones... Little Works Of Art every one!   And as a Collectible they don't take up much room, which is always a Bonus!  You Serious Collectors know what I'm talkin' about!
And talking about Serious Collectors, our Friend Hugh, at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST has the absolute best Collections of Funky Stuff ever!  His knowledge of Art and Antiques is vast and he has Collected the Unusual and Rare for Years.   And what I Love about Hugh is that he WEARS a lot of his Collections with Confidence, his Hat Collections are Awesome and distinctive... this one and his 'Billy Jack' Hat are among my Favs.
And every so often I stumble upon a Funky Collectible that just Screams my Name... shouldda got it, I know... ah, well, hindsight is 20-20 isn't it?!  
I had already written and scheduled this Post before our most recent Medical Emergency last Night.  The Man is back in Hospital, he had suffered another Heart Attack and has Pneumonia in both lungs, we will Appreciate all of your Prayers.  Princess T is still on her round-the-clock breathing treatments but is starting to feel a bit better and Hopefully The Man will be Home from Hospital before she has to go into Hospital for her comprehensive Tests since I will need to stay in the Hospital with her and need coverage and supervision for Prince R.  The Man's Birthday and Valentine's Day are close so he'd like to be Home for both... we'll see how things play out.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    OK girl you are in my prayers for sure!
    Loved seeing the "Dawn" doll case. I used to have those dolls. They had THE best clothes!
    Hang in there my friend,


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