Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flashback Seventies And New Inventory

As the Great Edit and Purge continues into 2013 I'm adding new inventory daily to my Showroom and Loft Spaces... culling the Hoard of Forgotten Treasures I've had stashed in Storage and are now seeing the light of day again a decade or more later!
I Love Italian Tole Sconces and Chandies, but seriously, I've run out of wall and ceiling space... so it's time to Let Go of some of the Collection...

And as I'm wading through boxes of Treasures I'm coming across old Photo Albums... and it's rather Surreal to look back at Images of Loved Ones, especially the Family Elders, who were the Age in the Images that I am now!  And realize that now WE'RE the Family Elders too!  *LOL*  My Aunt Dee, who is a Beautiful Cherokee Woman, looks the same now as she did in this 70's Photo of us together... I NEED to know her Secret!  *Smiles*

It's easy for me to Let Go of some things... like Vintage Kitchenware.  These Tart Tins would make Sweet Rustic Style Christmas Ornaments, I've seen some Pinterest and Blog Ideas for Creating them... but have too many Projects already... and too little Time... so I'm letting them become someone else's 'Project'.  *LOL*
And though I have a 'Thing' for Enamelware, I've got so much that I'm finally Letting Go of some of that too...  I Love how sturdy, bright and Cheerful it is.  Utilitarian Loveliness that only gets better over Time.  We used to use ours a lot when we went Camping all the time... but in recent years our 'Roughing It' jaunts have diminished due to Health Issues... I don't want to be in the Wilderness and have a Medical Emergency crop up!  So now Glamping would be the best option.  *Winks... The Man would be shuddering at the mere Thought of Glamping!*
But some things are a bit harder for Yours Truly to Let Go of... they almost have to be pried out of my clenched hands... such as my Ornate Thai Lunchbox... how Cool is this?!
You can carry four different Treats on Picnics or to Lunch... Clever and Beautiful... just look at how it still Shines!  But the G-Kid Force reminded me that using every Pretty Thing as simply a Display Piece defeats the Purpose of this Edit and Purge Project and grill me on when was the last time we USED it Gramma?! *Le Sigh*   I Hate when Logic and Reason prevail and I have to admit they're absolutely spot on... so Good-bye Lovely Thai Lunchbox!
And then there's the 'Scary Lamp'... which is what Princess T has always called it, though we have no idea why?!   She never even wanted it turned on!  It has always been in our Library Room... but since that is being converted into her New Bedroom slash combo Library Room... well, she said she was only moving in if the 'Scary Lamp' moved out!  *LOL*   So Good-Bye 'Scary Lamp'... ya gotta Go so that there's no Trouble in Paradise!

Over the Years we even tried to somehow make it less 'scary' to her by wrapping a Rosebud Garland around it... but she wasn't having it.  And oddly, we have far more Antique Addams Family-ish "could be Creepy" Lamps that have long History that are scattered around the House that she's not the least bit afraid of!  This Floor Lamp was purchased brand spanking new and we're the only owners, so no telling why she thought it to be 'Scary'!?!   Does it look scary to YOU?  Kids can be funny like that though... and she's very Happy that the 'Scary Lamp' is finally being Sold off!  *Smiles*  I Loved that Beaded Glass Lampshade though... ah well... a small Sacrifice to make to get her into her New Bedroom Space where she MIGHT not mind sleeping alone?!?  The Guest Bedroom couldn't entice ANY of them to want to move into... that's allegedly the 'Haunted Room'!  So I bet you can only Guess where I Retreat to when I need and want total Solitude and NOT to be bothered!? *LOL*
And since all of the Christmas Cacti are in full Bloom this time of Year I decided to plant some in Vintage Containers and put them in the Showroom too for a pop of Natural Color and Organic Beauty.
I Love Styling with Fresh Plants and Florals... but since I don't visit the Showroom every day to maintain them, I need something that is a Succulent or Cacti and requires minimal care but gives the same effect I'm looking for.
Milk Glass makes great Planters, I've Sold quite a few Planters made from my vast Milk Glass Collection.  Sometimes the customers don't think the plants are real though because they look so Lovely... the vivid waxy Blossoms and bright Green foliage does look faux and Surreal.
So quite a few have had pinch marks on them where someone has taken a squeeze or tug just to ascertain whether or not it's fake or the Real Deal!?  I suppose I should make Cute little Signs that say, "Yes, I'm Real!"  *Winks*
I Love how they look all lined up in a grouping... I should have gotten a variety of the Colors of Bloom, but the Hot Pink and Reddish-Orange were my Personal Favs.  They come in Bright Orange, Yellow and White too... and some have two Colors coming out of one Plant! 

It is Fun to see what turns up next as I continue to unpack boxes in the Storage Cottage to clear it out... with two Major Redecorating Projects in Full Swing I'm busy as a Bee... but its good to finally be acting upon some long-put-off Projects and having Fresh Starts to the New Year... it keeps my Mind off of other not-so-positive things... and your Prayers and Encouragement have also been Appreciated so much my Friends!

And it was Timely, with the Flashback Seventies dose of Nostalgia, to join in on a Nostalgic Blog Party being Hosted over at SEASIDE SIMPLICITY... so please join the Flashback Friday Blog Party going on over there.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, thanks for playing along on Flashback Friday! Love your 70s photo and love all your vintage goodies too - especially the scary lamp :)

  2. Great pictures. I liked your aunt's glasses frames.


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