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European Container Sale ~ Rust And Roses

Another Great Event we Attended this past Week was being Hosted by our Friend Shelly over at RUST AND ROSES.  An off the hook European Container Sale brought to us by the UBER CHIC GUYS, Chris and Dustin!!!  The Guys had Sourced Antiques from such Dreamy European Destinations as France, Belgium, Hungary and Germany, so you KNOW I was all over that! *Winks*
And the first European Treasure I 'Scored' was this Fab Colorful Boheme' Demi John!!!  Sure, the Earthy Toned ones are Lovely and more Common, but this one stood alone and out from the Crowd with it's Bold Rainbow hues and was much more My Style!  *Winks*
We had seen the Trucks unloading all day and could hardly wait for the Preview at 5:00 pm Thursday, the first day of the Event.   So after I got The Man all settled in after getting him Home from the Hospital that Afternoon, Princess T and I met up with my Friend Pamela destined to head back into the City for the Sale!   The Man and I had driven past the unloading since the VA Hospital is just a few blocks East of the Event... and he could tell I was Lustfully and Woefully Jonesin' to Attend and thought I would have to Cancel my Plans and miss out on the Invitation Shelly had extended!  *Sob... I must have looked like a Pitiful Sad Pound Puppy... LOL!*  So he insisted I not miss out on it due to his unexpected early Hospital Release that day... and I wasn't gonna Argue! *Winks*
There was a Sea of Demi Johns of every Shape and Size you could Imagine!!!  Most still had the Wickerwork intact and even the Wickerwork was in a myriad of different Weavings and Shades.
And even those that were no longer encased in their Wickerwork were in an Amazing array of Shapes, Sizes and Hues of Glass!!!
The Jumbo Sized ones were beyond Fabulous and at great Price, alas, my Budget being what it was I couldn't get one this time around... but maybe next time... since the Guys will be back in the Spring!
There were lines of Galvanized Watering Cans...

And tables full of Demi Johns...
And speaking of Tables... the Furniture was European Country... Rustic and so Charming!!!  Most of it was Sold by the first day!!!  I'm not at all Surprised though, pieces like these don't come along here in the Southwest very often, so it's a Rare Find to have a Selection to choose from all in one Location at a single Event and Fresh from the Farms and Villages all across Europe.
The European Soil was still evident on so many of the pieces and I Love it when things are that Pure from The Pick!
If like me you are a Huge Fan of European Feedsacks and Grainsacks, well, you would have lost your Mind I tell you!!!   There were piles of them everywhere... in every Weight, Size and Natural Color as well as some that had been Dyed in Delightful Hues of Indigo, Grey and Rose.
Some had been made into Pillows and Bolsters...
And though those were quite Tempting... I decided instead to wade into massive piles of loose ones and try to make the agonizing decision of which ONE I was going to buy... yes... darn Budget limited me to a mere ONE and if you don't think that was almost impossible when confronted with mountains of them, each as Lovely as the other, you have no idea!!!  Princess T began whining that I was taking too long... and truly I was... so very indecisive, that guess what, I never did make a decision that first day and had to come back on Saturday to get one sans any of the G-Kid Force in tow hurrying me to choose!  *LOL*
And yes, that did mean that some of my Fav Monogrammed ones had already been Sold by the time I got back... but you know what... it made the Decision Process so much easier on me really, when faced with smaller mountains of them and less Monogrammed ones that were Competing against each other...
And so I was totally Content to come Home with this one, which is a Huge Bolster sized one, a silky soft Natural Linen, with dualtone Stripes and a nice Simple Monogram in the middle.  After a few soakings in BIZ it will Whiten beautifully and be eventually stuffed full of Down Feathers.
So yes, that first day I came away with two Fab Demi Johns... 'Scored' the Blue and White one too... still dusty from Years of Storage somewhere obscure in Europe... when I cleaned it up the Colors were so Vivid!   And the 2nd day I came away with the Monogrammed French Feedsack... only Wish I'd had more to spend, so that I could have Sourced some for Inventory for my Showroom as well to bring a Taste of Europe to the Far West Valley Treasure Hunters.
And many of my Friends were there Treasure Hunting as well... here's Audrey and Pauline... Pauline trying to ward me off with her Crucifix lest we both hone in on the same Found Treasures since our Aesthetics are so Identical!!!  *LOL*  You're Hilarious GF!!!
And I don't blame her one bit coz if I'd spied this Fab Vintage Velvet Fringed Gypsy Pouff before she did, I would have been dragging it Home instead!!!  *LOL*  This is precisely why you have to Partner up with your Friends that you know have a totally DIFFERENT Aesthetic than you while on a 'Pick'!   *Smiles*  And this is why Pauline has Audrey as her Wing Gal for Pickin' and I've got Pamela as mine... *Winks*   Nice 'Score' Pauline, it is definitely Classic Ranch Barbi or Bohemian Valhalla Style for sure!  *Smiles*
So... what would you have been dragging Home to your Lairs my Friends?  Galvanized European Tin Treasures???
European Enamelware Treasures???
Oversized Demi John Bottles???
Or Smaller Demi Johns encased in Wickerwork???  Enamelware French Wall Sinks???
Or Rustic European Country Furniture???
Or piles of Feedsack and Grainsack Linens???

I know... a bit overwhelming huh?  *Smiles*

There was piles of Vintage Industrial... and...
A Sea of Vintage and Antique European Glass... sitting atop of Great Rustic Tables...
Buckets... Washbasin Stands...
And so much more...
It was Visual and Sensory Overload!!!  I could only Imagine how much Fun it had been to Travel to all of these Countries and 'Pick' all of these Treasures!!! 
And in such Abundance!!!
There's my 2nd Demi John, the Blue one in the far Left Corner... just as I spied it... yes, even in this Abundance there were just certain items that jumped out at me Visually!!!
Even as I was walking up on the Vignette that held them!!!
Check out the Large Baking Boards and Wooden Dough Troughs...
And since the Preview was a couple of Hours before the Event was open to the General Public I got to take some Pristine Images of the Inventory before it was descended upon by the throngs of eager Shoppers!!!
I can hardly wait for the next Event already!!!
And you can be sure I'll be starting a Savings Fund so that I'll be able to procure more than just a trio of Treasures the next time!!!  *Winks*
Maybe a Large Purchase will be in order next time?

Or I'll get to have the Time to go through the Antique Maps... there were boxes of them... but no Time this time around to unravel them and take a peek at the Old World Global Elements they revealed.  *Le Sigh*  As a Vintage Map Lover The Man would have been perusing these exclusively had he Attended the Event and I would have liked to pick one up for him to Grace the Wall of his Work Cottage.
There was just so much to take in that my focus was EVERYWHERE and nowhere in particular!  *LOL* 
So until next time... I'll just Consider and Dream about what I might 'Score' the next time around... when The Uber Chic Guys bring another Container of European Treasures out West and our way...
But be sure that until then Shelly has even more Events Planned... such as the RUST AND ROSES WANDERLUST ECLECTIC FLEA MARKET coming up this Saturday!!!  See ya there my Friends...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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