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Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Finale'

This is the Finale' installment of the SWEET SALVAGE "Green Acres"  Event.  I got only a couple Images of the New York Park Avenue Glam Inspired section that was a nod to the Character Eva Gabor played in the Sitcom.  Since it was the last section I got around to, it was seriously picked over by then and you'll have to get pristine Images from other Bloggers of how Fab it looked before the crowds descended upon it.

There were great Colors... such as Black, Hot Pink and White... and Aqua, Black and White... with lots of Furs and Vintage Gowns with Crystal Chandies sparkling overhead... quite Enchanting and Luxe.  The Glam Vignettes are always a big hit and so first Shoppers thru the door tend to gravitate to that area first and it gets crowded fast, therefore I usually head in the opposite direction.  *LOL*  I'm not very Park Avenue anyway, so the Treasures I seek are usually elsewhere.

The Old Skin Rocking Horse was very Velveteen Rabbit Fabulous!  This would be more My Style... decayed, imperfect, well worn and much Loved over the Years with it's Age and History apparent.

And Garden Style has always been attractive to me... the Allure of the Potting Shed... the Conservatory... Old Barns... Lofts... Work Sheds... Secret Gardens... and Alfresco Living.  If I could comfortably Live Outdoors twenty-four-seven I most definitely would.  Its a running joke with my long time Friends that I'm hardly ever Home... and that's because I Love to be Outdoors... and Traveling... soaking up the Sunshine and the Fresh Air... and not staying put!

Though to be sure if you Feather your Nest comfortably it does make a nice place to Land  and Roost every so often.  *Winks*

There's something about Galvanized Tin, Burlap and Rust that I find to be 'Grounding' and pleasantly Organic.   Now... being I also Enjoy Gypsy Boheme' Flair I will probably add Old Lace and Vintage Velvet to my Burlap... and a backdrop of Jeweltones to my Tin, Rusty items and soothing unpretentious Sepia Hues... but I think the blending works for me to get the best of both Worlds.

I snagged a bunch of those Fab Old Grocery Store Hand-Made Calligraphy Price Signs for a Quarter apiece.  I remember when I was growing up that's how everything in the Grocery Stores were Labeled and Priced!    And I always Loved the Hand-Made Signs and Labels... still do.  Alas, unless it's an Indie Shop or Farmer's Market you rarely see Hand-Made Signage anymore, it's all mass produced or bar coded.  It's just not the same... and I prefer that Personal Touch.

This Gigantic Metal Hand-Painted Antique Market Sign is a prime Example of great Old Signage!  It was floor to ceiling in size and quite a Statement piece if you have the room to display it properly!

And for those of us with less room... there were dozens of great Frames and smaller Signage.  I'm a big Fan of empty Frames used as Art and just hung and propped around.  My Favorites are the Old Ornate Gesso and Wood.

I was very tempted to buy the two Old Flash Cards that said 'fresh' and 'jam'.  But some Vignettes you just hate to spoil the perfection of... and the Cards looked so good and were so perfect for announcing the Boho Farms Fresh Jams that were for Sale.

And Vintage Industrial Storage Drawers... Rusty and in Perfect Fav Hues like this Faded Aqua... those were hard to leave behind too.  One can never have too much Great Storage after all!

One of my Fav things that wasn't for Sale... Sweet Kim's Doily Umbrella Creation... it was Divine!  I Plan to make some Doily Curtains for the Storage Cottage Re-Do in this Style.  You know me and Old Upcycled Doilies...

Source: My Friend Pamela

I wear them and Decorate with them all the time!  *LOL* Yeah, I look like I just got caught with my hand in the Cookie Jar don't I?  *Winks*  At least I look Thinner in this pix and not so fat... now if only Pamela could work her Photoshop Magic and do something about that face!?!  *Smiles*

And outside ready to serve up Hot Cocoa, yummy Hot Dogs and the best tasting Home-Baked Cookies ever was our Friend Carissa of "MAMA'S DOGS"...  isn't she just Adorable in her Fuzzy Wintery Morning Ensemble?!?   And the Macadamia Nut Cookies (second tier) were AMAZING!!!  Yes, Pamela and I caved and had Cookies for Breakfast BEFORE we went for Breakfast... Bad Girls, Bad Girls, whattcha gonna do, whattcha gonna do when they come for you?!  *LOL*  Shhhhh... don't tell the Grands, 'cause we ate 'em ALL!!!!!!!!!

Well, that wraps it up at The Sweet 1-2-3... on to the next Adventure on our Girl's Day Out trawling 7th Avenue...
Source: My Friend Pamela
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Very cool items! Don't the ideas on how to use them just fill your head - buy, buy, buy!!


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